How do I activate my BMW traffic camera?

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BMW Traffic Camera Information must be activated before using. select “Traffic Camera Information” in the App list. By selecting the checked box on the following screen the functionality of BMW Traffic Camero Information con be activated or deactivated.

Does BMW have built in radar detector?

Using the car’s infotainment system, a network of radar detectors, and a database of fixed speed cameras, BMW’s ConnectedDrive system will notify you if you’re approaching a speed trap in its database.

Where do I plug in my radar detector?

A radar detector is best mounted as high up in the vehicle as possible so that the detector has a good range of radar detection. The most common and the standard location for mounting the radar detector would be on the front windshield of the vehicle, near or around the center of the rearview mirror.

How do you hardwire a radar detector?

  1. Connect the fused wire to a fuse in the fuse box. The fuse for the radio is recommended.
  2. Plug the cable into the radar detector and turn on the detector.
  3. Turn on the ignition.
  4. Touch the other wire to various screws under the dash.

What does BMW drive recorder do?

Automatically or manual activation – the BMW Drive Recorder films your surroundings for up to 40 seconds. This allows you to document dangerous driving situations in road traffic. With the BMW Drive Recorder, you can also collect wonderful memories of beautiful routes at the press of a button.

How do cops know if you have a radar detector?

When a car that is using a radar detector passes through an area covered by radar guns, the radar guns will almost certainly be able to notice the radar detector. So cops are definitely going to be able to tell if you are using a radar detector.

Can a radar detector drain your battery?

A radar detector will not pull enough from your battery till kill it overnight or even over a day or two so long as your battery is in good shape.

Is it worth it to get a radar detector?

In most cases, radar detectors are worth it. If you frequently drive through areas where police use radar guns to catch speeders, then you’ll likely benefit from using a radar detector. Depending on where you live, a radar detector pays for itself if it prevents you from getting one or two tickets.

Can you power a radar detector with USB?

A: You cannot power the detector via the USB port. You can buy an adapter for the cord that will allow it to work in your BMW.

How many amps does a radar detector use?

There’s no benefit to using a larger than needed fuse, unless you like melted wires. A radar detector is going to be pulling around a 1/4 amp, tops.

What is a Cobra radar detector?

Cobra’s radar detectors help you stay safe and alert. Combined with laser detection technology, we have radar detectors for sale that offer ‘instant-on’ detection to quickly recognize all radar signals from the front and rear of your vehicle.

Can I put Waze on my BMW?

Can I use Waze in my BMW?

As a matter of fact, BMW’s most recent Operating System update also enables Android Auto, so if you have an Android phone, you can now run apps like Waze and Google Maps on the display in your car.

Does BMW ConnectedDrive still work?

Due to a phasing out of the 3G network by cellular carriers, ConnectedDrive services can no longer be supported starting February 2022 for select vehicles. The decision to phase out 3G network technology was made at the discretion of the respective cellular carriers and lies beyond the control of BMW.

Does BMW x5 have drive recorder?

Does BMW x5 have dashcam?

Yes, BMW offers both an accessory dash cam called BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 and a built-in dash cam – the BMW Drive Recorder. While BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 can be added to any vehicle, the Drive Recorder is available only for vehicles featuring iDrive 7.0, BMW ConnectedDrive package and surround view cameras.

Does BMW record while parked?

” Many people also wonder whether the BMW Drive Recorder works in parking mode. Yes, it can do that. Once you put your car in reverse, the Parking View will be filmed and saved in case of car damage.”

Why doesn’t my radar detector go off when I pass a cop?

A. Radar detectors can detect radar but not police vehicles. There’s a good chance the police car wasn’t radar-equipped (90 percent carry no radar). Or if it was, most officers shut off the radar while they’re out of the car on a traffic stop or when using it in instant-on mode.

Which states are radar detectors illegal?

Virginia and Mississippi are the only U.S. states where radar detectors are illegal to use. The District of Columbia does not allow radar detectors either. Additionally, radar detectors are prohibited in all commercial vehicles, and all vehicles are 18,000 pounds or heavier.

What does K Alert mean on a radar detector?

K band alert? Slow down, but it may be a false alert. K band radar are radar waves that fall between 18 GHz and 27 GHz, with most of the law enforcement radar guns operating at 24.125 GHz and 24.15 GHz. Police radar began detecting with K band a few decades after X band was introduced.

Do Dashcams drain car battery?

There is a possibility for your car’s battery to be drained out if you leave your dash cam plugged into an always-on adapter. Because when you leave a dash cam plugged into that kind of 12V adapter, the camera keeps working all the time without shutting down, which keeps on draining your car’s battery until it’s dead.

Does hardwiring dash cam drain battery?

Hardwire kit as an external power source By doing this you will not drain your vehicle’s batteries, but on the other hand, your dash cam will stop working once you turn off your vehicle. There is also another way to use a hardwire kit if you are skeptical about leaving your vehicle without the dash cam while parked.

Are radar detectors legal in Kansas?

Can I have a radar detector in Kansas? Yes. Radar detectors are legal, except in commercial vehicles with gross vehicle weight ratings of 10,000 pounds or more.

Is WAZE a radar detector?

Waze, owned by Google, isn’t marketed as a radar detector. But it’s widely used as a warning system for stationary speed traps. Waze offers a robust set of traffic avoidance tools. It relies on real-time crowd-sourced data entered by its 65-million active monthly users.

What is the most reliable radar detector?

  • Best overall: Uniden R7.
  • Best connected: Valentine 1 Gen2.
  • Best stealth: Escort Redline 360c.
  • Best mid-range: Uniden R3.
  • Best budget: Cobra RAD 480i.
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