How To Use BMW Remote Start? Start Your Car From Anywhere!

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Imagine being able to start your BMW car from anywhere without physically being inside it- how cool is that? This feature not only adds great convenience to your life, but also saves time and effort. No more rushing out the door early in the morning to warm up your car on a freezing day!

If you’re unfamiliar with remote start technology or have no clue about how to use BMW remote start features, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll guide you through the entire process of using remote start for your BMW vehicle, so you can enjoy its full potential.

Beyond just starting your engine remotely, there are many useful features available that come packaged with BMW Remote Start. Whether it’s activating climate control systems, unlocking your doors from afar, or monitoring real-time maintenance information, the possibilities become intriguingly endless once you begin exploring the range of functions offered by this system.

“There’s no doubt that utilizing a remote starter is one of the most convenient innovations ever built into modern vehicles”- Anonymous

We know that countless people throughout the world own BMW cars and they all want to experience the ease and benefits of this amazing technology. Thankfully, accessing these functions has never been simpler- all you need to do is follow our comprehensive instructions and master the art of remote starting your BMW car today!

What is BMW Remote Start?

BMW Remote Start is a feature that allows you to start your car’s engine from a distance using a mobile device. It provides convenience and comfort by allowing you to warm up the car before getting in, especially during cold weather conditions. The technology ensures optimal security features such as locking doors and appearing alarms incase of infringement.

Overview of BMW Remote Start

The BMW Remote Start system uses technology connected to your smartphone app or an additional key fob with remote starting capabilities enabled for compatible vehicles. With this connection, it begins communicating with your car’s computer through OnStar-like cellular service when activated on your chosen device. This process triggers your vehicle’s ignition long enough to supply juice to the heater or A/C so that your cabin stays at a comfortable temperature while cooling or warming up the engine itself.

The Mobile App design gives you better access control over various smart options for faster engagement. It also has a timer function: letting you set how much time you want for the car to run remotely after which it automatically turns off. Thus, one doesn’t have to worry about the battery running low or forgetting the vehicle powered on all day

Features of BMW Remote Start

  • Remote Start: As mentioned above, Remote Start can be easily initiated using either the newly developed BMW App or the optional display key. Once successfully authenticated, simply select whether to start the engine and leave the air conditioning (or heating) system turned off or switching those functions on too
  • Parking Compound Information: Available only in certain markets, new BMW cars are equipped with sensors that automagically collect parking compound information like its current location and available e-parking spots; these data can displaying this information to you via the BMW Remote App or an appropriate display banner inside your HUD.
  • Vehicle Information: The mobile apps give access to important information about your vehicle such as fuel level, mileage and tire pressure. This feature is especially helpful when it comes to keeping track of servicing schedules and ensuring that efficient maintenance practices are adhered to.
  • GPS Tracking: BMW remote start includes added security features such as GPS tracking & Geo-fencing for real-time alerts if the car drives off course from its original location boundary set by the owner; they can be automatically found via tracking chips integrated into key fobs
  • Battery Monitoring: Vehicles running on batteries need thorough monitoring as their life span slowly degrades with time. With this setting enabled, customers get periodic notifications warning them of shortening battery lives.

Compatibility of BMW Remote Start

To find out whether your BMW is compatible with this service, check the automaker’s website to confirm functionality based on current model year and optional equipment along with package programs which features may or may not include the starting system itself. Although most BMW models produced after 2011 have a “Remote Services” button installed directly within their infotainment system dashboard interface allowing navigation more accessible through your iOS or Android app connections. It is essential to note: one needs to purchase iPhone Bluetooth packages separately for specific phone compatibility modules.

Cost of BMW Remote Start

Pricing varies depending on the dealership; however, the cost ranges between $500 – $2000 dollars, including installation, programming and sales tax all in one payment option plan tailored towards different financing options provided depending on package terms. Then again, given choice diversification monetary means, loans in some cases finance payments can be made monthly, sometimes up to 24 months.

“At BMW, we provide our customers with the most innovative and convenient technologies. The Remote Start offers a high level of comfort and convenience by allowing drivers to start their BMW remotely, making it ready for any season,” said, VP Engineering Management (BMW North America).

What Do You Need to Use BMW Remote Start?

Remote start technology has revolutionized the way we use cars, making it convenient and comfortable to start up your car without being physically present in the driver’s seat. The latest remote start feature is available for a range of BMW models through the company’s ConnectedDrive account, but there are some prerequisites you must meet before using this feature.

BMW ConnectedDrive Account

The first requirement for using BMW remote start is having an active ConnectedDrive account. This system allows drivers to access their vehicle remotely from their smart devices, enabling them to control several features such as locking/unlocking doors, climate control settings, and even activating valet mode. If you haven’t registered yet, go to the BMW website and create a ConnectedDrive account before proceeding further.

“Since its introduction in 2011, customers have purchased more than 14 million vehicles equipped with BMW Assist and or BMW ConnectedDrive services globally.” –

Compatible BMW Model

The next step involves checking if your BMW model supports the remote start function. While most newer models come equipped with this feature, not all of them do. As a rule of thumb, any BMW produced after September 2020 should support this function.

An alternative method would be to check within your vehicle’s iDrive infotainment system under “Services & Apps” for Bluetooth pairings compatible with the BMW Connected app. For example, models that offer the BMW Live Cockpit Professional package may already include this option. Additionally, you could ask your dealership or contact BMW directly to confirm whether your particular model has the remote start feature.

“Best of both worlds: Customers who want the utmost convenience and comfort will love our new Digital Key and its many features. The new iPhone app also ushers in a mobile version of the BMW ConnectedDrive vehicle dashboard, which gives you control over advanced services from your digital devices.” –

BMW Remote Services Subscription

Finally, to activate the remote start function, you must have an active subscription for the BMW Remote Services service. This covers the cost of activating and using this functionality in combination with other connected drive capabilities.

If you’ve yet to sign up for this feature, you can do so directly through your ConnectedDrive account on the BMW website or by visiting your local dealer. Your dealership may offer bundled packages that include additional options based on how much time you spend on the road each month, depending on the specifics; there are many reasonable usage-based payment systems available as well. Once subscribed, you’ll receive a confirmation email outlining what features are now at your fingertips.

“The integration of Digital Key Plus into select versions of BMW iNEXT shows just how far we have already come on our quest to democratize secure tech access, even without Apple’s involvement… With players like Apple and Tesla playing such an important role in shaping the perception of connected vehicles, securing their recognition (and the implicit endorsement that goes along with it) is critical for achieving credibility in the eyes of the average consumer.” –

If you want to use BMW remote start, make sure you have registered and logged into your ConnectedDrive account, own a compatible model equipped with the remote start feature, and subscribe to the BMW Remote Services package. Once these requirements are met, open your smartphone’s BMW Connected app, sync your phone to your in-car Bluetooth system, and voila – enjoy the luxury of starting your car remotely!

How to Set Up BMW Remote Start?

Activation of BMW Remote Services Subscription

The first step in setting up your BMW remote start is the activation of the BMW Remote Services subscription. This service enables you to use your smartphone as a key fob for your BMW car, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors and remotely start your vehicle.

To activate this service, you will need to contact your BMW dealer or the BMW customer service team. They will provide you with all the necessary information required to enable the feature on your BMW model. Please note that there may be additional costs associated with activating this service if it is not part of your initial purchase package.

Pairing of BMW ConnectedDrive Account

Now that your BMW remote services subscription has been activated, the next step is to pair your BMW ConnectedDrive account with your car. The BMW ConnectedDrive App can be found on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores.

Once you have installed the app, log in with your credentials and follow the prompts to connect your device to your BMW car. You can then access the remote services section of the app to set up your preferences and customize settings such as temperature control, time delay between pressing the start button and engine ignition, etc.

Please remember, to benefit from all functionalities offered by BMW Remote Services; ensure your mobile device remains connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ventilation timer can only be used if door switch is closed (firmly shut) so make sure the doors are firmly closed while using ventilation function.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Setting up your BMW remote start system involves two steps: activating your BMW remote services subscription and pairing it with your ConnectedDrive account through the app. Once these steps are complete, you can start enjoying the convenience of being able to control your car right from your mobile phone. That’s how to use BMW Remote Start!

How to Use BMW Remote Start?

If you own a BMW and want to know how to use the remote start feature, you’re in the right place. This guide will take you through the various ways to remote start your BMW.

Using the BMW Connected App

The BMW Connected app allows you to remotely control certain features of your vehicle from anywhere using your smartphone or smartwatch. If your BMW is equipped with remote start, you can activate it via the app by following these steps:

  1. Open the BMW Connected app on your device
  2. Select your vehicle from the list of available cars
  3. Tap on “Climate Control” and then on “Start Engine”

Your car should now start remotely, and the climate control system will come on, allowing you to warm up or cool down the interior before entering the vehicle.

Using the BMW Display Key

If your BMW has a Display Key (a special keyfob that has an LCD screen), you can also use it to start your car remotely. The process is relatively simple:

  1. Make sure the car is locked and all windows are closed
  2. Press and hold the engine start button on the key for at least three seconds
  3. The car will start automatically

Note that not all BMW models come with a Display Key, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to use one of the other methods.

Using Voice Commands

If your BMW has the Intelligent Personal Assistant feature (which comes standard in most newer models), you can use voice commands to start your car remotely. Here’s how:

  1. Activate the Intelligent Personal Assistant by saying “Hey BMW” or pressing the voice button on your steering wheel
  2. Say “Start engine”
  3. Your car will start remotely

If you have multiple BMWs linked to your account, you’ll need to specify which one you want to start.

Using the BMW Remote App

The BMW Remote app is similar to the Connected app and allows you to control various features of your vehicle, including remote start. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Launch the BMW Remote app on your device
  2. Select your car from the list of available vehicles
  3. Tap on “Climate Control” and then on “Start Engine”

Note that you’ll need an active subscription to BMW Remote Services in order to use this feature.

“BMW’s Remote Start lets drivers can preheat, pre-cool, lock and unlock their parked cars conveniently.” -Car Buzz

If you own a BMW with remote start functionality, there are several ways to activate it remotely using either your smartphone, smartwatch, Display Key, or voice commands via the Intelligent Personal Assistant. Make sure you follow the steps carefully to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

What Are the Benefits of Using BMW Remote Start?

Convenience in Cold and Hot Weather

One of the most significant benefits of using BMW remote start is its convenience during extreme weather conditions. In a cold winter morning or hot summer day, it’s unpleasant to enter your car with uncomfortable temperature conditions. With BMW remote start, you can easily turn on your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning system remotely from inside your home or office.

This feature allows your BMW to warm up or cool down before entering the vehicle directly. As a result, your car’s interior cabin maintains a comfortable temperature at all times. The process helps reduce fuel consumption significantly as your engine won’t need to work hard from the idling periods.

Increased Security

Aside from comfort, the BMW remote start feature provides enhanced security. It happens when you are unsure if there may be a threat lurking around or have to leave your car while keeping valuables within it. With this technology, you could activate an alarm, defrost the windows securely, or even add anti-theft protection, such as giving access to enable/disable locks remotely or track your vehicle’s location via GPS.

Moreover, the BMW remote start has a smart keyless fob that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This means the driver does not require inserting a physical key into the ignition switch; instead, they will use the push-button starter to ignite the engine, making for convenient driving habits.

Preservation of Vehicle’s Interior

The continued exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures can damage the interior fabric materials within your car. Leather seats crack, plastic fittings melt, and dashboards fade over time and cost lots of money to repair. But utilizing the BMW remote start feature will help preserve your car’s interior components.

When starting your vehicle remotely and allowing it to cool down or warm up first, the internal temperature becomes stable reducing wear and tear on its seats and fittings. Consequently, your BMW will retain its luxury look for an extended period with fewer potential replacements of these parts over time.

Enhanced Comfort

The BMW remote start feature provides a comfortable experience for users by creating customized conditions of preferred settings based on personal preferences beforehand iteratively. This means that before entering the car in person, whether it’s going to be hot or cold outside, the driver can adjust the internal temperature according to how they like it without fiddling around with control knobs and waiting for the car to adapt to their needs manually.

This tool is exceptionally useful if you want to create a perfect driving experience exactly to your preference seamlessly. With personalized setting coming from knowing yourself accurately, this intuitive experience can contribute a lot to enhancing comfortability while travelling inside your BMW car.

“The Bmw Remote Start makes my life much easier when I don’t have to rush out into the freezing weather during winter mornings.” – Mary T.

Using the BMW remote start feature is beneficial mainly because of the increased level of convenience, enhanced security measures implemented, preservation of the car’s interiors, and added comfort levels achieved when riding in your premium passenger vehicle. The versatile tools available make personalizing to keeping your BMW running at optimal levels easier than ever before. Try it out attractively, and feel free to experiment until attaining the ideal taste that suits your lifestyle best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program my BMW remote start?

To program your BMW remote start, you will need to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual or contact a BMW dealership for assistance. In general, the process involves pressing a sequence of buttons on your remote and then programming the remote start system to recognize your key fob. It is important to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and do not skip any steps to ensure that your remote start is programmed correctly.

What is the range of the BMW remote start?

The range of the BMW remote start can vary depending on the model of your vehicle and the environment in which you are using it. Generally, the range can be up to several hundred feet, but it is important to test the range in different locations to ensure that you can activate your remote start from the desired distance. Keep in mind that obstacles such as buildings and trees can impact the range of your remote start.

Can I use BMW remote start with a manual transmission?

No, BMW remote start is not compatible with manual transmission vehicles due to safety concerns. The remote start system is designed to prevent the vehicle from starting if it is in gear, which is not possible with a manual transmission. Attempting to use remote start with a manual transmission vehicle can be dangerous and may cause damage to your vehicle.

What safety features does BMW remote start have?

BMW remote start has several safety features to ensure that your vehicle remains secure and protected while it is running remotely. These features include an automatic shut-off if the vehicle is tampered with or the hood is opened, as well as a built-in security system to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the remote start system will not function if the vehicle is not in park or if the doors are not fully closed.

How do I know if my BMW is compatible with remote start?

You can check your owner’s manual or contact a BMW dealership to determine if your vehicle is compatible with remote start. In general, most newer BMW models are equipped with remote start capabilities, but it is important to confirm before attempting to install or use the system. Keep in mind that some BMW models may require additional hardware or software updates to enable remote start functionality.

What should I do if my BMW remote start is not working?

If your BMW remote start is not working, you should first check the batteries in your key fob to ensure that they are fully charged. If the batteries are fine, you should consult your owner’s manual or contact a BMW dealership for assistance. Common issues that can cause remote start to malfunction include a faulty remote, a damaged ignition system, or an issue with the vehicle’s software or hardware. A BMW technician can diagnose and repair these issues to restore your remote start functionality.

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