Does muffler delete void warranty?

A muffler delete cannot void your car’s warrant thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty. This federal legislation protects car users from being denied a warrant because of modifications or adding aftermarket car parts to the car.

What is the Dinan package for BMW?

The Performance Center offers the full range of Dinan performance modifications, including engine tuning, performance exhaust systems, upgraded suspensions, brake kits, new wheels and tires, and aerodynamic and body enhancements.

Does BMW support Dinan?


How much is it to tune a BMW 535i?

The average cost for BMW 535i xDrive Engine Tune-Up is $338.

Does Dinan void BMW warranty?

There is only one situation when a Dinan tune will void your BMW’s warranty, and that’s if it can be proven that it was specifically installed to damage your car. That’s it! As long as your Dinan tune was legitimately installed and doesn’t cause any damage to your car, your warranty will not be voided.

How do I get the Dinan badge on my BMW?

The Dinan badge cannot be purchased but rather it is provided at no charge when your Dinan performance product selections total 10 points, making your Dinan enhanced BMW or MINI as exclusive as it is exciting to drive.

What does Dinan mean?

/ (French dinɑ̃) / noun. a town in NW France, in Brittany, on the estuary of the River Rance: medieval buildings, including town walls and castle: tourism, hosiery, cider: Pop: 10 907 (1999)

How fast does a BMW 5 series go?

2022 BMW 530e xDrive 0-60 MPH: 5.7 seconds* 2022 BMW M550i xDrive 0-60 MPH: 3.6 seconds* 2022 BMW M5 0-60 MPH: 3.2 seconds* 2022 BMW M5 CS 0-60 MPH: 2.9 seconds*

What is Dinan stage1?

The Dinan Stage 1 Performance engine software is designed for the N55 engine to yield maximum power (for a variety of different octanes), improve drivability, and remove the factory speed governor for unadulterated entertainment.

What company modifies BMW?

Alpina has been modifying BMW’s cars for 57 years. The tuning company modifies cosmetics as well as the mechanics of the car. BMW group has announced that it has acquired Alpina, a tuning outfit based in Buchloe, Germany.

How do you pronounce Dinan BMW?

it’s pronounced Die-Nan, if you call the number the chick will welcome you and she’ll tell you how it’s pronounced.

What engine is in the 535i?

The BMW 535i is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline 6-cylinder powerplant that makes 302 horsepower.

Does the 535i have a N54?

The N54 began production in 2006 and first appeared in the 2007 BMW 335i; in 2008, the N54 was introduced along with the 135i and 535i.

What voids a BMW warranty?

The only thing that would void a BMW warranty is a modification that causes errors or problems with parts of the car covered by the original BMW warranty. For example, switching out the exhaust or switching a turbocharger to a supercharger may void the warranty if it causes a covered component to fail.

Does tuning your BMW void warranty?

The short answer, here, is yes, tuning your new BMW will void your warranty. A tune requires adjustments and sometimes a complete remapping of your vehicle’s ECU factory settings, so you’re literally changing the way it runs.

How many Dinan points do you need?

The DINAN Badge cannot be purchased, but rather it is provided at no charge when your BMW has a total 10 points of performance upgrades (see chart below).

Who started Dinan?

139: Steve Dinan, Founder and former owner of DINAN, made the best products possible and backed them with a warranty. He recently started a new service shop called CarBahn. Steve has known he was going to work with cards since the first grade.

Who is Steve Dinan?

Steve Dinan has been building high performance and racing engines for BMW’s since 1977, winning 121 racing championships including 3 prototype championships and two Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

Is the BMW 535i fast?

Up to 300 horsepower. 0-to-60 in as little as 5.6 seconds (535i xDrive) Up to 300 lb-ft torque. 8 speed sport automatic transmission.

Which 5 series BMW is Turbo?

Apart from the top-dog M5 … the M550i is the athlete of the lineup, with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 under its hood.

How much horsepower does a Dinan exhaust add?

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan’s exhaust offerings. Dyno tested to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains of up to 10 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque in some cases.

What is Dinan Stage2?

Dinan Stage 2 Performance Engine Software safely increases turbo-boost pressure, along with properly retuned fuel mixtures, ignition timing, and full map rescaling. Dinan’s software also removes the top speed governor so the BMW will be capable of achieving its “natural” top speed.

What is a Stage 1 tune on a BMW?

By definition, a Stage 1 tune is designed to safely increase the performance of the engine without any hardware modifications. A Stage2 (or higher) tune requires prerequisite hardware modifications. There are two common mods needed. COOLING: Note: Cooling is an issue with F3x cars with engines that have FMICs.

How much does it cost to get a BMW tuned?

The average BMW tune-up cost is between $200 and $400, but if you need the full service and oil change, this price can go up to over $500. BMW recommends taking your car for a tune-up every 10,000 miles or every year.

What is the best BMW to modify?

  1. E36 3 Series. The E36 3 Series is the third generation of the Legendary 3 series line and has been a popular choice for modification since its release.
  2. E46 3 Series.
  3. E90, E91, E92, and E93 3 Series.
  4. E30 3 Series.
  5. E34 5 Series.
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