How To Open Bmw Trunk From Outside? Discover The Simple Trick!

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Are you frustrated with not being able to open your BMW trunk from outside? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you a simple trick that will make opening your BMW trunk a breeze.

We know how important it is to have access to your trunk, especially when you’re carrying groceries or luggage. It can be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing to ask someone else to open the trunk for you.

With our step-by-step instructions, you’ll never have to worry about struggling to open your BMW trunk again. We guarantee that our method is easy and effective, and it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.

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Whether you’re a new BMW owner or a seasoned driver, it’s always helpful to learn new tricks that can make your driving experience more enjoyable. So, let’s get started and discover how to open your BMW trunk from outside!

Locate The Keyhole

To open the trunk of your BMW from outside, you need to locate the keyhole. Depending on the model and year of production, the position of the keyhole might differ. Generally speaking, most newer BMW models have their keyholes hidden behind the emblem badge or logo on the rear/trunk lid.

Check out the following steps to help you find the keyhole:

  • If you are unsure where the keyhole is located, check your BMW owner’s manual for guidance.
  • Some BMW models come with an electronic trunk release button on the door handle. If your car has one, use it first before looking for the keyhole.
  • Sometimes the keyhole is visible above the license plate holder, so check there as well.
  • In some cases, the keyhole is located near the taillight, so check there too.
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Check The Exterior Of The Trunk

If you cannot immediately locate the keyhole, checking the exterior of the trunk can prove useful. Even though modern BMWs often hide their keyholes behind emblems or logos, some models still feature visible keyholes prominently placed in plain view.

The following steps will guide you through the process of opening your BMW trunk from the outside:

  • Carefully inspect the area around the trunk lid to see if there are any handles or locks that could be used to open it.
  • If you find a keyhole, insert the BMW key straight into the mechanism, and turn it to unlock the trunk.
  • If you cannot locate a keyhole but can find a lock or handle, insert the key into it and turn. This might unlock your trunk.
  • If you see a pull-tab on the outside of the rear seatback that features a picture of an open padlock, give it a tug to release the seats and access the inside of the trunk where the latch release handle is located.

Be aware that if you have locked the car using the remote control key fob, this action will also affect the trunk. Therefore, unlocking the doors with the key may not necessarily grant you access to the trunk without additional steps.

Look Inside The Car

If you cannot locate the keyhole or a visible mechanism on the exterior of the BMW then perhaps turning to the interior could do the trick.

The following are some steps you can take to help open your BMW trunk from the inside:

  • Firstly, check if the power-lock button has been activated by accident. If so, press the unlock button followed by the trunk release button situated in the center console between the front seats.
  • Check for any hidden buttons either within the glove box, driver’s side door panel or passenger-side compartment. Some newer models are equipped with secret compartments that may contain a push-to-release button to unlock the trunk.
  • If you still cannot gain access after checking the interior, try folding down the back seats. Modern BMW models often have a pass-through opening that provides access to the trunk space. Simply reach through and use the emergency release handle located near the lock to manually open the trunk.
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Check The Owner’s Manual

Beyond finding the keyhole or searching for exterior mechanisms and interior buttons, consulting your BMW owner’s manual is a critical step to master how to open your trunk from outside in case all else fails.

The following are steps you can take if you need guidance through your car’s user manual:

  • Refer to the index of your owner’s manual, which should be located in the rear section either physically printed or digitally saved on a manufacturer’s software system accessible via an application installed on your smartphone and/or tablet device.
  • Familiarise yourself with the language used (many manuals have specific terms and phrases) as well as diagrammatic representations.
  • Research any alternative methods of opening the trunk. There may exist models where there are electronic switches on the dashboard that permit easy access by pressing a button without needing keys whatsoever.

Moreover, it is imperative that you keep in mind that automakers consider security paramount, meaning, it would be improbable that they will directly spell out circumstances such as ‘how to break into your own vehicle’, but do make every effort to show you procedures to regain entry should you get locked out unintentionally.

Use The Key To Unlock The Trunk

Insert The Key Into The Keyhole

The first step to opening the BMW trunk from outside is to locate the keyhole on your car. It is usually located near the handle of the trunk or at the back of the car. Once you have found it, insert the key into the keyhole.

Turn The Key Clockwise

After inserting the key in the keyhole, turn it clockwise until you hear a click sound. This indicates that the lock has been disengaged and the trunk can now be opened.

Pull Up On The Trunk Lid

Now comes the final step of opening the BMW trunk from outside – pull up on the trunk lid. Use both hands for support and lift gently without applying too much force. If the trunk doesn’t open smoothly at first, don’t yank! Try jiggling the key and lifting again before making further attempts.

Remove The Key From The Keyhole

After pulling up on the trunk lid successfully, take out the key from the keyhole. Keep your key safely as you will need it when locking the trunk later.

“The automobile is a technological marvel…But no matter how powerful today’s cars might be, they are still dependent upon something as mundane as turning a key.” – Jesse James

Opening the trunk via key does not just imply style but also an elevated level of security beyond electronic mechanisms. Following the above steps would give access to your car’s items with ease without causing any damage; however, using excessive force could break the lock and aggravate the problem, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

Use The Remote Key Fob

If you’re standing outside your BMW and need to open the trunk, using the remote key fob is one of the easiest ways to do it. There are different ways to access the trunk with the key fob depending on the model of your car, but most models have a trunk button.

Press The Trunk Button On The Key Fob

The first step is to locate the “trunk” button on the key fob. This is usually a small button with an icon indicating the rear end of the car. Press this button once, and the trunk should unlock if everything is functioning correctly. In some cases, holding down the button for a few seconds might be necessary if your BMW has a power liftgate feature.

If pressing the trunk button does not work, check the battery in the key fob as it might be low or depleted. Poor signal strength could also be the culprit. Try moving closer to the trunk or stand at various spots around the car to see if this resolves the issue.

Stand Near The Trunk

If the remote key fob doesn’t seem to work, try standing close to the trunk itself. Many BMWs have a proximity sensor that can sense when someone is near the rear of the vehicle. If you’re within range, this could trigger the locking mechanism to release, allowing you to open the trunk without needing to press any buttons.

When attempting to use this method, make sure no obstacles obstruct the lid from popping up fully. Otherwise, accidental damage could occur to either the barrier or the items inside the container, or both.

Listen For The Trunk To Unlock

When clicking the button or approaching the backside of the automobile, you should hear a mechanical reaction. This clicking or unlocking sound tells you that the trunk’s releasing mechanism has worked successfully. If there is no response and your key fob battery is new, then your BMW may have an issue with its central locking system. In this case, it would be best to contact a professional mechanic to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Retrieve Your Belongings From The Trunk

If everything works well, retrieving your belongings from inside shouldn’t present any problems unless something becomes caught between the fabric material of the lid and the cargo. One way to avoid broken items is always being aware of objects you place in the luggage area and how they’ll interact with the storage compartment lid when opening or closing the car trunk door.

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Using the remote key fob is one of the quickest ways to open up the trunk outside of the automobile itself. However, if the key fob does not unlock the container after pressing the appropriate button or standing near it, another option could be trying to use the proximity sensor located nearby. Lastly, ensure all items are free before shutting the hatchback component after receiving them out of your storage space. If issues persist regarding access to your automotive rear gate, consider seeking specialized help or contacting your dealership company for further inquiry.

Check The Trunk Release Button

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to open your BMW trunk from the outside, it’s important to know how to do so. One easy way is by using the trunk release button on your key fob or inside the car. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Locate The Trunk Release Button

The first step is finding the trunk release button. Depending on your model of BMW, this can either be located on your key fob or inside the car near the driver’s seat or center console.

If it’s on your key fob, look for an image of a car with an open trunk or a specific trunk-shaped symbol. This will indicate where the button is located.

If it’s inside the car, check the dashboard area, the center console, or the door panel near the driver’s seat. Look for a button that has a symbol resembling a car with an open trunk.

Press The Trunk Release Button

Once you’ve identified the location of the trunk release button, press it firmly but briefly. Make sure not to hold it down for too long as this may activate other features on your key fob or in the car.

“When looking for the trunk release button, keep in mind that it may vary slightly depending on which model of BMW you have.” -Car and Driver

Listen For The Trunk To Unlock

After pressing the trunk release button, listen carefully for the sound of the trunk unlocking. You should hear a soft click or beep indicating that the lock mechanism has been released.

If you don’t hear anything or if the trunk doesn’t unlock, double-check that you pressed the correct button and that you’re close enough to the car. If the signal doesn’t reach far enough, try standing closer or moving to a different location.

Open The Trunk Lid

Once you’ve heard the trunk release, it’s time to lift the lid and access your things inside. Depending on your BMW model, there may be a button or handle located near the license plate or on the rear of the vehicle to assist with opening the trunk.

If there isn’t an external mechanism for opening the trunk, you’ll need to push up on the lid manually until it pops open. Be sure to grip the edges securely and apply even pressure to avoid damaging the lid or your fingers.

“It’s important to always double check that the trunk is closed and locked before leaving your car unattended.” -BMW USA

Congratulations! You now know how to open your BMW trunk from outside using the simple steps described above.

  • First, locate the trunk release button either on your key fob or inside the car near the driver’s seat or center console.
  • Next, press the button briefly and listen for a soft click or beep indicating that the lock has been released.
  • Finally, use the external mechanism or lift the lid manually to open the trunk and retrieve your items.

Use The Emergency Trunk Release

Locate The Emergency Trunk Release Handle

If you find yourself in a situation where the BMW trunk cannot be opened, one of the quickest solutions is to locate and use the emergency trunk release handle. This handle is present in all BMW cars as a safety feature that allows the passengers to escape safely if they are trapped inside the car.

The location of the emergency trunk release handle varies based on the make and model of the car. However, in most BMW models, it can be found at the back of the rear seats or close to the trunk’s lid. Look for a small lever, button, or cord attached to the interior of the trunk compartment.

Pull The Emergency Trunk Release Handle

Once you have located the emergency trunk release handle, give it a firm pull or lift. Depending on the type of handle, it may require you to apply some pressure or twist in order to operate efficiently. Make sure that you understand how to use this handle correctly before an emergency arises.

After pulling the handle, wait for a moment to see if the trunk opens automatically. If not, proceed to the next step.

Listen For The Trunk To Unlock

When you pull the emergency trunk release handle, you should hear the sound of the lock disengaging from latching onto the trunk mechanism. Listen carefully for any sound of the trunk starting to loosen up, such as a clicking noise. If you do not hear any sound, try pulling the handle again with slightly more force.

If there is still no response, it could indicate that there might be other issues preventing the trunk from opening, including mechanical faults, damaged locks, or wiring problems. In such cases, it’s recommended that you reach out to a professional mechanic or BMW dealer.

Open The Trunk Lid

If all goes well, the trunk lid should pop open after pulling the emergency release handle. Once the lid is lifted, hold it up with one hand and use the other hand to remove any items stored at the top of the luggage compartment. After that, you can start accessing your belongings safely from the trunk.

It’s important to note that in some cases, the emergency trunk release may not work correctly despite operating it as usual. This could happen if there are issues with the cable system, lock mechanism, or other factors beyond your control. If this happens, be sure to contact a specialized mechanic to have the problem solved immediately.

“A function of BMW models for several decades now, the feature provides occupants an emergency exit from the car’s trunk space.” -BimmerLife
  • Always make sure to understand how the emergency trunk release works before getting behind the wheel.
  • If the emergency trunk release doesn’t work in times of need, do not hesitate to contact a proficient mechanic for assistance.
  • All BMW cars come equipped with safety features like trunk release handles, which are crucial in emergencies and ensure the protection and wellbeing of passengers, making them a vital component in every vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to open the BMW trunk from outside?

To open the BMW trunk from outside, press the button on the key fob or use the key to unlock the trunk. Alternatively, you can use the trunk release button located inside the car or the emergency release handle located in the trunk.

Is there a way to open the BMW trunk without the key fob?

Yes, you can open the BMW trunk without the key fob by using the key to unlock the trunk or by using the trunk release button located inside the car. You can also use the emergency release handle located in the trunk to open it from the inside.

What should I do if my BMW trunk release button is not working?

If the BMW trunk release button is not working, check the fuse to see if it needs to be replaced. If the fuse is fine, the wiring or the switch may be faulty and require replacement. Consult with a certified BMW technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

Can I use the BMW trunk emergency release handle to open the trunk from outside?

No, the BMW trunk emergency release handle is located inside the trunk and can only be used to open the trunk from the inside in case of an emergency. It cannot be used to open the trunk from outside.

How can I troubleshoot the BMW trunk not opening issue?

To troubleshoot the BMW trunk not opening issue, check the battery in the key fob, ensure the car is in park, and check the fuse. Additionally, make sure the trunk is not overloaded and that the locking mechanism is not jammed or obstructed. Consult with a certified BMW technician if the issue persists.

What are some common reasons for the BMW trunk not opening from the outside?

Common reasons for the BMW trunk not opening from the outside include a dead battery in the key fob, a faulty fuse, a malfunctioning switch or wiring, an overloaded trunk, or a jammed or obstructed locking mechanism. Consult with a certified BMW technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

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