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The BMW X5 is the next iteration in a long line of great sport utility vehicles from the iconic automaker. While many people may have overlooked the 2021 offering, BMW’s 2022 X5 is a great example of why BMW still sits on top with vehicles that perfectly blend luxury, performance and practicality into one great package. Drivers will love the performance and the surprisingly large cabin while techies will appreciate all the advanced technology included within — and just about anyone can admire this SUV’s striking good looks.

With three different powertrains on offer, one being the famous BMW six cylinder, a plug-in hybrid, and the other a high-performance twin-turbo V-8, the BMW X5 is somewhat of a chameleon. If you want the ultimate in gas mileage and environmentally friendly options, the hybrid holds its own against some of the more well-known green vehicles. On the other hand, the twin-turbo gives the X5 much more in common with a true racing machine than its history as a SUV would indicate. After all, it is still a BMW.

The great thing about the BMW X5 is that it’s an appealing vehicle without coming off as flashy, and that’s a great way to set yourself apart from the Fast and Furious crowd. It’s a proper vehicle made from quality materials, with both a luxurious and sporty side to match whatever you want from the day’s driving activities. 

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The BMW X5 starts at a price of $59,400, though you can easily spend up to almost $85,000 if you opt for all the bells and whistles. The most affordable of the BMW X5 models is the sDrive40i, though the celebrated xDrive40i is only about $2,000 more. The electrified xDrive40e comes in at about $4,000 more, then it’s another $20,000 to the top-of-the-line M50i.

That said, given everything that comes with the BMW X5, including all-wheel drive and a lightning-quick zero-to-60 under 6 seconds (under 5 for the M50i), you’re getting a true sports car in a convenient SUV package. Premium options include a convenient heads-up display, advanced climate control and remote engine-start capability.


For those that are interested in the hybrid capabilities of this SUV, the BMW X5 doesn’t disappoint. With a 24-kWh battery pack that boasts a 30-mile battery-only range, the X5 is actually capable of racing up to over 80 mph without burning any gas. And the best part is that this plug-in hybrid can be charged at home via a standard 110- or 220-volt outlet, as well as at public charging stations.


Because it’s an inline six, the BMW X5 has the fuel efficiency of some four-cylinder machines. That means almost 30 miles to the gallon in highway driving for the 40i, and a staggering 45+ mpg for the 45e in battery mode; in hybrid mode, the fuel efficiency drops to about 25 overall with a mix of highway and other driving.


Like most BMWs, the exterior styling and performance is only the beginning. Inside the cabin, there’s plenty of interior space for both adults and children alike. The included third row for kids is also a nice feature for those that have some big family road trips in mind. Throughout the cabin there are high quality materials everywhere, plus lots of luxury features and even charging ports placed in convenient spaces to help keep all those devices topped up.

The power-adjustable seats feature comfortable memory foam and a secure yet comfortable perch, as well as a panoramic sunroof up top and a power rear liftgate. Premium leather seats and a leather dashboard complete the look, and there are also plenty of ways to customize and add features to really make the BMW X5 your own.

In the back, there’s plenty of space to store suitcases and other cargo, and the rear seats fold down to create a humongous bed of space — perfect for moving furniture or even as an impromptu camping space if you’re out on the road.

Two large 12″ displays provide everything you need to know while inside, with a fully featured digital gauge as the centerpiece behind the wheel. With BMW iDrive, you’ll be able to control everything via the rotary knob on the console or the touch screen, and you can also connect your iOS or Android phone to run navigation through the X5s display.


With BMW’s generous warranty, your new X5 will be covered for three years or 36,000 miles with complimentary scheduled maintenance. A further limited warranty protects against issues for four years or 50,000 miles, and the same goes for the powertrain (four years, 50,000 miles).


Featuring driver-assistance as a standard option, the BMW X5 might just be the safest vehicle you’ve ever driven. Not only does it include automated emergency braking, lane departure warnings, pedestrian detection and blind-spot monitoring, the X5’s semi-autonomous driving means that you can actually have the car itself pitch in over those long trips to and from the office. 

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