What Is BMW Dynamic Handling Package And Why You Need It?

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If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, chances are you’ve come across the BMW Dynamic Handling Package. This feature gives drivers an elevated level of control and performance on the road that is unmatched by conventional vehicles.

The Dynamic Handling Package offers several features designed to enhance your driving experience. From adaptive M suspension to variable sport steering, this package provides agility and responsiveness that makes every drive feel like a joy ride.

But what exactly is the BMW Dynamic Handling Package, and why do you need it? We’ll explore these questions and more in this blog post, so buckle up and get ready to take your driving experience to the next level!

“Driving a BMW with the Dynamic Handling Package is like having your own personal race car at your disposal. The enhanced handling and control make even routine drives feel exciting and exhilarating.”

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just starting out, the BMW Dynamic Handling Package is worth considering. Read on to learn more about its features, benefits, and why it’s a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Improved Driving Experience

BMW Dynamic Handling Package is designed to enhance your driving experience and make it more thrilling. It integrates advanced technologies to improve the car’s suspension system, steering control, stability, and traction. This upgraded package includes adaptive M suspension, variable sport steering, dynamic damper control, and rear axle air suspension.

Advanced Suspension System

The adaptive M suspension in the BMW Dynamic Handling Package uses electronic sensors to adjust shock absorbers’ firmness based on road conditions and driving style. The system can respond within milliseconds to ensure smooth rides over bumpy or uneven roads. According to BMW USA, “the Adaptive M Suspension will sense your every move, from braking and accelerating to cornering and avoiding obstacles.”

The dynamic damper control regulates the hydraulic pressure in the shock absorbers to enhance comfort while maintaining a sporty feel. When driving on straight roads, the suspension maintains a soft setting for comfortable cruising. On twisty roads, the system adjusts quickly to provide tighter handling and sharper response.

Rear-axle air suspension helps the car maintain balance and keep all four wheels on the ground, which results in improved grip and traction during cornering. It can lower the car by up to 0.4 inches at high speeds for increased aerodynamics and efficiency. Overall, these features give you a smooth ride without compromising on performance.

Enhanced Steering Control

Variable Sport Steering, which is included in the BMW Dynamic Handling Package, does not limit you to fixed angles of wheel lock. Instead, it changes the ratio between the angle that you turn the wheel and the actual degree of turning the wheels themselves. It provides excellent responsiveness when moving swiftly left to right and agile handling through turns. According to BMW South Africa, the system provides drivers with “more direct and precise steering, from relaxed cornering to sportier handling.”

Thanks to advanced technologies, BMW Dynamic Handling Package’s Enhanced Steering Control ensures that you can stay in complete control of your vehicle. It makes tricky maneuvers like tight turns or lane changes quick and easy without sacrificing any comfort.

Increased Stability and Traction

The new package significantly improves your car’s stability and traction by incorporating several features. The adaptive M suspension increases stability at high speeds while providing comfortable cruising speeds on straighter roads. Additionally, the rear-axle air suspension helps keep all four wheels on the ground, which enhances grip during cornering.

This increased stability is further enhanced by dynamic damper control, which maintains a smooth ride over bumps while quickly adjusting stiffness when going around corners. This feature reduces body roll, providing maximum contact between the tires and the road surface, enhancing traction, responsiveness, and confidence behind the wheel.

“The driving dynamics of the BMW 5 Series have been engineered specifically for athletes who enjoy performance driving,” states BMW. “This means both optimized aerodynamics and weight as well as a low center of gravity for improved driving dynamics.”

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package transforms an already great driving experience into something uniquely thrilling. Adaptive M suspension, variable sport steering, dynamic damper control, and rear-axle air suspension, each combine to deliver a perfect balance of precision handling, responsiveness, comfort, and superior traction. With this remarkable package installed, you will feel a caliber of driving you never thought possible less than more powerful vehicles.

Advanced Suspension System

BMW Dynamic Handling Package is an optional package which enhances the performance and handling capabilities of select BMW models. One of its most notable features is the Advanced Suspension System, which includes several advanced suspension components working together in perfect harmony to deliver a superior driving experience.

Adaptive Damping System

The Adaptive Damping System is one of the key components of the Advanced Suspension System. It constantly adjusts the damping force of each shock absorber according to road surface conditions and the driver’s style, resulting in improved ride comfort while maintaining handling stability. The system uses data from multiple sensors to analyze the vehicle’s movements and respond instantaneously.

“The Adaptive Damping Control can substantially increase driving pleasure, both during relaxed cruising and tapping into the car’s greater sporting potential.” -Top Gear Magazine

Dynamic Damper Control

Another essential feature of the Advanced Suspension System is called Dynamic Damper Control. This technology works with electronically adjustable dampers that optimize damping force for each wheel on-the-fly. They work in conjunction with the Adaptive Damping System to further refine the vehicle dynamics by mitigating body roll in corners, reducing pitch and dive under braking and acceleration, and ensuring a smooth and stable ride overall.

“BMW has done magical things in recent years with cars such as the new 7 Series and now the 5 Series GT. Cars that we thought might blow themselves off the rails under hard driving but actually have remarkable chassis balance thanks to some high-tech kit using computers and motors behind the scenes.” -AutoExpress UK

Pneumatic Suspension

The structure of every BMW model benefits significantly from Pneumatic Suspensions fitted only on the models equipped accordingly. This pneumatic vibration-absorbing system ensures that the vehicle remains level even under varying loads, offers modifications in height automatically when necessary, and provides a smooth ride unmatched by traditional suspension systems.

“Handling while providing exceptional comfort is one of BMW’s strengths. They set high standards for themselves, which has resulted in an extensive use of technology” -Carmel Valley News

Electronic Damper Control

The Electronic Damper Control system uses state-of-the-art electronics to read sensor data and make instant adjustments to suspension damping forces. This system works seamlessly with other Advanced Suspension System technologies such as Dynamic Damper Control and Adaptive Damping Control to provide drivers with a sophisticated handling experience. It also allows drivers to choose their preferred driving mode using BMW’s Driving Dynamics Control selector, allowing them either to relax or get aggressive on challenging roads.

“The car handled incredibly well, staying flat through corners and maintaining grip despite some seriously enthusiastic driving.” -Car and Driver

The BMW Dynamic Package’s advanced suspension system helps achieve an unparalleled balance between refined luxury and exhilarating performance capabilities. The package features proprietary technologies that work together to enhance the overall driving dynamics of select models considerably. Whether exploring backroads or enjoying an open highway, every model equipped with this option indulges the driver with superior agility and control.

Enhanced Steering Control

If you’re looking for a sporty, sedan to give you an exhilarating driving experience, then the BMW Dynamic Handling Package is just what you need. This package comes with advanced mechanical systems to improve your car’s handling and performance on the road.

Variable Sport Steering

The Variable Sport Steering provides the driver with greater control of their vehicle by adjusting steering response in real-time based on various factors including speed, turning radius and the angle of attack. With Variable Sport Steering, drivers will find it easier to tackle tight corners at higher speeds while maintaining excellent stability and road grip.

“The Variable Sport Steering system enhances agility and precision when parking and manoeuvring whilst improving driving dynamics and accuracy on more challenging roads.” -BMW

This feature is perfect for those who enjoy taking their vehicles out on winding country roads as it gives the driver more confidence in controlling their car. Additionally, this feature can also make everyday driving safer and more comfortable as it makes smaller adjustments to the steering wheel so that motorists don’t have to turn it too much or too often.

Active Steering

Another notable aspect of the BMW Dynamic Handling Package is its Active Steering. Much like the Variable Sport Steering, this feature improves vehicle stability and handling characteristics.

“Active steering enhances agility and driving comfort significantly in all speed ranges from low to high speeds” -BMW

The Active Steering equally distributes power among the wheels according to the road conditions, providing maximum torque when needed. The strict synchronization between the front and rear wheels allows for smoother movement even during sharp turns. Unlike other conventional steering mechanisms where one might anticipate delayed response time of the tires vs the steering wheel; with this in place, the steering wheel exhibits better command over changing direction.

This feature may be especially useful for city drivers who have to make quick decisions on the road, or those who like to take their vehicle out and explore more adventurous terrains.

The Verdict

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package enhances steering control and driving experience thanks to advanced mechanical systems such as Variable Sport Steering and Active Steering. The package offers enhanced agility, precision, stability, and driving confidence at all speeds making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for sporty luxury and improved driving performance.

Increased Stability and Traction

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package is designed to enhance the performance of a vehicle. With this package, you can experience superior handling and stability while driving on different terrains. The Dynamic Handling Package includes multiple features that make your ride more comfortable, safer, and enjoyable.

Dynamic Traction Control

One of the key elements of the Dynamic Handling Package is dynamic traction control (DTC). This feature allows the driver to maintain full control over their vehicle even in challenging road conditions. DTC helps prevent wheel slip and keeps your car stable during sudden changes in direction or acceleration. By monitoring sensors such as speed, steering angle, and torque, this system can compensate for adverse circumstances and keep you safe on the road.

“Dynamic Traction Control enhances driver safety by optimizing power transmission to suit the driving situation at hand.” -BMW

Electronic Differential Lock Control

Another component of the Dynamic Handling Package is electronic differential lock control (EDLC). This system ensures that equal power is distributed to both front wheels when turning corners or maintaining traction, thereby enhancing stability and grip. EDLC uses an array of sensors and processors to detect any loss of traction and adjusts accordingly, without interfering with your driving performance.

“The Electronic Differential Lock Control provides outstanding agility and maximum directional stability when cornering, accelerating out from bends, or changing lanes quickly.” -BMW

Cornering Brake Control

When taking tight turns, the Cornering Brake Control (CBC) feature kicks in, providing extra stopping power to specific wheels that need it. This function prevents skidding or sliding during sudden braking maneuvers, improving braking performance and keeping all passengers safe. CBC ensures that each wheel gets efficient stopping capacity individually for better balance and control.

“Cornering Brake Control helps increase driving safety by enhancing the vehicle’s stability while braking in corners.” -BMW

Dynamic Stability Control

The Dynamic Handling Package also includes Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). DSC is an advanced system that detects any loss of control or skidding in real-time, then intervenes to stabilize the car. This feature combines sensors with automatic brake actuation on particular wheels for better grip during acceleration, deceleration, and changes in direction.

“The Dynamic Stability Control provides greater traction when pulling away, especially on slippery surfaces, as well as enhanced cornering stability.” -BMW

BMW’s Dynamic Handling Package offers a range of cutting-edge technologies that work together seamlessly to provide superior handling and comfort. Whether you are driving on straight roads or twisting curves, this package will enhance your ride experience and keep you safe on the road. With its features like DTC, EDLC, CBC, and DSC, it underscores BMW’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to every driver on the road.

Customizable Driving Settings

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package is a set of advanced options that allows drivers to customize their vehicle’s driving settings to suit their preferences. With this package, drivers can select from three different modes which each offer unique benefits and performance capabilities.

Driving Experience Control

The first mode available with the Dynamic Handling Package is Driving Experience Control. This mode offers a balanced blend of agility and comfort while driving. It provides an exceptional driving experience for those who crave the excitement of being behind the wheel, but at the same time not compromising too much on ride comfort. In other words, it maintains just about the right balance between sportiness and everyday usability.

It also automatically adjusts various features such as engine response, suspension damping, transmission shifting, throttle mapping to optimally match your driving needs or situation. For instance, if you’re going up a steep hill or accelerating quickly, then the system will adjust itself accordingly to help you achieve optimal power delivery smoothly and efficiently.

Adaptive Mode

The second mode offered by the Dynamic Handling Package is Adaptive Mode. This mode doesn’t really have one size fits all setting since its purpose is to continuously adapt to the current road conditions and style of driving in real-time. Using sensors and monitoring systems throughout the car’s frame, adaptive mode constantly assesses factors like steering input, speed, torque transfer and braking pressure to find the perfect setup based on what the driver is doing.

If you’re driving through tight curves or winding roads, for example, the system will automatically stiffen your suspension to maintain better tire grip and reduce body sway. Similarly, during highway cruising or leisurely drives, the system will relax these controls to further enhance overall riding comfort.The most significant benefit of having the adaptive option included is that you don’t have to manually select anything or constantly flip between the modes. The system will do it all for you, and as a result, offer an optimal experience that meets your needs at every moment.

Sport Mode

The Dynamic Handling Package’s third mode is Sport Mode. As its name implies, this setting is designed primarily for enthusiastic drivers who prefer spirited driving experiences with sportier dynamics. In fact, BMW specifically crafted this mode to target those after sharper cornering abilities and more propulsive acceleration when exploiting open roads. But even within this subset, there are two submodes – Sport and Sport+.

This scheme varies according to the vehicle model, but generally, they each tweak different areas of the car in minute ways. “BMW defines Sport as the standard choice, where accelerator pedal response is improved only slightly over Adaptive+, gearshifts are faster and the shift rpm window changes based on throttle position and speed. Sport+ takes things further by improving accelerator reaction times once again while also tightening the suspension and turning off traction control entirely.” – CarAdvice Australia

  • Improved Accelerator Pedal Response
  • Faster Gear Shifts
  • Tighter Suspension (in case of Sport+)
  • Increased RPM With Throttle Position And Speed (Sport Only)
  • Turn Off Traction Control (Sport+ Only)
“The feel behind the wheel is much sharper: quicker turn-in, better tracking through fast corners” – CNET

The main difference here is that there’s considerably less emphasis placed on ride comfort since the whole premise of Sport Mode is about amplifying existing capabilities of BMW vehicles such as precision handling, enhanced agility, and overall performance prowess amongst others.

By offering these customizable settings in the Dynamic Handling Package, BMW is able to provide drivers with an outstanding driving experience that’s tailored explicitly for their needs. Whether you’re a fan of leisurely drives or prefer high-speed thrills, this advanced package has something for you!

Cost and Value of BMW Dynamic Handling Package

Cost-effective Solution

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package is an optional feature for most new BMW cars, designed to enhance the driving experience. Despite its luxurious appeal, it is also a cost-effective solution for some drivers.

For example, many people who travel long distances on highways or have to navigate difficult terrain often resort to renting off-road vehicles. However, investing in the BMW Dynamic Handling Package can save you money in the long run without having to compromise on comfort. You’ll be able to enjoy the same level of safety and reliability as an off-road vehicle without paying rental fees every time you need one.

In addition, BMW’s reputation for durability speaks for itself. Investing in this package could easily pay for itself over time by reducing maintenance costs that would otherwise arise with poor quality chassis systems.

Value for Money

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package is not only a cost-effective solution but it also offers great value for the price. Features included in the Package include Adaptive M Suspension, Variable Sport Steering, and M Sport Brakes. All these provide excellent handling capabilities and increased performance during everyday driving conditions.

Adaptive M Suspension adjusts your suspension damping according to road conditions, delivering optimal stability and ride comfort while keeping sporty handling characteristics at high speeds on curvy roads. This ensures that the car always maintains optimum balance, regardless of the roadway surface.

Variable Sport Steering dynamically alters steering ratio based on speed and input from directional sensors, resulting in agile and precise handling that feels natural as you drive. This allows you to maintain control even in challenging situations such as slippery or winding roads.

M Sport Brakes improve stopping power and feedback through larger ventilated brake discs, four-piston fixed calipers and dark blue metallic brake calipers. You can trust them for the occasional sporty drive or sudden emergency stop, even when carrying extra load or driving in challenging conditions.

“The BMW Dynamic Handling Package makes an already great chassis even greater.” – Motor Trend

You’re getting a suite of sophisticated technologies that will improve your driving experience and ultimately add value to your car. It’s worth considering if you prioritize performance over luxury features only found within higher trim levels and don’t want to pay too much extra money for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of BMW Dynamic Handling Package?

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package includes Adaptive M Suspension, Variable Sport Steering, and M Sport Brakes. The Adaptive M Suspension adjusts damping to suit the driving situation, while Variable Sport Steering optimizes steering response. The M Sport Brakes provide enhanced stopping power and improved brake feel.

How does BMW Dynamic Handling Package improve the driving experience?

The BMW Dynamic Handling Package improves the driving experience by providing increased agility, responsiveness, and precision. With the Adaptive M Suspension, the car’s suspension responds to changing road conditions, resulting in a smoother ride. The Variable Sport Steering enhances the car’s handling and responsiveness, while the M Sport Brakes provide increased stopping power and improved brake feel, making driving more enjoyable and safer.

Is BMW Dynamic Handling Package available for all BMW models?

No, BMW Dynamic Handling Package is not available for all BMW models. It is typically offered as an optional package on higher-end models, such as the 3 Series, 4 Series, and 5 Series. It may not be available on entry-level models or certain specialty models, so it’s best to check with your dealer to see if it’s available on the model you’re interested in.

What is the cost of BMW Dynamic Handling Package?

The cost of BMW Dynamic Handling Package varies depending on the model and year of the car. It can range from around $1,000 to $3,000 or more. It’s best to check with your dealer for specific pricing information on the model you’re interested in.

Can BMW Dynamic Handling Package be retrofitted to an existing BMW?

In most cases, BMW Dynamic Handling Package cannot be retrofitted to an existing BMW. It is typically only available as an option when the car is purchased new. However, some components of the package, such as M Sport Brakes, may be available as aftermarket upgrades. Check with your dealer or a BMW specialist to see what options are available.

Are there any downsides to installing BMW Dynamic Handling Package?

There are no significant downsides to installing BMW Dynamic Handling Package. However, it is important to note that the package may result in a stiffer ride and increased road noise. Some drivers may also find the Variable Sport Steering to be overly sensitive. Overall, the benefits of the package typically outweigh any potential downsides, but it’s important to test drive a car with the package before making a final decision.

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