Are Mann filters OEM?

With over 70 years of experience in filtration, MANN-FILTER is known around the world for its OE competence. All products are produced to current international OEM production and testing standards. At the same time there is only one global quality standard: OE quality.

What is the best oil for a BMW R1200GS?

Manufacturer recommends Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 5W-40 oil.

How much oil does a BMW R1200GS take?

4 quarts of Genuine BMW motor oil – Don’t settle for other oil just because “it costs less”.

Is Mann oil filter good for BMW?

As an original supplier, Mann’s filter products meet or exceed the requirements from BMW. They are engineered for the correct fit and filtration needs of the N51, N52, N54, and N55 six-cylinder engines.

How much oil does a final drive BMW R1200GS take?

Registered. Yes, BMW changed the quantity to 180 ml on an oil change.

What oil should I use in my BMW motorcycle?

The BMW Motorrad High Performance 15W-50 and 4T Racing 5W-40 motorcycle engine oils offer BMW riders considerable benefits. and is available in two sizes, 7 oz (200ml) for single fill of final drives and 1 quart.

What oil are BMW GS?

SAE 5W-40 1 Litre.

How much oil does a 2015 BMW r1200gs take?

In theory the bike should take the full 4 litre capacity but, just in case, don’t add all 4 litres of new oil at this point, just add 3.5ltrs or so. The oil level should show about midway in the oil level sight glass.

How do I check the oil on a BMW r1200gs?

What brand filters do BMW use?

Both Mann and Mahle supply filters to BMW in OEM packaging.

Is Mann or MAHLE filter better?

Both filters have their merits but given one choice over the other we have to prefer the Mahle. Given that both are nearly equal in terms of performance, the Mahle is a winner on fitment and OEM status alone.


Bosch, Mahle, Behr, Ate, Girling, Brembo, Castrol, ZKW, Getrag and BBS are some common BMW OEMs.

How do I check my final drive oil level?

What is SAF XO?

SAF-XO is Castrol’s prime recommendation for a full synthetic lubricant for final drives in heavy commercial vehicles. APPLICATION. Castrol SAF-XO is specially designed and fully approved by BMW for use in all BMW final drives fitted with conventional (non limited slip) differentials.

What oil is recommend in a 2009 r1200gs gearbox?

Synthetic SAE 75W-90 1 Litre.

Who makes BMW brand oil?

The BMW engine oil is made by Castrol Therefore, Castrol is BMW US genuine oil. This new five-year agreement confirms a long-standing partnership between the two premium brands, as Castrol had been the engine oil supplier over a 14-year span.

Which is the best motorcycle oil?

  • Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T Synthetic Engine Oil.
  • LIQUI MOLY 2555 Motorbike 15W-50 4T Engine Oil.
  • Servo 4T SAE 4 Stroke Engine Oil.
  • Motul 3000 4T Plus 10W30 Engine Oil for Bikes.
  • Liqui Moly 1502 Racing Synth 4T Engine Oil.

What is the difference between 5W40 and 10W40 motor oil?

5W40 vs 10W40 – Differences The main difference between the two oil types is that one is thinner than the other. The 5W40 is thinner than the 10W40 at lower temperatures. But when the temperature is higher, both motor oils similarly perform their intended functions (using the same viscosity).

What is 20W 50 oil used for?

A SAE 20W-50 motor oil is typically used in older vehicles or in particularly warm climates. Castrol GTX 20W-50 has been specially formulated to help extend the life of your engine by keeping it free from sludge, even when operating in extremely high temperatures.

What does 5w 40 oil mean?

5w40 motor oil has a winter viscosity grade of five, meaning it’s less viscous at very low temperatures, compared to, say, 10w40. It has a hot viscosity grade of 40, which means it is just as viscous as 10w40 at high temperatures but less viscous than oils such as 15w50.

How do you check the oil on a BMW f650gs?

Checking the oil without warming up the bike first will give you an inaccurate reading. Park your bike on solid ground and let it sit for at least two minutes. To check the oil level, you can either check the dipstick or look through the sight glass to ensure your oil level is where it needs to be.

What is the best oil filter for BMW?

BMW’s go-to product, the Mann-Filter Hu 816 X Metal-Free Oil Filter comes with everything you need to switch the old filter with the new. The pleated design gives you more surface area to enhance filtering. The Mann-Filter has an impressively high capacity for storing contaminants and removing them from the oil.

Which oil filter is best?

  • Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter. Best oil filter overall.
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter. Best oil filter overall runner-up.
  • Motorcraft Oil Filter. Best cheap oil filter.
  • Bosch Premium Filtech Oil Filter. Best oil filter if money is no object.
  • K&N Performance Silver Oil Filter.

Are Bosch oil filters any good?

Their oil filters are highly regarded as some of the best on the market among both professional mechanics and motorheads alike. Bosch oil filters earned their reputation simply by offering heaps of quality at a reasonable price (though they tend to be expensive compared with some other brands).

How good are MAHLE Oil Filters?

MAHLE filters are considered good quality with reliable filtration abilities at reasonable prices. MAHLE claims that its filters with cellulose with papers and resins can filter 40% more contaminants than traditional paper ones and can sift out particles as small as 3 to 5 microns from motor oil.

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