How To Add Remote Start To BMW? Upgrade Your Driving Experience Today!

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Are you a BMW owner searching for ways to upgrade your driving experience? Adding remote start technology to your BMW could be just the solution you need. With a few simple steps, you can control your car’s ignition from afar and ensure it’s warmed up and ready to go when you step inside.

Remote start systems have become increasingly popular in recent years and can significantly improve the convenience and comfort of using your vehicle. Whether you’re trying to warm up your car on chilly mornings or cool it down during hot summer afternoons, a remote start system allows you to take control.

“Convenience is key – being able to start my car from inside my home means I don’t have to brave the elements in order to get going.” – BMW Owner

If you’re considering adding this feature to your BMW, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Finding the right product and installation services is crucial, as poorly installed systems can lead to damage to your car’s electrical components.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of adding remote start technology to your BMW safely and efficiently. We’ll cover everything from selecting the best system for your model to finding experienced installers who can make sure everything runs smoothly.

So if you’re ready to take your driving experience to the next level with remote start capabilities, keep reading!

Why Add A Remote Start To Your BMW?

Convenience and Comfort

BMW owners know the luxury of driving a high-end car that performs exceptionally well. It’s no surprise that adding a remote start to your BMW can enhance its performance level even further. With this advanced feature, you don’t have to get out of bed on cold mornings or rush to warm up the engine before hopping in for work. You can activate the remote starter from the comfort of your home and allow your car to warm up while you finish getting ready.

In addition, if you live in an area with unpredictable weather patterns, a remote start can help preserve your car’s internal systems whenever temperatures drop below freezing. Starting your BMW remotely prior to driving allows time for any frost to melt off windows, ensuring clear visibility during the drive.

Enhanced Security

A vehicle equipped with a remote start system means that you can securely control its functions without being present in the driver’s seat. This makes it easier for you to supervise all ends of your car without having to physically be inside of it. By setting a password-protected access code or utilizing a smart device app, not just anyone has the ability to start your BMW when it is unlocked.

  • Criminals will have a discouraging time trying to steal or break-into vehicles fitted with a remote start system installed, because such system carries preventive alarms which helps prevent theft right away.
  • The fact that a thief will need a valid key before he/she could unlock/ignite your car eliminates the possibility of stolen cars that use broken glasses method.
  • Your car cannot be driven away by fiddling/knocking wires under the steering wheel since there are none to find. Only authorized personnel accessing their registered phone or fob can start the car based on encrypted message signals system.

Installation of a remote starter in BMW

Your vehicle is something you have invested heavily in, and it makes sense to want to protect that investment. Installing a remote start for your BMW takes technical knowledge, which means it’s best to hire professionals who know how to do it correctly without causing any problems. Look into authorized service centers or reputable third-party vendors offering installation kits such as AVS Car Security to perform the task professionally.

When taking your Bimmer for an install, ensure that its software is updated and ready to support the added feature adequately. The technician should also take proper care when inserting any new wiring so that none of the factory-installed wires are accidentally cut. After installation, the service provider would provide complete instruction manuals detailing how to operate the device accurately, ensuring full access and utilization of all features.

“Remote starters make our lives easier by allowing us to warm up/cool down vehicles before we get into them. More importantly, they help increase vehicle security, particularly combined with some form of GPS technology that allows owners to track their cars. It’s been shown time and again that drivers who use remote starters are more comfortable, happier, and practically addicted to these devices.”

If you enjoy luxury driving experiences, adding a remote start to your BMW will only heighten your satisfaction level. By increasing security measures while still maintaining convenience levels, having this advanced function installed on your vehicle will undoubtedly give you peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Remote Start To Your BMW?

Warm Up The Engine

During winter months or on colder days, warming up your car’s engine is essential. By adding a remote start to your BMW, you can warm up the engine before getting in the vehicle. This will make for a comfortable and smooth ride as the engine warms up faster than sitting idle without any action.

The best part about having this feature is that you don’t need to step out of your house to get this done. You can engage the heating system from afar by simply pressing a button from your key fob or smartphone app.

“When temperatures drop below freezing, engines have to work harder to operate, making warm-up time particularly advantageous after sitting parked overnight” – Digitaltrends

Cool Down The Interior

In hot summer months, getting into a vehicle with a superheated interior could be scorching. A remote starter helps you cool down the cabin of your BMW before stepping inside it.

This can lower the temperature of your seats, dashboard, and steering wheel during extreme heat conditions.

“Creating a cooler environment within seconds of beginning an engine’s operation cycle, or even a minute or two before climbing behind the wheel” – Popular Mechanics

Increased Resale Value

If you are looking to sell your BMW later, adding a remote start feature could potentially increase its resale value. Having such a modern technology packaged with your car makes a solid impression on potential buyers. It could also lure in customers who love new gadgets and want convenience when driving their vehicles.

The ability to warm up or cool down the vehicle from a distance sets apart cars with remote starters compared to traditional vehicles.

“Some buyers prefer to have everything on their car ready and updated, so you may attract more potential buyers with added features.” – Autolist
In conclusion, adding a remote start feature to your BMW can provide significant benefits such as the ability to warm up the engine or cool down the interior. It could also increase its resale value by providing extra convenience to future customers.

How To Choose The Best Remote Start For Your BMW?


The first step in adding remote start to your BMW is ensuring compatibility. Not all remote starters are created equal, and some may not work with the specific make and model of your car. Before making a purchase, do some research and find a remote start system that is compatible with your BMW.

One way to ensure compatibility is to look for remote starts that are made specifically for BMWs or similar luxury vehicles. These systems will typically be designed to work seamlessly with the existing electronics and programming of your car.

You can also consult with experts in car audio and electronics to get recommendations on which remote starter systems are best suited for your BMW. They can help you choose a product that fits your needs and your budget while also being fully compatible with your vehicle.


Once you have ensured compatibility, it’s time to consider the features that are important to you in a remote start system. There are many different options available, so take the time to determine what you really need and what would simply be nice to have.

Some of the most popular features to look for include:

  • Range: Consider how far away from your vehicle you’ll need to be when starting it remotely. Look for a system with a range that meets your needs.
  • Keyless Entry: Many modern remote start systems come with keyless entry built-in, allowing you to unlock and lock your car doors without using a physical key.
  • Smartphone Integration: Some remote start systems allow you to control the functions of your car through an app on your smartphone. This can be particularly useful if you want to warm up or cool down your car before getting in.
  • Security Features: Look for a remote start system that includes security features such as an alarm, motion sensors, and GPS tracking. These can help protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism.
  • Multi-Vehicle Support: If you have more than one BMW or another vehicle that you would like to add remote start to, look for systems that offer multi-vehicle support.

The features that are most important will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Take some time to think about what features would make the most sense for your lifestyle and driving habits, then choose a remote start system that meets those specifications.

“Adding remote start to your BMW can make it more convenient and comfortable to drive, especially in cold weather. Ensuring compatibility and choosing the right features are key to making sure your remote start system works well with your vehicle.” -Chris McWhorter, Senior Director of Product Planning at Viper

Adding remote start to your BMW is a great way to increase your comfort and convenience when driving. By following these tips and selecting the right system for your needs, you can enjoy all the benefits of this innovative technology with confidence.

Professional Installation Vs. DIY: Which One Should You Choose?

If you own a BMW and want to add remote start functionality, there are two options available: professional installation or do-it-yourself (DIY) installation.

Expertise And Experience

The key advantage of having a professional install remote start is their expertise and experience in handling BMW electronics. They have the necessary tools, wiring diagrams, and technical knowledge to complete the job successfully without causing any damage. In addition, professionals may include added features such as smartphone compatibility or personalized settings for your vehicle’s specific needs.

If you’re someone who knows how to work with electronics and has previous experience installing remote start systems on vehicles, then doing it yourself can be an option. Performing DIY installation requires careful attention to detail, following instructions provided, and ensuring that all connections are correctly made to avoid issues later on. Using sources like online forums and YouTube videos can help guide first-timers through the process.

Cost And Time

The next factor is cost and time. A professional installation may seem expensive upfront but could be worth the investment in the long run due to the level of care given to your car during the installation. The average professional installation cost for a remote start system in a BMW ranges from $400 to $600. However, depending on where you live, this cost may vary.

Diy methods often result in lower costs since it doesn’t require additional labor charges. But time-wise, expect the overall project timeline to extend significantly compared to what a professional installer can finish in one sitting. DIY installations usually require additional tool purchases, figuring out troubleshooting techniques, and generally more extended learning periods before starting the job itself.

Warranty And Support

One significant benefit of professional installation is the warranty period that comes with it. Most installers offer a warranty to help resolve any issues that arise during the early periods after the remote start installation without incurring additional charges. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong due to improper wiring or an error on their end, they’ll be able to fix it free of cost.

Diy installations could void your car’s manufacturer warranty since most warranties typically require qualified experts’ involvement. Also, DIY-ers may not have access to the same support channels as when going through professional services such as phone or email support. This limited support can make resolving issues much more challenging and time-consuming for anyone running into complications.

Safety And Reliability

A significant factor to consider is safety and reliability. First off, when dealing with electronics and circuits, safety measures must be observed to avoid electrical shocks or fires. Professionals know about these precautions’ relation best and use them as required standards throughout the work done on vehicles.

Furthermore, regardless if installed by professionals or d.i.y enthusiasts, having a functional and reliable remote start system allows you to operate your car smoothly from indoors, reducing exposure to bad weather conditions and thefts. A faulty self-installed remote starter can pose risks beyond just starting delays, such as short-circuiting and causing damages to connected systems such as the engine, key fob security links amongst other critical points within the car.

“If the system is not installed correctly, those errors can range from inconvenient (e.g., the vehicle won’t start) to dangerous (e.g., someone gets injured).” -Angie’s List

Deciding between allowing professionals handle BMW remote start installation compared to yourself will depend on various factors from budget capabilities, technical competencies, available time, desired quality expectations, and overall confidence. With careful consideration of all these significant elements, you’ll be more likely to make the right choice for your specific remote start BMW needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Remote Start To Your BMW?

Brand And Model

The cost of adding remote start to your BMW depends on the brand and model. Some brands offer more expensive options compared to others, while some models may require extra features for installation.

For instance, BMW offers a factory-fitted remote start option for certain vehicular models. The price range varies depending on each model’s specifications but usually starts at $550 plus installation costs. Aftermarket options are generally less expensive, however, be sure to choose reputable brands that guarantee compatibility with your car type.

Installation Method

The method of installation is also an important factor in determining the cost of adding remote start to your BMW. There are two types of installation methods available: DIY or professional installation.

A DIY installation can save you money as there will be no labor costs involved. However, if you are not knowledgeable about car electrics, it could result in damaging your vehicle and disrupting its electrical system. Professional installation provides peace of mind, comes with a warranty, and ensures the safety and security of your vehicle. A professional installation can range from $300 to $700, including the purchase of equipment such as the transmitter and receiver modules.

“Remote starters continue to become more popular because consumers want convenience and comfort,”-Ernie Baumann, Founder and CEO of Auto Add-Ons.

Adding a remote start feature to your BMW is a convenient upgrade that allows you to start your car remotely before entering it which protects you from extreme weather conditions. While considering purchasing one for your car, take into account factors like the brand, model, and installation method because they determine the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Remote Start To A BMW?

Adding remote start to a BMW can provide numerous benefits. Firstly, it lets you start your car remotely from a distance, which helps to warm up the engine during cold weather. Secondly, it allows you to cool down the interior during hot weather. Thirdly, it enhances the security of your car by enabling you to monitor it remotely. Lastly, it improves the overall convenience of using your car.

What Are The Different Types Of Remote Start Systems Available For BMWs?

There are two main types of remote start systems available for BMWs: one-way and two-way systems. One-way systems only send signals from the remote to the car, while two-way systems send signals both ways, allowing the car to send confirmation signals back to the remote. Additionally, there are smartphone-enabled remote start systems that allow you to start your car using your smartphone or smartwatch.

What Are The Steps To Install A Remote Start System In A BMW?

The steps to install a remote start system in a BMW will depend on the specific system you choose. However, in general, you will need to locate and connect the necessary wires, program the system, and test it to ensure it’s functioning properly. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging your car or the remote start system.

What Are The Precautions To Take Before Installing A Remote Start System In A BMW?

Before installing a remote start system in a BMW, it’s important to take several precautions. Firstly, ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment for the installation. Secondly, ensure that the system you choose is compatible with your car’s make and model. Thirdly, disconnect the car’s battery before beginning the installation to avoid electrical shocks or damage to the car’s electrical system.

Can You Install A Remote Start System In A BMW Yourself Or Should You Get Professional Help?

While it’s possible to install a remote start system in a BMW yourself, it’s recommended that you seek professional help. This is because remote start systems can be complex, and a professional installer will have the expertise and experience to install the system safely and correctly. Additionally, a professional installer will be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the installation process.

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