Does Dinan work with BMW?

DINAN offers these upgrades by creating top of the line BMW aftermarket accessories, with massive amounts of R&D behind all the BMW aftermarket parts they build. Dinan’s BMW parts are made from the best quality materials, such as stainless steel and carbon fiber.

How much horsepower does a Dinan exhaust add?

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan’s exhaust offerings. Dyno tested to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains of up to 10 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque in some cases.

Is Dinan approved by BMW?


What does Dinan mean on BMW?

Dinan-modified vehicles retain factory warranty coverage and qualify for BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned program. 180 locations in the United States sell Dinan parts or cars, including 150 BMW dealerships.

What does a Dinan exhaust do?

Does Dinan tune void warranty?

As long as your Dinan tune was legitimately installed and doesn’t cause any damage to your car, your warranty will not be voided. If you ever have any questions about your warranty, contact your local BMW dealership and they should be able to help!

What is Dinan stage1?

The Dinan Stage 1 Performance engine software is designed for the S55 engine to yield maximum power (for a variety of different octanes), improve drivability, and the removal of the factory speed governor for unadulterated entertainment.

How much does it cost to tune a ECU?

How much does it cost to get ECU tuned? Professional tuning cost anywhere between $400 to $900, depending on the type of the car and engine.

What company modifies BMW?

Alpina has been modifying BMW’s cars for 57 years. The tuning company modifies cosmetics as well as the mechanics of the car. BMW group has announced that it has acquired Alpina, a tuning outfit based in Buchloe, Germany.

Does BMW offer performance upgrades?

With BMW M Performance Parts, you can upgrade your M car with parts directly from the BMW factory, and you won’t be voiding the factory warranty when you do. The BMW Performance Parts cover a range of offerings, from cosmetic to performance-enhancing.

Does BMW offer tunes?

It’s officially/unofficially endorsed by BMW. Like the reply above. You can get the Dinantronic tune installed but any Dinan dealer “independent or BMW” and if you get a CEL you can get it inspected and repaired under warranty. Easiest is to visit a participating BMW dealer that is part of the program.

Who is Steve Dinan?

In 1979, Steve Dinan was a young engineering student in California with $5000 in his pocket and a head full of ideas for how to tune BMWs for better performance.

Does tune void BMW warranty?

No, it does not. They (dealer/manufacturer) need to prove the mod you did is responsible for the issue.

What is a warranty Why is it important to read a warranty in its entirety?

A warranty is a company’s or a store’s written agreement to repair a product or refund your money should the product not function properly. Always read a warranty in its entirety—including the fine print—and make sure that you understand its terms. Some warranties cover only certain aspects of a product or its use.

What is Dinan Stage2?

Dinan Stage 2 Performance Engine Software safely increases turbo-boost pressure, along with properly retuned fuel mixtures, ignition timing, and full map rescaling. Dinan’s software also removes the top speed governor so the BMW will be capable of achieving its “natural” top speed.

What is a Stage 1 tune on a BMW?

By definition, a Stage 1 tune is designed to safely increase the performance of the engine without any hardware modifications. A Stage2 (or higher) tune requires prerequisite hardware modifications. There are two common mods needed.

How much is a Dinan Stage 2 tune?

$149.95 – Stage 2 (where applicable)

Does Dyno tuning add horsepower?

Depending on the car model, engine, and other parts, a tune dyno can increase your car’s horsepower by about 10 to 15%; however, naturally aspirated cars will gain about 5% to 15% more power than a tune alone.

How much is a performance tune?

Professional auto tuning can cost anywhere between $200 to $900, depending on the car type and engine. This cost is also generated by accounting for labor and part costs, too. In order to reduce the chances of unwanted auto maintenance, it can help to develop a basic car maintenance schedule.

How much HP does a ECU tune add?

‘ A ‘tune’ is a device that will update your car’s ECU or computer and give it different instructions on how to deliver power to the engine. You will unlock your engine’s full capacity with this tune. It can add 15-30 horsepower and 20-30 lb-ft of torque on most basic cars.

Does tuning reduce engine life?

ECU tuning does not harm your car’s engine if tuned properly. A good tuning can improve your car’s fuel economy but more often maintenance is needed. However, extreme tuning may affect the longevity of the engine.

Does tuning chip damage engine?

If tuned improperly, it can cause immediate and serious engine damage. Advancing timing can mean more power but also a higher chance of potential detonation.

What is Brabus for BMW?

Brabus GmbH (stylized in uppercase) is a German high-performance automotive aftermarket tuning company founded in 1977 in Bottrop (Ruhr area). Brabus specialises in Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart vehicles, although in 2022 it also tuned two Porsches and even a Rolls-Royce.

What is BMW version of Brabus?

Brabus strictly works with the Mercedes group, whilst Alpina is sticking with BMW. Both brands are also wildly different, with Brabus focusing more on power and Alpina being focused more on luxury.

Who started Dinan?

139: Steve Dinan, Founder and former owner of DINAN, made the best products possible and backed them with a warranty.

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