What does xHP transmission tune do?

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The xHP Track Setup lets you fully concentrate on your driving, while the transmission does the rest. Shift your lever to S and let your car shift fully on it’s own during your trackday! Your transmission will shift, just like an experienced driver would do it!

Does xHP void warranty?

Will xHP void my OEM or dealer warranty? xHP changes the calibration file on your TCU. Like every other tune on your vehicle, this will very likely void your OEM or dealer warranty, depending on your Country and/or guarantee contract. However, dealer testers are unable to detect xHP.

Can you sell xHP license?

Licenses cannot be transferred to other users.

Does xHP work on iPhone?

xHP put’s the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Connect your Apple iPhone, IPad or Mac M1 to your car and customize by yourself or choose from pre-defined OTS maps.

Does xHP hurt transmission?

XHP in no way accelerates the wear on any powertrain or drivetrain component, be it engine, transmission, diff, axles, etc. It arguably is better in the long run for any tuned car that is making more than stock power for the reasons discussed above (i.e., increased line pressure and less clutch slip).

Does xHP increase torque?

xhp raised torque reduction – BMW 3-Series (E90 E92) Forum. Yes, there’s a shift speed custom setting too, as well as for throttle blips to play around with. Plus you can adjust shiftmap in D/S modes and various other settings, it’s definitely worth it.

Is xHP Vin locked?

xHP, like MHD, is VIN locked.

How long is xHP flash?

No it doesn’t take that long, when you are actually flashing to the car, it only takes four or five minutes, which does feel a long time, as you are praying the ignition doesn’t turn off whilst you are doing the flash, but you do get a progress bar which also tells you how long is left of the process.

Can you use xHP with BM3?

You definitely want to get xHP especially once you go BM3 Stg 2 or above. The BM3 transmission flash is only for the S55/N55 and not for the B58. You definitely want to get xHP especially once you go BM3 Stg 2 or above. I’d still personally go with xHP since the BM3 tcu flash only removes TQ limiters.

Can you transfer xHP to another car?

Vehicles previously flashed by a xHP Pro Dealer can now be easily transfered to end-user accounts by using the “xHP Upgrade License”.

What is a Flash license?

Flash License: Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle (VIN – Lock) with ZF6HP/ZF8HP Automatic or 7-Speed DCT Transmission. Includes all Customization Options for your BMW: Shiftpoint Editor, customize Launch Control, Torque Limiters, Throttle Blips and much more. Enables to flash Tunes from the xHP Map Pack.

Can you use xHP with MHD?

The long and short is yes, you should pair xHP with MHD if you want to maximize power.

Does xHP work with MHD?

I’ve been in the pursuit of a healthy tune for the M2 and I found that MHD’s tune is much smoother and sounds better than BM3. Combining it with xhp stage 2 setting the torque reduction to 600 and turning on the “use stock shift maps” makes it shift like a pdk . The combo works very well.

Does MHD have transmission flash?

It’s downshifts at silent and gentle. i also noticed the next day that MHD has a flash option when you choose your transmission. I would always choose AT, I didn’t realize that MHD has a option for “MT or xHP (AT) ” I quickly changed it over to that flash option and the engine worked even better with the transmission.

What is a gearbox flash?

The TCU+ Gearbox Flash is an OBD flash tool that not only unlocks manufacturer’s transmission settings within the vehicles ECU to give smoother and quicker gear shifts, increased torque and performance. It also now provides an adaptation reset as standard which helps you get the most from your car.

What is the difference between 8HP45 and 8HP70?

The 8HP70 is larger than the 8HP45, but not much longer. The tall first gear allows for early lockup of the torque converter clutch. Chrysler will have 40 different “control maps” to change shift patterns based on operating conditions (covering both rear and all wheel drive systems).

How do I connect xHP to my car?

  1. Make sure your device has at least 25% battery capacity left.
  2. Set your device to Flight Mode.
  3. Cable-Connection: Be sure to grant xHP the rights needed to access the local USB/Lightningport on your device.
  4. Once a flash has started, leave your device alone.

How do you use Bmwflash?

  1. Locate the bin file you wish to flash.
  2. Plug in your D-CAN FTDI cable to your Windows laptop and car.
  3. Turn your car key to position 2.
  4. Select File > Reflash DME.
  5. Select YES to reflash your DME.
  6. A window will prompt you to select your new bin file.
  7. Select your new bin file and click OPEN.

What is an UpRev license?

The UpRev ARC (Advanced Racing Controls) License will enable 2-Step (MT), Flatfoot Shifting (MT), Rolling Anti-lag (AT,MT) and Burn-out Mod (MT,AT). ARC support is currently available for 2003 and up 350Z, G35, 370Z, and G37.

What adapters work with xHP?

  • OBD/DCAN cable (E & F-Series)
  • DCAN Wi-Fi Adapter (E, F & G-Series + Supra)
  • ENET Cable (F-Series)
  • ENET Wi-Fi Adapter (F-Series)

Is MHD or Bootmod3 better?

the biggest difference in my opinion is their maps. Bootmod3 are the tuners and the programmers. it’s all made in-house by the same team. MHD are only programmers, they buy maps from the third-party tuners and offer them as their off-the-shelf maps.

What is throttle blip xHP?

“Throttle Blips” refers to the amount of throttle which is applied on downshifts to rev-match the engine to the lower transmission gear. This option enables our customers to dial-in their blips to their liking. From tame and smooth to quick and audible.

How long does an MHD flash take?

Easy to install The first install takes only 2.5-12* minutes and any map or option change later just 19s – 1.5 minutes*. *flash times vary depending on car, engine type and adapter used.

What is xHP gearbox flash?

xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for BMW’s with ZF6HP and ZF8HP automatic transmissions. This groundbreaking piece of software unlocks the BMW ZF automatic gearboxes, allowing for faster shift times, more power & better response.

Are ZF gearboxes reliable?

As said above, the ZF 8-speed is an incredibly reliable transmission. In its nearly ten years of use, internal faults have been scarce, many of which have been user-related. If there is anything to look out for, it’s the occasional fluid leak.

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