Does JB4 void warranty?

The JB+ or JB4 does not void your warranty. However if there is a failure or a part that could be attributed to the aftermarket device, that warranty claim could well be denied.

Is JB4 a good tune?

After having the JB4 installed, I really cannot go back to stock. I think that the JB4 is a great buy for 90% of people who want more power, without the costs of building a more robust powertrain. For those 90%, I give this unit an A+ and highly recommend.

Can BMW detect JB4?

Bmw will detect your JB4 if they dig deep enough. Read the new ISTA thread and how easy it is to flag your car now.

How much HP does JB4 add?

Power gains of up to 100hp on a stock vehicle without the risks of flashing! The JB4 is the most advanced and highly featured tuning system available for your B58 and B48 vehicle.

Which is better RaceChip or JB4?

Racechip is easy to install, SUPER Quality, and easily knocks 0.80 seconds off your 0-100mph time. JB4 will add more average and peak power and go faster than RaceChip if you want to push boost and parts.

Does JB4 make a difference?

Performance: The JB4 is able to achieve a dramatic performance increase, completely transforming your vehicle. But it’s also more limited relative to a flash tune as it is working off the factory flash tables.

Does JB4 remove speed limiter?

Speed limiter gets removed with jb4 backend flash.

Does JB4 leave a trace?

JB4 does not leave a trace…. I believe EcuTek will be detectable because they will be able to see ECU rewrite history or at least last update date. Also I don’t think it would be very practical to re-tune your car multiple times if you bring it into the dealer.

Does JB4 have launch control?

Jb4 doesnt have launch mode, only Procede.

What is better MHD or JB4?

MHD offers some very cost effective back-end flash maps for the JB4. The back-end flash shifts the timing, VANOS, and fueling to the flash side while the JB4 retains its more accurate boost control, in-dash gauges, E85 autotuning, and various safety features.

What is JB4 BMW?

JB4 is a plug & play chip tune for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 comes preloaded with custom tuning software and up to 8 maps for various fuel and modification levels. The JB4 installs between your car’s sensor and its DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections.

How much HP does JB4 add B48?

The JB4 is the most advanced and highly featured tuning system available for your B38/B46/B48 MINI. Power gains are up to 40hp to the wheels (55hp crank) for a B48.

Can BMW detect a tune?

Any tune is detectable if they look hard enough. The car logs what boost its hitting etc. A 10 psi over stock target will look a little suspicious. Routine servicing won’t uncover it, but investigations into engine warranty work probably would.

Does tuning void warranty BMW?

No, it does not. They (dealer/manufacturer) need to prove the mod you did is responsible for the issue. For example, adding an intake will not void your warranty for the infotainment system, they are unrelated.

How does JB4 work?

The JB4 is a plug and play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 tuner installs between your car’s sensors and its DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections making your vehicle much faster.

Is JB4 safe for engine?

Jb4 is the most proven BMW tune in the world, its 100% safe. No reason to worry. I have been reading a lot about JB4 here and although I have no intention to void my warranty and jeopardise the engine (yet), I wonder how high the risk on B58 is?

Does JB4 have burble?

With my catless downpipes and JB4 the car burbles nicely. I love the sound actually!

Is JB4 a piggyback tune?

JB4 is a piggy back system for tuning, basically controls engine paremeters from the ECU to the Engine. Its a rather dirty but functional way to tune a car.

Can a dealer detect JB4?

Just like few people already said, anything is detectable. Flash tunes are detectable if your tuner opens or drills the DMEs. Also JB4 is detectable if the dealer knows what he is looking for. This is what we always tell all of our customers.

What is fuel bias JB4?

This bias allows the JB4 to effectively change the air/fuel ratio target. A higher bias means a richer targeted air/fuel ratio. And the DME will generally hit its air/fuel target provided the fuel trims are within range.

How do I connect my JB4 to my phone?

Wirelessly connect and control your JB4 with your phone! It’s compatible with all JB4 products. Just plug it in to the JB4 where your BMS DATA cable connects, attach the power and ground wire to the JB4 harness using the included connectors, purchase the JB4 Mobile app, and you’re off and running.

Can you 2 step JB4?

This add-on kit for BMW N54 engines allows your JB4 to “2step” the engine (cycle power to the coils) to build boost when not under load. Useful as both a noisemaker for both manual and automatic transmissions, and for launching with manual transmissions.

How do you use JB4 anti lag?

SKU: Anti-lag Full Kit Select a gear, hold down the volume button, floor the car, and once boost has built up release the volume button to instantly take off under full boost. Absolute must-have for rolling races of any transmission type and works well for automatics off the line too.

How do you start a BMW 335i?

Do I need JB4 with MHD?

You will not need JB4. So you either do JB4 BEF + MHD or you yank JB4 out and just use MHD with their flash options or get a custom tune. Remember you can still get custom BEF to keep JB4 if you want, but personal opinion yank JB4 and go custom flash.

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