IS 330d fuel efficient?

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Have to admit, I’m mightily impressed with the MPG as reported by the onboard computer of my F31 330D M Sport. After some 700 miles she’s reporting around 43MPG. I’ve come from a MB C250 Sport – getting around 38MPG – so already the BM is paying for itself in fuel savings!

How good is BMW 330d?

The 330d is one quick car. It is very responsive to throttle inputs. It is planted but the tail will step out when exiting bends at full throttle. Aural pleasure is at an all-time low due to this being a diesel engine.

Is a BMW 330d quick?

You bet. Thanks to its seamless eight-speed automatic ‘box, the 330d dispatches 62mph from dead in 5.6 seconds and tops out at a limited 155mph.

What can a 330d Touring tow?

A 330d tourings towing capacity is around 1450Kgs which is approx 85% of the cars wieght, they are rated at 1800Kgs but legally that relates to the 85% for towing.

Is BMW 320d xDrive a good car?

The car drives very well, is comfortable and very competent – it’s still every bit a driver’s car. Under the bonnet lies BMW’s famed two-litre diesel engine which offers an agreeable balance between enjoyable performance and respectable economy, achieving around 44mpg over my 600-mile week at the wheel.

How fast is a remapped 330d?

231bhp E90 330d manual is 6.7 secs to 62 so way off that pace as standard. Remapped should do sub 6 seconds though!

How many turbos does a 330d have?

Despite its name, the TwinPower Turbo engine in the 330d is not actually a twin-turbo. It uses a very large single turbocharger to encourage the straight-six unit to produce 265PS and a 580Nm of torque. In real terms, that means a top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds.

How many turbos does a BMW 330d have?

Engine. Both motors branch from the N57 family of aluminium constructed, straight -six common-rail turbodiesels with variable-geometry turbocharger(s).

What engine is in my BMW 330d?

The BMW G20 3 Series 330d has a Inline 6, Diesel engine with 2993 cm3 / 182.6 cu-in capacity.

Is BMW 3 Series a good tow car?

Verdict – 91% So, the BMW 330d is a great car for both towing and solo driving, and it certainly looks the part.

Which BMW has the highest towing capacity?

  • 7,200 pounds maximum towing capacity.
  • RWD, 335 hp, 330 lb-ft of torque.
  • 974 pounds payload capacity.

Can a BMW 3 Series tow a camper?

A BMW 3 Series can tow a caravan simply and effortlessly, pulling the caravan from 40 km/h to 80 km/h in just 7.3 seconds. As long as the caravan’s weight doesn’t exceed 85% of the weight of the car, you can trust your BMW 3 Series to tow it safely.

Is BMW xDrive any good?

With xDrive fitted to your BMW, it has essentially 50% more grip of a two-wheel drive model by doubling the contact patches (or tyres) that put power to the road. This is most beneficial on icy and snowy roads where a traditional rear-wheel drive BMW on standard tyres struggles to make progress.

Is the BMW 320d good on fuel?

Matched to that CO2 figure is a rather incredible economy figure too, with our 320d said to be able to achieve 62.8mpg on the combined cycle. With its 57-litre tank, that means, driven accordingly, VHP could theoretically travel 787 miles between fuel fills.

Is the BMW 5 Series fuel efficient?

All 5 Series feature stop-start, brake-energy regeneration, active and passive aerodynamic aids and an Eco Pro driving mode to help you save fuel in the real world. Most buyers will choose diesel, and specifically, the 520d. BMW claims it’s capable of returning between 49.6. 4-58.9mpg, depending on spec.

IS 320d a diesel?

The BMW 320d is available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by Diesel fuel type(s). It has an estimated fuel consumption starting from 4.5L/100km for Sedan /Diesel for the latest year the model was manufactured.

How fast is a remapped 330d F30?

I think it’s 14.2 seconds to 100. 5.6 to 60. That’s for the touring, so the F30 should be a bit quicker as there is a fair weight difference between them.

Is E90 330d fast?

Following a couple of sprints, the E90 hit the Autobahn where the 330d had plenty of road to stretch its legs. Flat out, the diesel-fueled 3 Series hit just under 240 km/h (149 mph) based on its analog speedometer. However, the GPS-based app shows the car was actually traveling at speeds of around 224 km/h (139 mph).

What is the difference between a 330d and 335d?

The 335d has 286bhp whereas the LCI 330d has 245bhp. It doesn’t feel like a 40bhp difference though, in fact I couldn’t feel much difference in performance when driving both cars hard. The obvious difference is that the 335d was more ready to put the horses down with the advantage of twin turbos.

What Litre is a BMW 330d?

The BMW 3 Series 330d MHT M Sport 4dr Step Auto is a saloon car with 4 doors. It has a 3 litre diesel engine with an automatic gearbox.

Is the BMW xDrive good in snow?

Modern BMWs that are fitted with the company’s all-wheel drive ‘xDrive’ system are considered very capable when it comes to tackling snow-covered roads. Fitting winter tires to a BMW also helps improve grip to ensure safe driving in cold weather.

Is BMW N57 reliable?

The N57 is more reliable than the N47 but less than the M57. There has been the odd bearing failure in N57s. You often see ex Police N57 engines cars for sale that have either had a new engine or are in need of one. Would you expect an N57 to last 150-200,000 miles with frequent servicing?

Is the M57 engine reliable?

Is The BMW M57 Engine Reliable? Yes, in fact, it is one of the most reliable BMW diesel engines ever. The engine alone has very few problems compared to similar engines of other manufacturers. It remains a popular choice amongst used car buyers because of its reliability.

How good is the BMW 335d xDrive?

We got behind the wheel of the range-topping 335d xDrive in racy M Sport trim. It delivers fine handling, with masses of grip thanks to the xDrive four-wheel drive, and claims 49.6mpg economy and 151g/km CO2 emissions.

What does LCI mean BMW?

The BMW designation LCI stands for Life Cycle Impulse. It is a term developed by BMW that represents the mid-cycle updates it gives certain models. A poplar misconception among the BMW community is that an LCI is just a cosmetic “facelift” to the vehicle – this is simply not true.

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