What does the eccentric shaft sensor do?

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The eccentric shaft sensor is responsible for controlling valvetronic timing, and has been known to be a common issue. If your car has been experiencing difficult starts, low fuel economy, and overall lack of engine power and performance, this component may be to blame.

How much does it cost to fix a Valvetronic motor?

Repair cost is around $3,400.

What causes Valvetronic failure?

Common causes and symptoms: Wear and tear, as well as added mileage, can cause the valvetronic eccentric shaft to experience wear, causing the shaft to bind. In this case, the increased resistance in the shaft is what triggers the fault code.

How do I reset my BMW Valvetronic motor?

Insert the valvetronic motor and connect its 2 pin plug. Then switch the ignition onto position 2 and within a space of 15 seconds, depress the accelerator pedal down to full throttle 10 times and you will hear the valvetronic motor program itself back to factory spec.

Can Valvetronic cause misfire?

The main question – can the problems with Valvetronic be the cause of such (misfires/shivering) problem? Short answer – within the limits of reason: no, Valvetronic is not the cause of this problem!

Can you drive without valvetronic?

You shouldve just unplugged valvetronic instead of trying to actuate it via software… when the dme sees valvetronic not working right it disables it with the valves at maximum lift. the car continues to drive fine with disabled valvetronic.

Where is the Valvetronic motor located?

Will valvetronic harm my car?

It will not damage anything. By disconnecting the eccentric shaft sensor, the DME will put the valvetronic into emergency running mode. The valves will go to full lift via the DME activating the valvetronic motor and the accelerator will work off the throttle body.

What does BMW Valvetronic motor do?

The Valvetronic system is a BMW variable valve lift system which, in combination with variable valve timing, allows infinite adjustment of the intake valve timing and duration. The system claims to improve fuel economy and emissions, and negates the need for a throttle body in regular use.

What does a BMW eccentric shaft do?

This gives faster and more precise throttle response. What controls valve lift is an electric motor and an eccentric shaft that adjusts the valve lift. The eccentric shaft sensor measures the rotation of the eccentric shaft that translates into how much valve lift there is. The sensor itself is a HALL effect sensor.

How do you read a BMW code?

  1. Standalone diagnostic device. Using a standalone diagnostic device to read out the error memory is easy and fast.
  2. Laptop with software and OBD cables. You can also read a BMW’s error memory with a laptop.
  3. Your smartphone and an OBD2 adapter.

What is BMW VVTI?

Variable valve timing is a regular feature of modern motors. Before the invention of this technology, valve timing was restricted to the type of camshaft used. In short, VVT controls the timing of the intake and exhaust valves opening and closing. Valve timing impacts performance, emissions, and fuel economy.

Does the N55 have Valvetronic?

Design. The main differences between the N55 and its N54 predecessor are the use of a single turbocharger, the addition of Valvetronic and the type of fuel injectors.

Does Valvetronic exhaust increase performance?

The valvetronic technology allows an exhaust system to control the gas flow, sound frequency, and overall performance. This allows the sports car to have higher torque at low RPMs and even higher horsepower at higher RPMs.

Does exhaust affect speed?

Does Leaking Exhaust Affect Performance? It is true that if your exhaust pipe has a hole or a leak, your engine performance will be affected. For those driving older vehicles, the problem may not be immediately evident because older cars tend to be slightly noisier and less efficient.

Does an exhaust affect power?

Reduced Power The easier exhaust gases can escape into the outside atmosphere, the more power your car will have. Restrictions within the exhaust create back pressure, reducing the efficiency of the exhaust system as a whole.

How do I know if my valvetronic motor is bad?

  1. Illuminated MIL lamp that may or may not be flashing.
  2. Varying degrees of power loss.
  3. Rough idling/running at some engine speeds.
  4. Excessive fuel consumption.
  5. A hard-start or a no-start condition may be present.

What BMW engines have valvetronic?

A brief overview of Valvetronic technology The redesigned N52 inline six-cylinder engine, which was introduced during 2006, received the second-generation Valvetronic system, while the third, and current iteration of Valvetronic systems is in use on almost all BMW engines across the range of BMW vehicles.

How do you unlock the hidden menu on a BMW?

How can I read my BMW code without a scanner?

How do you clear the code on a BMW without a scanner?

What RPM does VANOS kick?

3500 RPM on E36 or very close to that number.

What happens when VANOS fails?

If the VANOS system fails, your BMW will be unable to properly regulate its fuel usage. As such, it may start to burn through more fuel than normal. Simultaneously, your vehicle may also sputter and accelerate sluggishly, as its engine will struggle to push out the increased amounts of fuel through the exhaust cam.

At what RPM does VANOS engage?

I’m pretty certian Vanos is load/RPM dependent, and turns on at around 4500rpm, not off/on/off at 1600-5000. The idea of it is to flatten the torque curve, which would be acheived by low overlap at low RPM and higher overlap at high RPM. Well, if you’re at the dyno and you have it backwards, you’ll know.

How do I know if I have a N54 or N55?

Probably the best way to tell without looking under the hood… is IF it has a DCT it is an N55. IF its an auto it is an N54. IF its a 6MT… you’ll have to look under the hood.

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