How To Turn Off Stop Start On Bmw 5 Series?

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If you are a proud owner of a BMW 5 Series, then you must have already experienced the stop-start feature that comes standard in these vehicles. While this technology helps to conserve fuel and reduce carbon emissions, some may find it annoying or discomforting especially when driving in heavy traffic areas. Luckily, it is quite easy to turn off the stop-start system in your BMW 5 series.

In this guide, we will explore the different ways in which you can disable the stop-start technology on your BMW 5 series model. We will walk you through step-by-step instructions to help you switch off the stop-start function without any hassle so that you can enjoy a more seamless driving experience tailored to suit your needs.

“It’s not just about horsepower, but how you control it.” – Wolfgang Durheimer

Whether you’re new to owning a luxury car or an experienced driver looking for ways to customize your vehicle’s performance, knowing how to turn off stop start on your BMW 5 Series is crucial. By disabling this feature, you can gain greater control over your engine, improve comfort levels while driving, and enhance the overall driving experience of your favorite sports car.

Why Disable Stop Start?

The Purpose of Disabling Stop Start on BMW 5 Series

Stop-start technology is a feature in many modern cars, including BMWs. This feature automatically turns off the car’s engine when idling or stationary to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It then restarts the engine when you release the brake pedal or press the accelerator again.

Some drivers may find stop-start annoying for several reasons. One reason is that it can cause unwanted vibrations or noises when the engine shuts down or starts up again. Also, it’s not suitable for all driving scenarios, such as heavy traffic or harsh weather conditions, where frequent stopping and starting can be strenuous on the battery and starter motor.

If you own a BMW 5 series with stop-start, disabling this function might help improve your driving experience by minimizing these issues.

The Advantages of Turning Off Stop Start on BMW 5 Series

There are several benefits to turning off stop-start on your BMW 5 series:

  • You can save money on repairs: If you frequently drive in heavy traffic, the constant start-stop cycles can wear out your battery and starter motor quicker than usual, leading to costly repairs over time.
  • You can improve drivability: Some drivers find the sudden shutoff or startup of the engine jarring or inconvenient, especially in situations where they need to make quick maneuvers or have smoother acceleration. With stop-start disabled, you can enjoy a more seamless driving experience that suits your preferences and needs.
  • You can increase safety: There may be instances where you need to quickly accelerate from a standstill, such as entering an intersection or merging on highways. By eliminating any delay caused by stop-start, you can react faster to these situations and prevent accidents.
  • You can reduce emissions: While stop-start aims to help lower your car’s carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption during idle periods, it may not be necessary in all scenarios. For example, if you’re driving through a rural area with little or no traffic, the benefit of turning off the engine entirely might pale in comparison to the energy needed to start it again.

All in all, disabling stop-start on your BMW 5 series is a matter of personal preference and intended use. If you often find yourself frustrated with this function, going out of your way to turn it off might be worth the effort.

“The technology behind stop/start systems is undoubtedly good for the environment at large… but there’s no doubt that they’re less than ideal for ride quality and refinement.” -AutoGuide

Steps To Turn Off Stop Start On Bmw 5 Series

Accessing the Menu

The stop start system is an eco-friendly feature in modern BMW cars that helps save fuel and reduce emissions. However, some drivers may find it annoying or distracting while driving. Fortunately, turning off the stop start function on a BMW 5 Series is relatively easy.

To disable stop start, you need to access the iDrive menu using the console-mounted controller knob. Here’s how:

  • Push the engine start/stop button once to turn the ignition to “on” position but don’t start the car yet.
  • If you have a manual transmission, press down the clutch pedal. If your car has an automatic transmission, put it in neutral mode.
  • Press the iDrive controller knob located near the gear shifter to bring up the main menu display on the central screen.
  • Select the “Vehicle Settings” icon (usually represented by a steering wheel) in the center of the screen using the iDrive controller.

Selecting the Correct Settings

Once you’re inside the Vehicle Settings page, follow these steps to reach the appropriate settings for disabling stop start:

  1. Navigate to “Driving Experience.”
  2. Select “Efficiency Mode” from the displayed options.
  3. Preferences can be set between Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport modes.
  4. In the Efficiency section, deselect Stop Start so that it appears grayed-out with slash through its symbol.

Disabling Stop Start

Now, let’s move on to the actual process of turning off stop start:

  • If you want to turn off the stop-start feature permanently, select “Efficiency Mode” again once Stop Start appears grayed out. Click on Efficiency mode and then click on SAVE in the options shown.
  • Slowly press down the brake pedal until you see a warning message appear on the screen that reads: “Stop/start deactivated.”

Confirming the Change

To confirm that you’ve successfully turned off the stop start function on your BMW 5 Series, look for an icon below the tachometer of your car’s dashboard.

“The system informs drivers when the Auto Start-Stop function is deactivated by displaying the ‘A’ symbol with an arrow around it indicating Autostop has been toggled off,” says BMW USA representative Kenn Sparks.

You can expect to save fuel in situations like while you’re idling at traffic signals, but be aware that ultimately this might result in higher emissions as well as enjoying the silent acceleration whilst approaching the lights since you cut back the slow engine creep otherwise experienced from having to engage clutch and accelerator together in manual cars or holding the brakes firmly down in automatics.

Disabling stop start in BMW 5 series requires a few simple steps to reach the right settings in the iDrive menu, deselect Stop Start, and deactivate it using the brake pedal button. Remember this eco-feature sometimes reduces fuel consumption only slightly meaning it fosters good auto maintenance practices; reducing unnecessary pollution when it turns on or off too much during building up speed hence driving more assertively upon startup should ease its activity altogether also enhancing the safety and power aspects for BMW drivers and their passenger(s).

Alternative Ways To Turn Off Stop Start On Bmw 5 Series

If you are a BMW 5 series owner, then you must have experienced the annoyance caused by the start-stop feature. This feature turns off your engine every time you come to a stop and starts it when you press on the accelerator pedal. While this feature saves fuel while driving in traffic, it can be bothersome for some drivers who prefer continuous operation.

Luckily, there are alternative ways to turn off stop-start on BMW 5 series without having to deal with the inconvenience of pressing the button each time you get inside the car. Here are two practical methods:

Using a Coding Tool

Coding has become increasingly popular among BMW enthusiasts as these cars offer extensive customization options via software modifications. If you’re interested in coding, you can use various coding tools available online to modify your BMW’s systems. One such device is the Carly for BMW app (with its adapter), which allows users to code their vehicles according to personal preference.

The process involves connecting the car’s OBD-II diagnostic port with an adapter and pairing it with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Then, access the ‘coding’ feature within the app and look for options related to the start-stop function under “ECU”. You should select the option that disables or alters this feature before initiating the modification process via the app. After coding the vehicle, restart the system, and you’ll notice that the start-stop feature is no longer functioning.

“Coding your BMW can help you achieve optimal performance tailored to your preferences.” -BimmerTech

Bear in mind that coding may void your warranty if not done correctly. It carries certain risks, so it’s important to proceed cautiously and research thoroughly first. Consult forums like or to gain insights from other users who have undergone similar processes before trying anything yourself.

Using an Aftermarket Module

If you’re not comfortable tinkering with your car’s software manually, using an aftermarket module can provide a straightforward solution for disabling the start-stop feature. These devices plug into the OBD-II port and automatically do the programming for you.

One example is the ‘Range Rover Start/Stop Eliminator’ offered by Smart Auto Technology. This module disengages the start-stop function instantly when plugged, without having to remove it from the system. The best part? You don’t need any technical knowledge to install it since it’s just a plug-and-play accessory.

“The perfect after-market upgrade that saves fuel and increases engine lifespan.”

Installing modules must be done correctly following the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for reviews on reputable sites like or any customer review site to buy products from verified sellers.

We know how inconvenient it can be to deal with the start-stop function on your BMW 5 series if it doesn’t suit your driving style. Turning it off entirely may seem impossible, but coding or using an aftermarket module can make life easier. While it might require some initial investment, these alternative methods provide long-term benefits in terms of comfort and convenience while driving. Perform each method at your own risk, but most importantly, drive safely and enjoy your BMW!

Benefits Of Disabling Stop Start On BMW 5 Series

Improved Driving Experience

When driving in stop-and-go traffic, the automatic start-stop feature can be highly disruptive to the overall driving experience. The sudden jolt of the engine starting again after it has been turned off can cause a delay and even affect your ability to accelerate quickly.

Moreover, it can be frustrating for drivers who feel like they are waiting too long for the car to turn back on. By disabling this function, you can completely eliminate these issues and have a smooth drive every time.

“Many owners report improved comfort during city-like environments when forgetting the comfort mode with the start/stop system deactivated.” -Source: BMW Blog

Increased Longevity of Electrical Components

The frequent stopping and starting of the engine puts a considerable strain on multiple electrical components within the car, such as the starter motor and battery. Over time, this stress can cause wear and tear that increases the risk of potential failure, which could leave you stranded on the road unexpectedly.

By disabling the automatic start-stop feature, you will decrease the need for the starter motor to engage repeatedly, and therefore prevent excessive wear and tear on your vehicle’s parts, ultimately increasing their lifespan.

“Stop/start systems work well and are always improving from an engineering standpoint, but one truth remains apparent – the extra ignition cycles required by this technology take a toll on batteries. And when the battery dies and needs replacement, so does its STT module or equivalent computer/hardware necessary for integrating various vehicle control modules and subsystems” – Source: TireKick News

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Taking care of your BMW, like any other car brand, can be expensive. However, by disabling the automatic start-stop feature on your 5 series model, you can substantially decrease some maintenance costs.

The wear and tear caused by repeated engine stop-and-start cycles can increase the frequency of repairs needed or cause significant mechanical issues, which translate to expensive servicing fees and parts replacement costs. Cutting back on these expenses may not seem like much initially, but they add up in savings over time

“Eventually, even a battery that makes it through its warranty period is doomed to fail — assuming that enough starts have been made during that time” – Source:MSN Autos
  • In summary, disabling the automatic start-stop feature on your BMW 5 Series offers substantial benefits that include improving driving experience, increasing longevity of electrical components, and reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Please Note: Before deciding to turn off this feature, review the options thoroughly with your BMW certified mechanic as different models have different strategies available when switching this function “off”. For example, some let you disable it once before requiring another disable/enable cycle, while newer models will require re-setting every time you move away from Driving Dynamics Control’s Eco engagement mode.

Things To Consider Before Disabling Stop Start On BMW 5 Series

The stop-start technology was introduced in many vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. It works by automatically stopping the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt, like at traffic lights or in congestion, and then it starts again as soon as you press the accelerator.

While some drivers find this feature helpful, others get annoyed with it and want to disable it. If you are one of them and own a BMW 5 Series, here are some things you should consider before turning off stop-start:

Warranty Voiding

Beware that disabling the stop-start system on your BMW 5 Series may void your warranty, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Tampering with any original parts of the car or making modifications is not recommended because it can cause damage to the vehicle and affect its safety and performance.

“During the warranty period, only BMW Approved Parts should be used and any repairs or replacements necessary under the terms of the warranty must be performed by a BMW Service Centre.” -BMW UK.

If you still decide to proceed with disabling the stop-start, seek advice from an authorized dealer beforehand and confirm how this can impact your warranty rights and coverage.

Environmental Impact

The stop-start feature has been designed to conserve fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, which helps mitigate their negative effects on the environment. So if you turn it off permanently, expect a change in both aspects.

This means that more fuel would be burned because the engine would run continuously, leading to higher running costs and increased pollution. According to research, deactivating the stop-start function could increase your fuel consumption and harm the environment, depending on your driving style and routes.

“The stop/start system has a significant impact on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in urban traffic.” -International Energy Agency (IEA).

If you are an eco-conscious driver, it’s best to keep the stop-start feature active as much as possible or use it when driving in heavy traffic. This will not only save you money on fuel but protect our planet.

Possible Legal Issues

Another aspect of turning off stop-start that shouldn’t be ignored is its legality. In some regions, disabling safety features like airbags, lights, brakes, or any other critical component could lead to legal penalties, depending on the severity of the offense. Similarly, tampering with environmental technologies like catalytic converters or removing stop-start systems without proper authorization can result in breaching local laws and regulations.

“Removing catalytic converters on cars without this particular modification being authorized amounts to criminal activity and can carry a fine of up to £1,000.” -UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food, Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Before deactivating your BMW 5 Series’ stop-start technology, check if it complies with local laws and consider whether it’s worth risking expensive fines and harm to yourself and others.

Resale Value

The last factor to bear in mind is how disabling stop-start can affect your car’s resale value. When buying used vehicles, many buyers tend to look for advanced features that add convenience, comfort, and economy, including stop-start systems. Therefore, cars without these advanced options may lose their appeal to potential customers and reduce their demand and price.

If you plan to sell your BMW 5 Series soon, keeping the stop-start function activated and well-maintained would increase the desirability and value of your vehicle compared to models without it.

“Buyers are actively looking for cars that save them money on fuel and have fewer gas emissions.” -Matthew DeBord, Business Insider.

Deciding whether to disable the stop-start technology in your BMW 5 Series depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and circumstances. However, before making any modifications to your car’s original settings, weigh up the risks and benefits of doing so and seek expert advice if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off Stop Start on my BMW 5 Series?

To turn off Stop Start on your BMW 5 Series, press the Stop Start button located on your center console. The button will illuminate when the system is off. Note that the system will automatically reactivate every time you start your car unless you disable it again.

Can I permanently disable Stop Start on my BMW 5 Series?

It is possible to permanently disable Stop Start on your BMW 5 Series, but it requires a software update from a BMW dealership. However, keep in mind that disabling Stop Start permanently may void your warranty and could negatively impact your car’s fuel economy.

Is it safe to turn off Stop Start on my BMW 5 Series?

It is safe to turn off Stop Start on your BMW 5 Series. The system is designed to improve fuel efficiency by shutting off the engine during prolonged stops, but it does not affect the safety or drivability of your car. Disabling the system will not compromise your safety on the road.

What are the benefits of turning off Stop Start on my BMW 5 Series?

The benefits of turning off Stop Start on your BMW 5 Series include a smoother ride, reduced wear and tear on your car’s starter and battery, and the ability to control your car’s engine more directly. Additionally, disabling Stop Start can improve fuel economy on short trips where the system has little effect.

Will turning off Stop Start affect the performance of my BMW 5 Series?

Turning off Stop Start will not affect the performance of your BMW 5 Series. The system is designed to improve fuel efficiency, not performance, and disabling it will not alter your car’s horsepower, torque, or handling. In fact, some drivers may prefer the more direct control they have over their car’s engine when Stop Start is turned off.

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