Can I replace alternator belt myself?

Automatic belt tensioners, standard in most cars now, make changing a serpentine belt a simple DIY repair. Follow the clear photos and step-by-step instructions and you’ll be done in 15 minutes.

How do I know if my alternator belt is worn out?

If your serpentine belt is failing, you may notice performance issues with your vehicle. The vehicle may frequently overheat. Your air conditioning or power steering may fail to work or not work properly. You may notice your vehicle battery failing to recharge if the alternator is affected by a bad serpentine belt.

How much is a BMW alternator belt?

The Best in Auto Repair The average cost for a BMW 328i serpentine belt replacement is between $156 and $197. Labor costs are estimated between $114 and $144 while parts are priced between $42 and $53.

Can you drive a BMW without a serpentine belt?

Under no circumstances can you drive a vehicle without a serpentine belt because the serpentine belt serves the important function of delivering antifreeze to important parts of the engine. The serpentine belt drives the water pump, and without it, there is insufficient coolant flow to maintain the engine temperature.

Will a car run with a broken alternator belt?

The short answer is yes, your car will start even if the serpentine belt is broken or missing. To get the car going, the battery sends power to your starter motor.

How long will a car run with a broken alternator belt?

There are a couple of factors influencing the answer to this question, but on average, your car should be able to run between 20-90 minutes with a broken serpentine belt. The engine will overheat faster without a functioning cooling system on a hot day, so your driving window is less.

What happens when the alternator belt goes bad?

A failing alternator belt can cause the Battery Light to turn on, dimming or flickering lights in the car, and engine stalls.

Is it expensive to replace an alternator belt?

The cost of the serpentine belt itself could be around $50 and the cost of labor could be around $150. As a result, a serpentine belt cost for replacement could range from $70 to $200 depending on your exact model and where you get it replaced.

Is an alternator belt the same as a serpentine belt?

Sometimes called a fan belt, alternator belt, or accessory drive belt, the serpentine belt is spun by the engine crankshaft and, in turn, spins, or “drives”, the accessories. Cars of the past relied on multiple drive belts, but today’s vehicles (usually) count on just one, the serpentine belt.

How long do BMW drive belts last?

Mileage Indicators Today, most serpentine belts are expected to last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Some belts can last significantly longer than this, while others give out before 60,000 miles. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to find out the recommended belt replacement time frame.

How long do BMW belts last?

Exposure to the atmosphere and environmental factors, extreme under-hood heat, and contamination from oil and coolant all contribute to the serpentine belt’s gradual wear. On average, serpentine belts should last between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

How long does it take to replace a serpentine belt on a BMW?

With the right tools in your hand, replacing the belt won’t take you any longer than 30-minutes.

What does a broken alternator belt sound like?

Belt Noise As these belts wear out, they can begin to squeak or squeal. They make noise because there is not enough tension on the belt, or because the pulleys are misaligned or weak. Often, simply changing the belt will make it stop squealing. The noise isn’t usually a danger, though it does sound alarming.

Can a broken serpentine belt ruin an engine?

Since the serpentine belt helps provide power to cool the engine, a faulty belt can cause the car engine to overheat as the water pump will not turn. As soon as the engine begins to overheat, have it inspected by a mechanic as it can cause a breakdown and cause engine damage if left overheated.

How far can I drive without an alternator belt?

Its OK to move the car- say from on the drive to in the garage but run for much more than 5 minutes and it will do damage. The accessary drive belt for the A/C, and alternator also drives the water pump in many vehicles. The car will overheat very quickly without the belt seriously damaging the engine.

What causes the alternator belt to break?

95% of the time, frequent alternator or serpentine belt breakage is caused by either faulty pulley’s or misaligned or un-properly adjusted belts. Belts that are not properly adjusted to tightness can also explain the smoke issue.

What causes an alternator belt to fall off?

Belt coming off: Pulley misalignment, belt misalignment on pulley, defective tensioner, or bearing wear in tensioner, idler or driven accessories.

How much does it cost to repair alternator belt?

A typical serpentine belt generally starts at around $15 and goes up to $80 at most. Add to that the labor costs that can range from $75 and $120. Altogether, you’re looking at around $90 to $200 (plus taxes and fees) to replace your serpentine belt.

Does the alternator belt charge the battery?

The serpentine belt runs the alternator (charges the battery), the power steering pump, the air conditioning compressor, and sometimes the water pump (helps cool the engine).

Can a broken serpentine belt damage an alternator?

The short answer is yes. Generally speaking on most modern vehicles, the serpentine belt is the alternator belt. The serpentine belt is driven by the crank pulley that in turn spins the water pump, alternator, air conditioner and power steering pump.

How long can you drive with a squeaky belt?

That’s why it’s recommended that the serpentine belt is replaced early when the squealing symptoms are first noticed. Although it may be safe to drive with the squealing for a few days or weeks, the belt will eventually need to be replaced, and for safety, the earlier it’s repaired, the better.

When should I replace alternator belt?

Your serpentine belt was made to last. Under ideal circumstances, your car’s serpentine belt should last 60,000–100,000 miles. It’s important to replace this belt as part of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance (even if it looks okay) to avoid it breaking while you’re on the road.

How much does BMW belts cost?

The real cost is in the labor, because a lot of parts need to be disassembled to get to the belt. Shopping around to get a few quotes is your best bet to get the best deal, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $409 to $919 (including parts and labor).

What happens if drive belt breaks while driving?

If the belt breaks while you are on the road, the car will break down immediately – and your engine can experience very serious damage. You need to look out for signs and symptoms of a weakening timing belt so that you can take action before it is too late.

Can you drive with a damaged drive belt?

You can Drive for a short distance with a Broken Serpentine Belt, but you will definitely want to watch your temperature light as within a few minutes your engine will get hot and overheat. If your Engine gets Hot, Do not Drive your vehicle.

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