What is a blower motor on a BMW?

This component is an electrical part responsible for providing the voltage to the fan that controls the heating and air conditioning in your BMW. You can find a blower motor resistor in BMWs that have 4 or 5 fixed speeds.

How much does it cost to replace blower motor in BMW?

BMW 328i Blower Motor Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a BMW 328i blower motor replacement is between $450 and $492. Labor costs are estimated between $117 and $147 while parts are priced between $333 and $345.

How much is a blower motor for a BMW?

Most Popular BMW AC Blower Motors The average cost of a BMW ac blower motor is between $52.99 and $261.99.

Is it hard to replace a blower motor?

The replacement of the blower motor is common and straightforward, so most shops will perform the repair — many on the same day.

How long does it take to change a blower motor?

How long does it take to replace a blower motor? Replacing a blower motor takes 2 to 3 hours on average. The blower motor is typically located behind a control board and other furnace parts.

What happens when your blower motor goes out?

If the blower motor is completely bad, then you’ll have no airflow at all. Strange sounds coming from blower. Blower motors can make all kinds of sounds, depending on what the issue is. Vibrations, grinding, and high pitched-noises are some of the sounds a blower can make if it’s going bad.

Why is my BMW not blowing out air?

One of the most common reasons your BMW’s air conditioner isn’t working is because of an A/C leak. The fluid that is used to cool your car, freon, could be leaking out of your car, or there might be a bigger leak in the A/C system.

What causes blower motor resistor failure?

In most cases, a blower motor resistor fails due to corrosion or overheating. Sometimes, the mechanical resistance to the motor rotation causes an excessive electric current that can overheat and prematurely damage the blower motor resistor.

How do you know if your blower motor is bad?


How long do car blower motors last?

The blower is supposed to last the entire lifetime of your car. However, situations vary and some climates require the fan to be used too often. Many car owners find themselves having to replace the blower after five years. The quality of the motor used to power the blower matters.

How do I know if I need to replace the blower motor or the resistor?

  1. Loss of HVAC fan control (total or certain speeds)
  2. The fan only works on its highest speed setting.
  3. No air coming from vents.
  4. Intermittent or inconsistent fan speed.

How much does it cost to get a blower motor replaced?

Nationally, you can expect to pay about $450 on average for a blower motor replacement, including labor. However, if your unit is under warranty, you might get away with a labor-only charge of as little as $150. More complicated units, or units that are difficult to access, can cost as much as $2,000 to replace.

How much does it cost to replace a car blower motor?

“A new car blower motor costs about $50 to $100 for the part and $80 to $100 in labor. Add it up and you’re looking at a total charge of $130 to $200 for a new car blower motor.

How do you test a blower motor on a car?

Is there a fuse for blower motor?

Many vehicles have two fuses for the blower motor, one in the interior fuse block and the other under the hood. The blower motor is usually under the dashboard on the passenger side.

Can you drive a car without a blower motor?

Your car’s blower motor is not only necessary for the operation of your air conditioner. Without a functioning blower motor your engine runs the risk of overheating.

When should I replace my blower motor?

Some vehicles give warning signs of a failing blower motor, like a whining or grinding noise from the passenger-side footwell when the heat or AC is on. Another giveaway is when the heat or AC won’t turn on until going over a speed bump, or taking a light bump or kick to the dash area.

Why is there no air coming from vents in my car?

Your vents not blowing air could also be a symptom of an electrical failure. If a fuse has blown or a relay no longer works, the car’s blower fan won’t get the necessary power to move air through the vents. If no air comes through the vents at all, it’s more likely an electrical problem than a clogging one.

How do I unclog my car vents?

  1. Step 1: Clean the Vent Slats With a Foam Paintbrush Dabbed in the Solution.
  2. Step 2: Wipe the AC Vents Dry With a Dry Foam Paintbrush or Towel.
  3. Step 3: Wash the Used Foam Paintbrushes and Let Them Dry.

Why is my car heater not blowing air?

If the heater isn’t blowing hot air at you when you turn the system on, the blower fan might have a problem. Either it’s not getting electrical power or, more likely, the motor itself has simply burned out. A blower motor in an older vehicle is likely to burn out over time, and may need replacement.

How much does it cost to fix a blower motor resistor?

How much does a blower motor resistor cost? To replace the blower motor resistor, it would cost you anywhere between $50 to$150 – this includes the cost of equipment and labor.

How do I test a blower motor resistor?

How long should a blower resistor last?

The blower motor resistor is designed to last for the car’s lifespan. In most cases, these resistors will wear out long before the car does. Usually, the wear that the blower motor resistor has is due to the constant use that it gets and the heat that it is exposed on a regular basis.

Does blower motor affect AC?

The blower motor is an important component of your air-conditioner. If it isn’t working properly, it can significantly affect the comfort level and air quality in your home.

Does the blower motor control the AC?

The blower motor controls the airflow for the heating and cooling system; it is one of the main components for the HVAC system to operate properly.

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