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BMW owners know that it’s all about the driving experience. But if your BMW isn’t running like it used to — or you’re just looking for the peace of mind that comes with a properly maintained vehicle — you’ll need to take it in for its regularly scheduled BMW maintenance. Unfortunately, most owners hold off maintenance until something breaks or needs fixing, which can end up costing more and inevitably lead to unnecessary breakdowns when that part finally fails.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to keep that BMW running and on the road. You may not be able to take your out-of-warranty vehicle to the dealer for a free overhaul at the first sign of a problem, but you can stay ahead of various issues with a BMW maintenance schedule that can keep your vehicle always running at peak performance. Enterprising DIYers can even get in on the BMW maintenance game themselves, but most drivers will want to leave the work to experts. 

Still, you’ll have to know when to take that car in, and these BMW maintenance tips will help you stay on top of all the things that are looking to take you and your vehicle off the road. Sure, BMW car maintenance may be expensive, time-consuming and annoying, but it’s far cheaper than letting your vehicle slowly degrade over the years of ownership. Instead, staying on top of your BMW’s maintenance will cost you less money and time over the long run, and that makes it a good idea no matter which way you slice it.


While most BMWs can run for years without issue, eventually, something, somewhere will give away and require service or repair. That’s why one of the best BMW maintenance tips is to follow the dealer-specified maintenance schedule — though you may not want to bring your vehicle to the dealer if it’s no longer covered by a warranty. Proper maintenance will help you stay on top of any lingering issues, as well as helping to keep your car on the road and running.

That said, if you ever encounter an issue with your vehicle’s engine (typically via the dreaded ‘check engine’ light on your dash), its tires, brakes, cooling system, transmission, steering system or oil, it’s best to bring your car in for maintenance. These systems are expensive and can render your car unsafe to drive if something’s up, so it’s important to bring your vehicle in at the first sight of one of these problems. 


While you’ll likely need to address any more severe issues sooner rather than later, there are some BMW maintenance tips that you can follow along at home to protect and get the most out of your vehicle. When in doubt, you’ll need the help of a qualified BMW mechanic, but here’s a list for the car-savvy.

  1. First up in our list of BMW maintenance tips is to keep your car in the shade and out of the sun. A garage is the best place to keep a car long-term, but you can also get by with a carport, covered parking or even the shade of a nearby tree. UV rays from the sun can harm the interior and exterior of your car, so getting it out of the sun every day is a great first step.
  2. Wash and keep your car clean. Just like keeping your BMW out of the sun, regular washing can help keep dirt from building up on your vehicle, and that means exposing your vehicle to less damage. A clean car is also easier to maintain than a dirty one, so don’t let too much crud build up between washes.
  3. Next up in this list of BMW maintenance tips is to treat your leather. Unlike other materials, leather can dry out and crack, leading to an unsightly and uncomfortable interior. It may not affect handling or performance, but it can affect how you feel in the vehicle, and periodic treatments are all that’s needed to keep your leather interior functioning and looking its best.
  4. Check your tires often. They may not get much notice on a day-to-day basis, but your tires are the only real connection that your car has to the road. This means they’re vastly important, and if treads are worn or you have tires that need replacing, it’s best to do that sooner rather than later. Your car’s handling and safety depend on it.
  5. Restore those headlights. It’s one of those BMW maintenance tips that is easy to forget, but it’s still important. If you’ve been struggling to see at night or those once-powerful headlights have lost their luster, you may want to clear your headlight lenses. Restoration kits are cheap and easy to use, and they can revitalize those dull and yellow headlights back to what they were when they rolled off the showroom floor.

With these BMW maintenance tips, you’ll be able to get more out of your vehicle. That said, you’ll still need to bring your BMW in for work if there’s a problem that needs fixing. Also, things like oil changes, fluids and mechanical issues aren’t really DIY friendly, so why not let the professionals worry about it while you focus on enjoying the drive?

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