What cars have the N46 engine?

2007-2013 E90/E91/E92/E93 320i. 2007-2010 E60 520i. 2009-2015 E84 X1 sDrive18i / xDrive18i. 2007-2010 E83 X3 2.0i.

Does N46 engine have vanos?

both have vanos and valvetronic eccentric cam technology which works in conjunction with each other…

What is the difference between BMW N42 and N46?

They are almost identical. The only difference is that the VVT is external on the N42 and internal on the N46. Easy to spot if you open the engine bay between the two.

What is the difference between BMW Longlife 01 and 04?

Engine oils with the approval BMW Longlife 01 are particularly suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles without diesel particulate filters. In contrast to oils with the release BMW Longlife 04 they do not have a Low SAPS character. Due to the increased pollutant emissions, they are not suitable for cars with DPF.

Is 10w 40 oil good for BMW?

So for summary, 10w 40 is still okay but it is better to use a Synthetic 0W-30 or 5W-30.

Which BMW cars have the m47 engine?

1999–2005 Rover 75 CDTi. 2001–2006 Land Rover Freelander. 2001–2004 MG ZT CDT. 2001–2005 MG ZT CDTi.

Is the BMW N52 engine reliable?

Due to the engine design, the N52 has proved more reliable than it’s bigger brother, the N54. Because the N52 doesn’t have an HPFP or direct injection, these are two common N54 issues that drivers of the N52 won’t have to worry about.

What engine is N45?

The BMW N45 is a naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine which replaced the BMW N40 and was produced from 2004-2011. It was produced alongside the BMW N46 engine and only sold in several countries, where vehicle taxes favoured small-displacement engines.

How do I know if my VANOS solenoid is bad?

  1. Loss of horsepower and torque.
  2. Slow reaction to pressing the gas pedal.
  3. Slow cold starts.
  4. Limp mode or problems with the car computer after acceleration.
  5. Decreased driveability.
  6. Rattling noises or rough idling.
  7. Inconsistent idling.
  8. Poor fuel economy.

How do you test a VANOS solenoid on a BMW?

What is a VANOS solenoid on a BMW?

What cars have n47 engines?

  • E81, E82, E87 and E88 118d.
  • E90 and E91 318d.
  • F20 118d.
  • F30 and F31 318d.
  • 2009-2015 BMW E84 sDrive18d and xDrive18d.
  • 2010–2016 MINI Countryman Cooper SD (R60)
  • 2010–2014 MINI Cooper SD (R56)
  • 2010–2015 MINI Cabrio Cooper SD (R57)

How do I know what engine my BMW has?

Find it in the lower corner of your windshield on the driver’s side. Your VIN number is your vehicle identification number and you can find your engine size by VIN number. In the series of numbers and letters, the tenth from the left denotes the model year and the eighth is the engine codes.

Is LL01 better than LL04?

The difference between LL01 and LL04 is that LL04 is formulated for improved exhaust cleanliness. It is a must have for the new BMW clean dielels with particulate filters. There is also some additional additives in it to help keep engine internals even cleaner than LL01 does.

Should I use 5W30 or 5w40?

5w30 can be used by different type of vehicles and in different range of temperatures, but is ideal for colder temperatures. 5w40 is often used in higher mileage engine sand performs better in warmer temperatures.

What is BMW Longlife 12fe?

BMW Longlife 12 FE oils are Top Tier lower SAPS1 lubricants. They are designed for use in a limited range of BMW gasoline and light-duty diesel engines as specified by BMW. BMW Longlife 12 FE oils are typically low HTHS (≥ 2.9cP) SAE 0W-30 based on API Group IV base oils.

Can I use 10W40 instead of 5W-30 BMW?

What will happen if I put 10W40 instead of 5w30? Being a thicker oil 10W40 can harm your engine if your engine requires a thinner oil. Although a bit of interchange in engine oils can be good, it is highly recommended not to use one to replace another.

Can I use 10w30 instead of 5W-30?

Yes, you can use 10w30 instead of 5w30 in most cases. However, it is crucial to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure that 10w30 is the correct weight for your car.

Is 10W40 good for high mileage?

Designed for high mileage vehicles Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-40 motor oil is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in high mileage vehicles (even those that have used lower quality conventional oils†), including: Cars. Trucks.

Which BMW engine is the most reliable?

  • BMW B58 Engine.
  • BMW M20 Engine.
  • BMW M50 Engine.
  • BMW S62 Engine.
  • BMW N52 Engine.
  • BMW M54 Engine.

What BMWS have the M57 engine?

The 2.9L M57, which is found in E39 530d and E38 730d, as well as early models of E46 330d and E53 X5, is equipped with one Garrett GT2556V turbocharger.

Is the BMW M47 engine good?

M47 is a great engine just depends on what type of driving you do. I can get 70 mpg out of mine (2006 car) on long motorway journeys. Over 100kmiles the swirl flaps can start to go but they can be blankd fairly cheaply.

What problems do BMW 528i have?

BMW 528i Repair in Austin Worn tension struts that cause looseness in the front suspension. Coolant leaks in the water pump. Coolant leaks in the radiator. Engine overheating caused by thermostat failure.

Are e90s reliable?

If you’re looking for a reliable used BMW, the E90 3 Series is arguably your best modern bet. Especially the non-turbocharged 325i, 328i, and 330i models, which have the N52 BMW inline-6 engine. However, no car is immune from maintenance or reliability issues, including BMWs.

How long should a BMW engine last?

Almost any BMW has the potential to run for up to 200,000 or even 250,000 miles with proper maintenance–and there are always going to be outliers that go further.

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