What are the dimensions of the BMW X3 trunk?

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Cargo Space and Amenities From the start, the BMW X3 gives you 28.7 cubic feet of velour-carpeted cargo space. Once you fold down the rear seats, which split 40/20/40, the space expands up to 62.7 cubic feet.

How long is a BMW X3 in inches?

BMW X3 Dimensions: Exterior BMW X3 Length: 185.9 inches. BMW X3 Height: 66.0 inches.

How long and wide is X3?

Dimensions of BMW X3 BMW X3 dimensions are 4708mm in length, 1891mm in width and 1676mm in height.

How big is the back of a BMW X3?

The BMW X3 gives you 28.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats and 62.7 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. That’s more cargo room than most other luxury compact SUVs offer.

Which BMW SUV has the most cargo space?

Compact SUVs: The compact 2022 BMW X3 has the most cargo space, coming in at 28.7 cubic feet, which is slightly more than the BMW X1, BMW X2, and BMW X4.

How big is the trunk of a BMW 3 Series?

The BMW 3 Series sedan has 17 cubic feet of trunk space, which is excellent for a luxury small car. The plug-in hybrid has 13.2 cubic feet of space, and M3 models have 13 cubic feet. The last two figures are more average for the class. A power trunk lid is optional.

How many suitcases fit in the back of a BMW X3?

It’s able to swallow eight carry-on suitcases with the parcel shelf and rear seats in place – one fewer than the Q5 can take, but the same tally as the Discovery Sport and the XC60. It’s also a practical square shape, with very good access and no loading lip, making it easy to lug heavy items in and out.

How big is a BMW 3 Series boot?

There’s 480 litres of space in the boot of a regular BMW 3 Series saloon, although that drops to just 400 with the 330e plug-in hybrid, as the batteries take up some of the space in the boot.

How big is BMW X5 cargo space?

The BMW X5 has above-average cargo space for a luxury midsize SUV. There’s 33.9 cubic feet behind the second row and 72.3 cubic feet with these seats folded.

What is BMW X3 comparable to?

The sleek Porsche Macan, minimalist Volvo XC60, and the sporty Jaguar F-Pace are just three of the eight top competitors of the BMW X3.

Is BMW X3 fuel efficient?

Depending on the trim drivers choose, the BMW X3 has a driving range of around 490 miles. The most efficient model of the BMW X3 is the RWD sDrive30i, and it returns up to 29 miles per gallon. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that it performs the best as All-Wheel Drive uses more gas.

Is BMW X3 a crossover or SUV?

The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by German automaker BMW since 2003, based on the BMW 3 Series platform. Now in its third generation, BMW markets the crossover as a Sports Activity Vehicle, the company’s proprietary descriptor for its X-line luxury vehicles.

Is the BMW X3 spacious?

The latest BMW X3 shares underpinnings with the BMW 5 Series saloon and Touring estate, which means an increased wheelbase (the distance between front and rear axles) compared to its predecessor. This is great news when it comes to interior room and the X3 feels airy and spacious when you step inside.

Do BMW X3 rear seats recline?

There are 2 versions of the X3 – the X3 and the X30 M40. The back seats are identical, except that the M40 (a more expensive version of the X3) has a recline option for the back seats.

How big is the trunk of a BMW X2?

The X2 has a decent amount of cargo room for a luxury subcompact SUV. There is 21.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats and 50.1 cubic feet with the rear seats folded.

Which is better the BMW X3 or X5?

As the larger of the two, the BMW X5 comes with more overall power with its available 4.4-liter M Performance V8 engine that produces up to 523-horsepower. That being said, the BMW X3 also features a 3.0-liter M Performance I-6 engine, which shows off with up to 382-horsepower.

How much bigger is the BMW X5 than the X3?

X5 Dimensions. As one would expect, the compact X3 is smaller than the midsize X5. The X5 is 8.5 inches longer, roughly five inches wider, and nearly three inches taller than the X3.

What’s the difference between BMW X1 X2 and X3?

Dimensions. The X1 and X2 share a platform with a 105.1-inch wheelbase, compared to the X3’s 112.8-inch wheelbase. The X1 has a more generous length than the X2, while the X3 is larger still and weighs around 400 pounds more.

Will golf clubs fit in a BMW 3 Series?

The BMW 3 Series’ trunk boasts 17cubic square feet of cargo space capable of holding one set of golf clubs or two sets stacked on top of each other. Without the drivers, they can lie horizontally and diagonally with the drivers. Oversized clubs will not fit in the trunk without modifications.

How many suitcases fit in a BMW 3 Series?

Featuring 480 liters of space, the trunk area can fit up to 5 large suitcases.

Is a BMW X3 big enough family of 4?

It’s easy to pack an X3 with plenty of passengers – and everyone’s luggage too. Parents won’t have to worry about lugging changing bags, PE kits, school projects, instruments or a buggy, as the BMW X3 comes with room for it all.

Is X3 big enough for family?

The car can accommodate 2 kids no problem and has isofix at back for these. If you can always use the roof rack for additional storage if needed. You would love the x3m perfect for family.

What is BMW X3 extended storage?

The storage package comprises two drinks holders under the centre armrest, a folding compartment at the driver’s side, a storage compartment in the partition to the luggage compartment, storage nets in the front passenger’s footwell and on the rear of seat backrests, clothes hooks on the roll bar, and tensioning straps …

How wide is the interior of a BMW 3 Series?

The 2022 BMW 3 Series is a nice-sized sedan with a length of 185.7 inches and width of 71.9 inches.

Can you put the back seats down in a BMW 3 Series?

All versions come with versatile 40/20/40 split folding rear seatbacks as standard, which is much more convenient than the 60/40 split you’ll find on a lot of rivals, including the Superb. You can fold the seats down using handy levers in the boot.

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