Is JB4 tune safe?

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Jb4 is the most proven BMW tune in the world, its 100% safe. No reason to worry.

How much HP can JB4 add?

Power gains of up to 100hp on a stock vehicle without the risks of flashing! The JB4 is the most advanced and highly featured tuning system available for your B58 and B48 vehicle.

Is a JB4 tune worth it?

The JB4 is the go-to tune for any car that is leased or under warranty. Can’t do quite as much as a full ECU tune but gets you close and offers a lot of great features too like CANflap, boost by gear, on the fly map changes, E85 support, and others.

How much HP does JB4 add B58?

BMS (JB4) pushed a B58, with only E40 fuel and an intake, to 460whp on 19 pounds of boost.

Can BMW dealers detect JB4?

Bmw will detect your JB4 if they dig deep enough. Read the new ISTA thread and how easy it is to flag your car now.

Will JB4 void my BMW warranty?

The JB+ or JB4 does not void your warranty. However if there is a failure or a part that could be attributed to the aftermarket device, that warranty claim could well be denied.

Does JB4 make car louder?

No, it won’t increase exhaust sound. Running the extra psi will increase your intake sound if you get an aftermarket intake but not by much. The stock exhaust note will not increase regardless of tune or not. Just spring for the catback or start with a resonator delete.

Does JB4 take off Governor?

Does JB4 remove n55 speed limiter? No. Cars fitted with all-season tires have governor at 130 MPH.

Does JB4 take off speed limiter?

Speed limiter gets removed with jb4 backend flash.

Does JB4 have anti lag?

Includes a programmed chip and wiring harness to allow on-the-fly anti-lag. Select a gear, hold down the volume button, floor the car, and once boost has built up release the volume button to instantly take off under full boost.

Does JB4 make a difference?

Performance: The JB4 is able to achieve a dramatic performance increase, completely transforming your vehicle. But it’s also more limited relative to a flash tune as it is working off the factory flash tables.

Is JB4 better than RaceChip?

Racechip is easy to install, SUPER Quality, and easily knocks 0.80 seconds off your 0-100mph time. JB4 will add more average and peak power and go faster than RaceChip if you want to push boost and parts.

Does JB4 damage engine?

The JB4 doesn’t accelerate wear on anything by itself. What accelerates wear is the increased performance of the car. A flash tune will wear it as well. But injectors, coils, and turbos will fail regardless of a tune/Jb4 or not.

Does JB4 remove check engine light?

JB4 can clear the code but not disable it. Id recommend going with an AMS GESi catted downpipe.

Can JB4 turn off CEL?

The JB4 unit simply won’t clear CEL at startup, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to clear CEL at all. You just need to go into the system menu -> Option 4 -> Initialize. This will clear CEL until it comes back up again.

Can BMW detect a tune?

Any tune is detectable if they look hard enough. The car logs what boost its hitting etc. A 10 psi over stock target will look a little suspicious. Routine servicing won’t uncover it, but investigations into engine warranty work probably would.

Can BMW detect a piggyback?

BMW can see engine parameters up to and at the point of failure, which means if you’re running a piggyback, the parameters won’t be within stock ranges and they will know.

Does JB4 improve throttle response?

No need for the sprint booster, JB4 will remap your throttle response.

Does JB4 control timing?

the standard jb4 doesn’t control timing.

Does JB4 come with tunes?

JB4 is a plug & play chip tune for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 comes preloaded with custom tuning software and up to 8 maps for various fuel and modification levels.

How much power does a JB4 make?

How about up to 80hp to the wheels (100hp crank) on a completely stock car, up to 160hp to the wheels on factory turbos, or up to 350hp to the wheels on a fully modified car with larger turbo(s)? The JB4 includes a simple plug and play installation harness and is compatible with all ECU versions and transmission types.

Can you 2 step with JB4?

This add-on kit for BMW N54 engines allows your JB4 to “2step” the engine (cycle power to the coils) to build boost when not under load. Useful as both a noisemaker for both manual and automatic transmissions, and for launching with manual transmissions.

Can JB4 run e85?

If you have the JB4 with a newer harness and firmware, you can run UP TO 50% e85 mixed with 93RM gasoline. Keep in mind that most fuels in the US also contain up to 10% ethanol.

What is the best tune for BMW?

  • Hamann Motorsport. Hamann is a tuning shop that’s all about exclusive cars. Their BMWs appear on racetracks, streets, car parks, and just about everywhere else.
  • Dinan. What is this? Report Ad.
  • BimmerWorld. BimmerWorld is definitely one of the best-known BMW tuners stateside.

Is it better to chip or remap?

So, if you’re wanting to increase your car’s performance and efficiency, and you’re driving a car built before 2000 then you will need a chip tune. If you’re driving a car after 2000, then you need ECU remapping.

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