Is the N55 reliable TO TUNE?

On just a tune, or a DP/intake/tune, there are no reliability issues with the N55. It’s completely solid even on larger turbos. A JB4 is arguably your best bang for the buck.

How much HP can the N55 handle?

The N55 can handle around 550whp and 550wtq on the stock engine block and internals.

Is DME tuning legit?

DME Tuning is globally renowned as one of the world’s most prestigious engine software brands. Since the start of DME back 2015, they have been pioneering and innovating in the world of engine software, delivering results and building a reputation that is talked about throughout the automotive tuning world.

How much HP does a FBO N55 make?

N55 Horsepower Although the BMW N55 falls behind its N54 counterpart mod for mod, the N55 remains an impressive, easily tune-able engine that is capable of roughly 400whp with a few simple bolt-on’s and an E-85 mixture.

How long do N55 turbos last?

N55 Turbo Longevity at 20+ PSI However, it is possible for N55 turbos to last 50,000+ miles at 23psi, for example. On the other hand, the stock turbo may decide to let go much sooner even at 20psi. It’s part of the risk you need to accept in pushing the N55 turbo towards its limits.

How many miles can a N55 last?

How long will a BMW N55 engine last? The BMW N55 motor should have no problem lasting over 150,000 miles, and some owners report getting over 250,000 miles out of their engines.

Is N55 forged?

To give the N55 new purpose, BMW started from the ground up with it. Starting from the block and rotating assembly, BMW gave the N55 a forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods and newer piston rings.

Is the N55 more reliable than N54?

N55 Reliability: Which Engine is More Reliable? This is always a touchy subject when it comes to discussions about the N54 and N55. Simply put, the N55 is more reliable. BMW’s N54 was the first mass production turbocharged gasoline engine produced by BMW in decades.

Is B58 better than N55?

As you can see, from very early on the B58 has big gains over the N55 which it holds right through the rev range. As you can see, the B58 has a very similar boost curve, but makes around 4PSI more than the N55 across virtually the whole rev range.

What is the BMW DME?

The BMW DME or otherwise known as an ECU, ECM or PME is a major part of your vehicle. Essentially, it’s the onboard computer, responsible for regulating the car’s engine. We often modify the engines computer to help the engine run smoother. Helping it run smoother unlocks extra horsepower and available torque.

What is a DME on a car?

Digital Motor Electronics (DME) is a microprocessor based system that controls the ignition, fuel injection, oxygen sensor, and numerous ancillary functions of an automobile.

How much HP does a Stage 2 N55 make?

Expected horsepower for the N55 MHD stage 2 tune comes in around 310-340whp. Boost targets are beginning to become aggressive enough to the point ACN91 falls behind normal 91 octane. With all of the recommended supporting mods on 93+ octane boost targets will likely run up to the ballpark of 16-17psi.

Is N55 direct injection?

The new N55 is the first BMW inline-6 to combine turbocharging, High Precision direct fuel injection, and Valvetronic variable intake technology. It features a single, mid-sized turbocharger with a “twin-scroll” housing to boost performance and minimize the response lag.

Does M235i have forged internals?

M235i has forged crank and rods, but different pistons from M2.

What size is N55 turbo?

The N55 engine had a journal bearing Borg Warner ‘B03’ turbocharger which had a custom version of the smallest Borg Warner EFR billet compressor wheel (62 mm) and custom inducer sizing. For the N55 engine, maximum boost pressure is understood to be around 0.61 bar (8.8 psi).

What turbo does the N55 have?

Whilst the N54 used a twin-turbo arrangement, the newer N55 uses only a single twin scroll turbocharger. Valvetronic (variable valve lift) is claimed to improve throttle response, low-rev torque, exhaust emissions and to reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

Are BMW turbos reliable?

“Traditional turbos from Audi, Volkswagen and BMW have been reliable when they are relatively new but developed problems as they aged,” Douglas Love, a magazine spokesman, wrote in an email. “Newer turbo engines, such as the EcoBoost from Ford, have not always been reliable, even from the start.”

Which BMW engine is the most reliable?

  • BMW B58 Engine.
  • BMW M20 Engine.
  • BMW M50 Engine.
  • BMW S62 Engine.
  • BMW N52 Engine.
  • BMW M54 Engine.

Does the M2 have a N55?

The M2 Competition uses the BMW M GmbH S55 engine, a high performance variant of the N55 engine, that has been detuned from its application in the F80 M3 and F82 M4.

What year 335i has the N55?

Model year 2011 335i’s moved on from the twin turbo N54 engine to the single turbo N55. The N55 moved from piezo injectors to solenoid style injectors. This was a huge reliability upgrade over the problematic piezo injectors on the N54. However, the N55 uses the same fuel pump as the N54.

Does N55 have forged connecting rods?

All N55s and N54s and S55s have hypereutectic pistons (i.e., not forged).

Can you put an n54 crank in an N55?

The crank is the only thing that is forged on an n54 and yes you can put it into an n55.

What is the difference between N55 and S55?

The biggest difference though is how everything is cooled, the S55 mill having a closed-deck block while the N55 has an open-deck design. That means the block of the S55 can take more abuse and still run efficiently.

Is BMW N55 a good engine?

N55 Reliability Despite the many misconceptions that BMW’s as a whole are unreliable, the BMW N55 is actually a fairly reliable engine. The four most common problems with the N55 are, in no specific order, the valve cover and gasket, water pump, oil filter housing gasket, and VANOS solenoids.

What makes more power N54 or N55?

N54 N55 tuning potential While both engines give good gains, the N54 will always make slightly more power simply because it has two turbos and that means it’s easier for it to generate more power.

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