How much will I get from the Takata airbag settlement?

When split between approximately 33,400 group members, the settlement was around $1,558 per vehicle. However, each group member would only receive about $600 per vehicle after the deductions. Which cars?

Is there a recall on BMW airbags?

Like 18 other automakers, BMW has issued sweeping recalls for vehicles with potentially explosive Takata airbags. Of the 1.78 million airbags BMW has recalled, almost 700,000 (about 40 percent) have yet to be replaced.

How much is the auto airbag settlement?

In Re: Takata Airbag Products Liability Litigation A $42 million settlement has been proposed with Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., VW Credit, Inc., Audi AG, and Audi of America, LLC (collectively “Volkswagen”).

Are there any recalls on a 2008 BMW 328i?

BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2008-2011 128i and 2007-2011 328i, 328xi, 328i xDrive, 525i, 525xi, 528i, 528xi, 530i, 530xi, X3 3.0si, X3 xDrive30i, X5 xDrive30i, Z4 3.0i, Z4 3.0si and Z4 sDrive30i vehicles. The heater for the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve may short circuit.

How much does it cost to replace an airbag in a BMW?

The Best in Auto Repair Labor costs are estimated between $272 and $343 while parts are priced at $724. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed. This range is based on the number and age of BMW 328i’s on the road.

How do I check if my BMW has a recall?

Open recalls can be fixed for free at any BMW center. At, every free VIN check is essentially also a recall search. You can easily find out if your BMW has any open recalls by entering your VIN and clicking “Check Recall” below.

Is the auto airbag settlement legit?

It’s not a scam. You got this notice because you may be able to claim money as part of a recent class action settlement. You’re not alone. Thousands are starting to receive these notices – including a couple of us here at

Who is paying for Takata airbag recall?

According to a New York Times review of Takata’s internal documents, each airbag costs about $100 to replace. Typically, the automakers pay the upfront costs of a recall repair and are reimbursed by the manufacturer of the defective equipment that prompted the vehicle recalls.

How long does it take to fix a recalled airbag?

How long will the service take? Some vehicles only require a driver’s side replacement. In that case, the service will take roughly an hour and a half. Some vehicles will require both a driver and passenger airbag inflator replacement, which will take about 3 hours.

Can an airbag deploy without an accident?

The airbag will only deploy if the vehicle’s sensors detect the correct speed, braking, and impact. A malfunctioning sensor can cause the airbag to activate when there isn’t a crash, or not deploy when a crash occurs.

Is airbag class action legit?

The NSW Supreme Court class actions alleged that by importing vehicles fitted with defective airbags, the manufacturers failed to comply with the Trade Practices Act and Australian Consumer Law by engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct and unconscionable conduct.

Can you sue Toyota for airbags not deploying?

Yes, you can sue if your airbags did not deploy during an accident. However, there might be multiple parties you can sue in such a situation, which is why you should consult an attorney to learn more about your legal options. While airbags should deploy when accidents occur, there are times when they might not.

Is a 2008 BMW 328i reliable?

The 2008 BMW 328i Reliability Rating is 2.5 out of 5. It ranks 30th out of 32 for all car brands. Learn more about 2008 BMW 328i Reliability Ratings.

Is a 2008 BMW 328i rear wheel drive?

The rear-wheel-drive 328i is powered by a 3.0-liter inline-six that makes 230 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 200 pounds-feet of torque at 2,750 rpm. While the engine doesn’t have the low-end thrust of the twin-turbo 335i and its unique 3.0-liter inline-six, it is smooth and flexible.

What are common problems with 2011 BMW 328i?

  • Oil Leaks From Lower Engine Area.
  • Blower Final Stage Fan Resistor May Fail.
  • Outside Mirror May Fold Out to Far.
  • Noise and/or Vibration Due to AC System Low on Refrigerant.
  • Noise From Top of Front/Rear Doors When Windows Are Fully Up.
  • Coolant Loss Due to Leak from Expansion Tank.

Can I drive without airbags?

Currently, no state and federal laws state that it is illegal to drive a car and any motor vehicle with no airbag, which is similar to driving with a hitch and driving with one arm in a sling. But it is not recommended to drive a car without this safety equipment.

Is it expensive to replace airbags?

Below are some average airbag replacement costs that you should expect: An average airbag replacement cost for the driver side will be between $200 – $700. An average airbag replacement cost for the passenger side will be between $400 – $1,000.

Can I replace my airbag myself?

Airbag systems are extremely dangerous. You can be seriously injured or killed by their deploying prematurely when being installed and you can also damage the vehicle. Shop technicians have been trained to install them and have tools and experience to do so. You need to pay for them to do it.

Does BMW fix recalls for free?

Open recalls can be fixed for free at any BMW Center. Enter your ZIP code to find one nearby. Can’t find what you’re looking for? For additional information or assistance, please contact Customer Relations and Services at [email protected], or at 1-800-525-7417.

What year BMW are being recalled?

The new recall involves numerous vehicles built between 2006 and 2013, including some 1 Series, 3 Series, X3, 5 Series, X5 and Z4 models, because the heater for the positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV) may short-circuit and in extremely rare cases could increase the risk of a fire.

Are BMW recalls free?

Question: Who pays for the repair? BMW covers the cost of any technical campaigns and safety recalls.

Do airbags have VIN numbers?

Genuine OEM airbags are labeled with serial numbers, OEM part numbers, barcode labels and warning labels.

How much money did Takata lose?

The estimate for a loss of 13 billion yen, or $120 million, made public on Monday in a preliminary filing with the Tokyo Stock Exchange, amounted to an admission that Takata had been overconfident in predicting a quick end to its troubles.

How serious is the Takata airbag recall?

The Takata Airbag Safety Recall is the largest recall in automotive history, involving 19 automakers and tens of millions of airbags. Defective airbags can cause serious injury or even death if not repaired immediately. The repair process is completely FREE.

How do I know if my car has Takata airbags?

Vehicles Affected Vehicle owners are urged to use NHTSA’s Recalls Lookup Tool to check their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for any open recalls — including Takata recalls.

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