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BMW is one of the most recognizable car brands in the world. They’re commonly known as the best driving machines, and that’s a hat tip to their pedigree as performance vehicles. BMWs are also highly luxurious, and the BMW X3 is no exception. The best part is that with a BMW X3, you get much more cabin space and some off-roading capabilities that you wouldn’t get with a BMW sedan, which is great for shuttling kids around or for packing up all your gear and heading out on a road trip.

The BMW X3 price gives you a lot more power and space than you might expect with luxury, performance and looks to match. Sure, new BMW X3s are immaculate, but, if you’re wondering if you should buy a BMW X3, you may also find comparable quality with a used vehicle.

In this BMW X3 review, let’s take a look at more reasons why you may want to own this classic, do-anything vehicle.


Buying a BMW X3 gives you a great meld of power and fuel economy. Larger sport utility vehicles are renowned for their fuel efficiency challenges, but the BMW X3 is the exception. It gets fuel efficiency comparable to a car or sedan while also giving you a large cabin and all the performance you would expect from a modern BMW. The base engine comes with a turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder with a generous 248 horsepower, though if you want to step it up to the M40i, you can get a staggering 382 horsepower.


To help you control that BMW X3, the automaker has provided powerful brakes. Believe it or not, but better braking can actually help you go faster since it will let you enter and exit corners with more speed. But you don’t have to drive like a speed demon all the time. The BMW X3 is just as fun to drive in the city as in the hills, and a lot of it comes down to the safety and security of those great brakes.


Another component of the great driving experience you’ll find in a BMW X3 is the superb handling and steering. Thanks to a smooth ride and responsive steering whenever you touch the wheel, buying a BMW X3 is like buying your way into an ideal driving experience. In fact, BMWs are so in tune with the road that you can often feel the road through the steering wheel. Furthermore, the different driving modes can let you dial in your own driving preferences for every type of driving, or you can let the vehicle make those decisions for you.


Buying a BMW X3 gives you comfortable seats that you and your family will be able to sit in for hours on end, which can’t be said for most performance vehicles. They’re supportive when you need it but comfortable enough for the long road trips and all-day driving events. Add in the adjustability and it’s true that anyone can find their ideal driving or sitting position at the helm or in the cabin of a BMW X3. Since all the controls are laid out ideally, you can adjust the seats to any comfort level and not reduce your control of the vehicle. 


Some car cabins are not much different from being out among the elements. But with a BMW X3, you’ll get a quiet cabin that’s more like a private oasis than a moving vehicle. That’s great news during rush hour or in urban areas, and it makes each drive more like a getaway than a simple trip from A to B. Even highway speeds aren’t enough to pierce the sanctity of the BMW X3 cabin, which allows you to roll in quiet or play your music at a reasonable volume rather than trying to drown out all that noise.


Because BMWs are known as the ultimate driving machines, all the controls and instruments you need for a safe and fun drive are always at your fingertips. There might be a lot of tech under the hood, but all the physical and digital controls are easy to use and understand. Everything is placed logically and allows for reliable use without much fuss, and there are a number of controls placed on the steering wheel itself. On many drives you may not even need to take your hands off the wheel, which can make driving your new BMW X3 that much more fun and engaging.

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