How much does a 2017 M3 cost?

The high-performance BMW M3 begins over $65,000. Wagon and Gran Turismo hatchbacks start in the mid-$40,000 range and the plug-in hybrid 330e starts around $45,500. All-wheel drive is available on most models and adds about $2,000.

How much is the BMW M3 in SA?

R 2 000 797.00 (Recommended retail)

How much is a BMW M3 2016?

From there prices only rise, with the 330e hybrid starting at about $44,700 and the 6-cylinder 340i variants beginning just under $47,000. The BMW M3 performance model begins over $64,000. Wagon and the Gran Turismo hatchbacks start in the low- to mid-$40,000 range.

How many M3 CSL were made in South Africa?

This E46 M3 CSL has been in great care, as evident in its pristine looks and great overall condition. More than 1,300 units were made globally, 65 of which were produced for South Africa.

How much is a BMW M3 monthly?

The average cost to lease a BMW M3 ranges from about $659 to $679 a month or $75,528 to $82,512 for a 36-month lease. Ultimately, your exact cost depends on the trim level and options you choose at the dealership, your credit score, the lease term, and the down payment.

How much is a BMW M3 per month?

Answer provided by Leasing a BMW M3 will cost you roughly between $659 and $679 per month. But, this price can vary based on your down payment, trim level, negotiated price, and credit score.

How much is a 2015 BMW M3?

Used 2015 BMW M3 Pricing Sports Wagon models start at $43,000 – add $1,000 for diesel. The Gran Turismo hatchback is about $43,000, with the 6-cylinder adding $4,000. That 2015 M3 will set you back a whopping (and worth it) $63,000 or so.

How much is a 2018 BMW M3?

The 2018 BMW M3 has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $67,495. Opting for an automatic transmission is an extra $2,900. Loaded with options, a new M3 can crest the $80,000 mark.

Is M3 faster than M4?

Which car is faster? BMW M3 vs M4. Given that both cars utilize an identical engine and drivetrain in the current generation, depending on the transmission you choose, the M4 would be the faster car due to its weight loss over the M3.

Is the BMW M3 a good car?

Halfway through its 40,000-mile test, our 2022 BMW M3 has cemented itself as a fantastic high-speed cruiser. The sweet and eager power delivery from the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six paired with a short sixth gear makes for a package that’s great for burning miles at freeway speeds.

How fast does a BMW M3 go from 0 to 60?

2022 BMW 330e xDrive 0-60 Time & Performance Specs: 310 combined horsepower. 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.

How many M4 is a CSL?

After an excruciatingly long wait, the BMW M4 CSL is finally here. Limited to only 1,000 cars worldwide, it’s going to be even more exclusive than its predecessor as the M3 E46 CSL was assembled in 1,383 examples.

How much was a E46 M3 new?

In 2003, when the E46 BMW M3 was brand new, its original MSRP was $46,500. When adjusted for inflation, that equates to $68,217 in 2021 dollars.

How much does a BMW M3 E46 cost?

A: The average price of a M3 – E46 is $28,550.

How much is a BMW M4 monthly payment?

The average lease payment for the BMW M4 is $1,260/mo with $2,000 due at signing for a 36-month term with 12,000 annual mileage limit. The average monthly lease payment for the same deal but with a 24-month term length is $1,676/mo.

How much should I put down on a BMW?

As a general rule, you should pay 20 percent of the price of the vehicle as a down payment.

How much is BMW Monthly?

BMW Lease Offers The popular 2023 X3 luxury compact SUV can be yours for $599 per month with $6,115 due at signing, while the compact 2023 BMW X4 is available for $719 per month with a down payment of $6,449.

Is the M3 twin turbo?

Engine, Transmission, and Performance As with the new M4 coupe, the M3 sedan features a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. The normal version sends 473 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. A six-speed manual is the only transmission offered.

How much is a 2012 BMW M3?

2012 BMW M3 Value – $14,801-$26,823 | Edmunds.

How fast does BMW M3 go?

From the factory, BMW electronically limits the top speed of its M3 sedan to 155 mph, or 180 mph if you option the M Driver’s Package.

What M3 is AWD?

Is the 2023 BMW M3 an all-wheel drive vehicle? The 2023 BMW M3 Competition xDrive Sedan features M xDrive, BMW’s performance-oriented all-wheel drive technology, which features adjustable 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD modes for complete control on the road.

How fast is a 2017 M3?

Stronger, lighter, faster: 2017 BMW M3 CS debuts Adding power and subtracting weight is a proven formula for more speed and the M3 CS should deliver. A zero to 60 miles per hour sprint now takes just 3.7 seconds (down from the M3’s 4 seconds), while the top track speed sits at 174 mph.

Is M3 better than M5?

In standard trim, the iconic 2017 M3 comes with staggered-width 18-inch forged alloy wheels, performance tires, and a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 engine making 425 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 406 lb-ft of torque at a mere 1,850 rpm.

Whats faster M5 or M3?

The M3 is still likely the better option for performance driving for similar reasons. The M3 is unquestionably lighter, weighing around 600 lbs less than the M5. The shorter wheelbase probably plays a part in the M3’s improved handling, but it’s really the weight that makes a difference.

What car is faster than a M3?

The M3 also wins the trap speed prize at 132.36 mph (213.01 kph) vs. the M5’s 129.02 mph (207.63 kph). It’s a surprising result given what happens when the lights go green, but far from shocking given that the M3 is almost as powerful as the M5 and much lighter.

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