How do you spot fake wheels?

They may look similar but are never the same. Replicas are made using a reverse engineered mould, which is produced much more cheaply than the original. Replicas are usually heavier and will have some notable differences on the front and significant differences on the back of the wheel.

How do I know if my BMW rims are OEM?

If your BMW wheels are missing an official BMW stamp on the back or an “M” badge below the front center cap, this is also a sure sign of replica wheels. BMW OEM Wheels also feature a three-digit manufacturers code stamped near the valve stem.

What brand are BMW wheels?

The primary manufacturer for BMW’s alloy wheels is Beyern Wheels. They have a line of custom wheels exclusively for BMW.

What is a factory OEM rim?

An OEM wheel is a wheel that was installed on a car by the original manufacturer. Other terms used interchangeably for OEM wheels are stock rims, factory wheel, and more loosely, take-off wheel.

Are BMW OEM wheels cast?

Most factory wheels are cast.

Where are OEM BMW wheels made?

Based in Germany, Ronal is one of the largest wheel manufacturers in the world. They produced Style 132 seen on the X5, Style 199 seen on the 3-Series, and Style 214 seen on the X5 (seen above).

Do aftermarket wheels void BMW warranty?

It won’t void your warranty. I’m sure they can use it as an excuse if you have any issues in relation. ok, I guess i will need to put the stock ones back on when i have problem with suspension before go into a dealer in the future…

Does BMW use BBS wheels?

The technology of BBS is well suited to meet the demands of modern exotic and specialty vehicles. BBS Cast and flow-formed wheels are standard on many of these vehicles including models from BMW, Ferrari and Porsche, just to name a few.

How much do new rims cost BMW?

There’s a wide range of possible prices for [BMW] rims. However, you’re most likely to pay between $400 and $500. That means a replacement of all four rims can easily cost $1500 to $2000.

Why are OEM wheels so expensive?

OEM Wheels are Higher-Quality OEM wheels may be the more expensive option, but this is because of their quality. These wheels are created to perfectly fit a specific car model, so they’ll directly impact the quality of your car’s performance.

Are OEM wheels the best?

Since they’re tailor-made to fit your vehicle, OEM or OEM replica wheels typically provide a better ride than aftermarket ones. Since they slip over existing parts, they’re easier to install too.

Are factory wheels better than aftermarket?

Aftermarket wheels are often made with cheaper materials for mass production. This leads to a far less quality product compared to OEM or replica wheels. Time and time again, aftermarket wheels have proven to be structurally inferior to their OEM wheel counterparts.

Are OEM wheels forged?

Some replica wheels are forged with precision detail while other OEM factory wheels are produced with simple casting.

Are BMW M wheels cast or forged?

Kristian: All summer wheels for the new BMW M3 and M4 are forged aluminum wheels. The basic wheel Styling 824 and the two M Performance Stylings 963M and 1000M are even completely milled. The winter wheel 829M is a cast wheel.

Are BMW BBS wheels forged?

When the goal is ultimate performance, a forged wheel from BBS is the answer… BBS has been offering forged aluminum wheels in the aftermarket since 1983. Our special multi-stage Die-Forging process help us create the strongest and most durable wheels possible.

What are BMW rims made out of?

Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheel on BMW’s off the dealership floor. They are made of light-weight aluminum and are painted with shiny silver or a flat metallic color and clear coated, much like the paint job on your car. Alloy wheels come in varying sizes to match the size of your tires.

Are BMW tires expensive?

Common BMW tires are priced between $150 – $350 per tire, however, High-performance tires can cost anywhere between properly over $500. You won’t typically need expensive tires, but you can call one of our BMW trained advisors to learn more about the price of disparate tires for your vehicle.

What is the difference between replica and OEM rims?

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM Wheels are made or caused to be made by the vehicle manufacturer with fitment specific to one or several of their vehicles. On the other hand, Replica rims are made by independent manufacturers to look and function as OEM rims.

What does OEM replica mean?

OEM stands for original equipment manufactured, meaning the parts were made (or approved by) by the car manufacturer with no aftermarket company. For example, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, etc. The wheel pictured here is a generic original Cadillac wheel. Replica.

What are OE replica wheels?

OE stands for “original equipment,” so OE replica wheels are made to look like factory OE wheels off an F-150, GMC, or Corvette, for example.

What voids BMW warranty?

The only thing that would void a BMW warranty is a modification that causes errors or problems with parts of the car covered by the original BMW warranty. For example, switching out the exhaust or switching a turbocharger to a supercharger may void the warranty if it causes a covered component to fail.

What mods will void my warranty?

Although car enthusiasts commonly believe that any modifications will void a warranty, the truth is a little less straightforward. In fact, a modification won’t void a warranty unless an automaker or a dealer can prove that an aftermarket part caused the need for repairs.

Does painting wheels void warranty?

Is this really a thing? Will painting your rims void the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty? Well, I’m mightily glad to be the bearer of good tidings: no, it won’t. The only way a manufacturer can deny replacing a part under the warranty is if they can prove that the custom modification itself is what caused the damage.

Why are BBS rims so expensive?

Finally, the wheel endures heat treatment and is then milled to specification before undergoing the final finishing touches. This is one of the reasons that make a set of BBS aluminum alloys very unique and thus fairly expensive.

What is so special about BBS wheels?

BBS has produced many cast flow-formed wheels for OE customers like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. This technology can produce a high performance product that is also a great value. The flow-forming of the rim area creates a rim structure similar to a forged wheel without the higher cost related to a forged product.

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