How To Auto Start Bmw? Top Tips For Effortless Starting

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When it comes to luxury vehicles, BMW is a brand that carries a certain prestige and sophistication. Owning one of these high-performing machines can be a dream come true for many car enthusiasts. But, when you are juggling multiple responsibilities in your busy daily routine, starting up your BMW manually each time can become quite the hassle. Fortunately, with modern technologies, there are ways to auto start your BMW effortlessly!

You might have been struggling to figure out how to kick off the engine stubbornly sitting in your machine just before you leave the house or workplace, tired after some exerting activities of the day. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to share some top tips for easy auto-starting so that you don’t have to waste any more of your valuable time trying to get your BMW going.

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny..'” -Isaac Asimov

Some BMW models may require specific steps or settings to facilitate automatic starting. Our guide will walk you through the essential information you need to make auto-starting as smooth and effortless as possible. Additionally, we’ll also dive into what preparations you should take in advance and how to resolve some common issues people face.

If you want to unlock a stress-free way of starting up your BMW, then keep reading. You won’t regret following our expert recommendations on how to auto start your BMW quickly and without any headache!

Understand Your BMW’s Key Fob

The key fob on your BMW has been designed to perform a variety of different functions that make driving and securing your vehicle safer and more convenient. In this guide, we’ll take you through the essential features of your BMW key fob so you can better understand how it works and what you need to know about it.

Learn the Functions of Your Key Fob

Besides starting the engine of your car, there are several other functions that your BMW key fob performs:

  • Locking/Unlocking the Doors: Pressing the lock or unlock button will lock or unlock all doors of your car instantly.
  • Panic Alarm: This function is useful in situations where you suspect danger and want to alert people nearby. It causes a loud sound and flashing headlights until you press any button to turn it off.
  • Open Trunk: Your keyfob allows you to open your trunk electrically without having to use the manual release inside your car.
  • Auto start-stop: You do not require physical contact with the key when you use the Start-Stop system in your car. It has a button positioned below the vehicle’s steering column but the key equally accesses it remotely just like other functionalities.
  • Windows/Sunroof/Panoramic Roof Open-Close: Depending on your configuration, holding down the “unlock” button for a few seconds may initiate opening all windows, sunroof, or panoramic roof simultaneously as required.

Understand the Warning Indicators on Your Key Fob

Your BMW key fob also has some warning indicators to alert you about potential issues with the vehicle. Here are a few of them:

  • Battery Low Warning: When your car battery power is low, it will display on the dashboard and equally through an indicator on the key’s LED display.
  • Frozen Key Warning: During winter months, especially in colder regions, the keyfob may freeze, leading to malfunctioning or temporary failure. It is recommended that you keep your key insulated from moisture so as not to develop such warnings. In case of sensing any malfunctioning though, warm up your key gently before use.
  • Key Fob Lost/Stolen Warnings: If either scenario comes up, contact the BMW dealer/ authorized installer immediately for assistance. The immobilizer function installed on all modern BMWs can be reprogrammed to block stolen keys access while programming new replacement ones with ease.
“BMW’s patented Comfort Access technology allows the driver to enter the car and start the engine without ever having to take the key out of their pocket”

The functions of your BMW key fob make driving more convenient and comfortable. Understanding these features can go a long way in ensuring that you maintain your BMW effectively and get the most out of it.

Ensure Proper Battery Maintenance

If you own a BMW with auto start capability, it is important to ensure that the battery in your key fob is properly maintained. Neglecting this can lead to auto start failure or other related problems. Follow these guidelines to maintain your key fob battery:

  • Keep both the key fob and car batteries clean and free of corrosion.
  • Avoid exposing the key fob battery to extreme temperatures as this can shorten its lifespan.
  • Replace the key fob battery as soon as it starts exhibiting signs of weakness such as slow response or intermittent functioning.
  • Always purchase replacement batteries from reputable dealerships or online stores to avoid getting counterfeit products that may pose a safety risk.

Know When to Replace Your Key Fob Battery

Knowing when to replace your key fob battery is crucial in preventing unexpected failure while using your auto start feature. Here are some signs to watch out for that indicate a failing key fob battery:

  • The distance required to unlock/lock the doors increases noticeably.
  • You experience difficulty unlocking/locking your car remotely.
  • Your key fob buttons become unresponsive even after pressing them multiple times.
  • The signal strength indicator on your key fob display shows a low battery warning.
“The typical estimated lifespan of a remote control battery can vary widely depending on the frequency of use, so checking the condition of the battery regularly is an important safety measure.”

How to Replace Your Key Fob Battery

You don’t need any specialized technical skills to replace your key fob battery if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the type of battery installed in your key fob (it’s usually marked on the case). For BMWs, the most common types are CR2016 or CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries.
  2. Purchase a replacement battery with the same type and voltage rating as the old one. You can buy these online or from an auto parts store near you.
  3. Remove the metal key blade by pressing on the latch located at the base of the fob and pulling it out gently.
  4. Use a small screwdriver to pry open the case carefully. Some models have screws that hold the halves together; you’ll need to unscrew them first.
  5. Lift the circuit board and replace the old battery with the new one. Make sure you insert it in the correct orientation (positive side facing up).
  6. Carefully reassemble the two halves, ensuring no wires or components get pinched. Test the lock/unlock buttons to confirm they work before snapping back the cover.

Maintaining your key fob battery is crucial in ensuring proper functioning of your auto start feature. By following the guidelines mentioned above, including knowing when to replace your key fob battery and how to do so properly, you can save yourself time, money and frustration associated with unexpected failures. Stay safe on the road and always ensure that your key fob is in good working condition!

Check Your BMW’s Electrical System

Check Your Car Battery Voltage

One of the most common reasons why a car won’t start is because the battery is dead. To check your BMW’s battery voltage, you will need a voltmeter. Start by turning off all electrical components in the car, including headlights and radio, to ensure that there is no draw on the battery.

Locate the battery under the hood and identify the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Connect the red lead from the voltmeter to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal.

The normal range for a fully charged battery should be between 12.6 and 12.8 volts. If your BMW’s battery reads below this range, it may not have enough power to start the engine. You can try jump-starting the car or replacing the battery altogether if it’s old and worn out.

Check Your Car’s Fuses

If your BMW’s battery checks out okay but the car still won’t start, then it’s time to check the fuses. The car’s fuse box is usually located in the glove compartment or under the dashboard on the driver side.

Refer to your owner’s manual to locate the specific fuses responsible for powering the starter or ignition system. Pull out each suspect fuse one at a time and inspect them visually or with a multimeter. A blown fuse will have a broken filament inside it, and its multimeter reading will show infinite resistance.

If you find any blown fuses, replace them with new ones and try starting the car again. However, if you keep blowing fuses even after replacement, there may be an underlying electrical issue within the car that requires professional diagnosis and repair.

“When one has a malfunctioning starter motor or alternator and fails to get it fixed early on, their battery can drain quickly.” – Robert Johnson from

Routine maintenance checks for your BMW’s electrical system are essential in keeping your car running smoothly and preventing unexpected issues that may delay or prevent you from getting to your destination. By regularly checking your car’s battery voltage and fuses, you can diagnose mishaps before they become serious problems.

Make Sure Your BMW Is In “Park” Or “Neutral”

If you own a BMW, you may be wondering how to auto start it. However, before you even attempt to press the start button, it’s crucial to ensure that your car is in either “Park” or “Neutral.” If your vehicle isn’t in one of these positions, it won’t start for safety reasons.

How to Check if Your BMW is in “Park”

The following steps will help you determine if your BMW is in “Park:”

  • Ensure that your emergency brake hand lever is pulled all the way up and engaged. This ensures that your car doesn’t roll away when the engine starts.
  • Check your gear shifter – it should read “P” on your dashboard display once your gear shifts into its final position.
  • If you’re unsure, wiggle your gear shifter gently while checking your dashboard display as you do so – this will allow you to verify whether you are indeed in “Park.”

How to Check if Your BMW is in “Neutral”

In some situations, you’ll need to put your BMW in “Neutral” instead of “Park.” Perhaps you got stuck in the snow or mud and need someone to push you out of a tight spot. Whatever the reason, here’s how to check if your car is in “Neutral”:

  • Engage both the clutch pedal and the brake pedal at the same time. Don’t release them just yet!
  • Turn on the ignition by pressing the start button. Your engine shouldn’t come alive since we haven’t shifted gears yet.
  • Gently press the gear shifter to the middle position (a small notch between far right and left) while continuing to hold both the clutch pedal and brake pedal down. If you’re in neutral, your dashboard display will show “N.”
  • You can release the clutch and brake pedals now! Your vehicle is in neutral and ready to be moved by someone pushing you from behind!

Before attempting to auto start your BMW, always remember to verify that you are in either “Park” or “Neutral.” This takes only a minute but ensures safety for you and other drivers on the road.

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.” -Author Unknown

Try Using Your Spare Key

If you’re having trouble starting your BMW, one possible solution is to try using your spare key. Most newer BMW models have a feature that allows you to start the car without inserting the key fob into the ignition slot.

How to Use Your Spare Key

To use your spare key to start your BMW, simply press and hold the unlock button on the key while pressing down on the brake pedal. This should allow the engine to turn over and start running.

If this method doesn’t work, there may be an issue with your battery or alternator, which can cause problems with the electrical system in your car. It’s always best to get these issues diagnosed by a professional mechanic to ensure that your BMW is running properly.

When to Use Your Spare Key

If you’re ever in a situation where your primary key fob isn’t working, it’s always a good idea to try using your spare key. Some reasons why your main key fob might not be working include:

  • A dead battery in the key fob
  • An issue with the key fob itself
  • Problems with the immobilizer or other electronic components of your car

In any of these cases, trying your spare key could provide a quick and simple solution to getting your BMW started again. However, if you continue to experience issues with starting your car, it’s important to get it checked out by a qualified professional who can diagnose and address the root cause of the problem.

Consult Your BMW’s Owner’s Manual

If you are having trouble with your BMW’s auto start function, a good first step is to consult the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will provide detailed information about how to use and troubleshoot all of the features in your vehicle, including the auto start function.

What to Look for in Your Owner’s Manual

When looking at your owner’s manual, pay special attention to the section on the auto start function. This section may be called something like “Remote Engine Start” or “Comfort Access,” depending on your model of BMW. In this section, you should find details on how to activate the feature, as well as any limitations or requirements that must be met before the auto start can be used. For example, some models require the car to be put in park, while others may require the driver’s seat belt to be buckled in order for the engine to start remotely.

You may also find troubleshooting tips in the owner’s manual if the auto start feature isn’t working as expected. These tips may include checking the battery level in the key fob, ensuring proper signal transmission between the key fob and the car, testing the battery of the car itself, and more.

How to Troubleshoot with Your Owner’s Manual

If you do encounter problems with the auto start feature, consulting the owner’s manual is a great way to troubleshoot. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the issue: Read through the troubleshooting section of the owner’s manual to identify what might be causing the problem with your auto start function.
  2. Follow the suggested steps: The owner’s manual may suggest specific steps you can take to resolve the issue. Follow these steps carefully and in order.
  3. Test the auto start function: Once you have followed all of the suggested troubleshooting steps, try testing the auto start function again. If it still isn’t working, repeat the process.

If you are still unable to get your BMW’s auto start feature to work after consulting the owner’s manual, you may need to take your car into a dealership or qualified mechanic for further assistance.

“While technology can be a great help in modernizing a vehicle, it is critical that drivers read their owners’ manuals to understand and safely use these new features,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering and industry relations.

As with any feature on your BMW or any other vehicle, it is important to thoroughly read the owner’s manual to ensure proper use and troubleshoot issues effectively. The key to getting the most out of your car’s auto start function is to be aware of its capabilities and limitations before using it regularly, so consult your owner’s manual whenever necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to auto start my BMW without a remote?

No, it is not possible to auto start your BMW without a remote. The auto start feature is designed to work with the remote key fob, which sends a signal to the car’s computer to start the engine. Without the remote, you cannot activate the auto start feature.

What are some common troubleshooting tips for BMW auto start?

If you are experiencing issues with your BMW auto start feature, you can try resetting the system by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. You should also check that the remote battery is fully charged and that the signal is not being blocked by other devices. If the problem persists, you may need to take your car to a BMW dealership for further diagnosis.

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