What Is BMW Parking Assistance Package? Discover How It Can Make Your Life Easier

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Imagine navigating a tight parking spot with ease, without having to worry about bumping into adjacent cars or obstacles. That’s where the BMW Parking Assistance Package comes in – designed to take the stress out of parking and make your life easier.

This package includes advanced sensors, cameras, and guidance systems that work together to help you park quickly, efficiently, and safely. Whether you’re parallel parking on a busy street or reversing into a tight garage or driveway, this system delivers unparalleled accuracy, responsiveness, and convenience.

If you’ve ever struggled with parking in tight spots or felt nervous when driving in crowded areas, the BMW Parking Assistance Package is the solution you’ve been looking for. With its intuitive interface, simple controls, and real-time feedback, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

“The BMW Parking Assistance Package provides drivers with an extra layer of convenience and safety, making parking a breeze even in challenging situations.”

In this article, we’ll explore the features of the BMW Parking Assistance Package in greater detail, including how it works, what benefits it offers, and why it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a new car. So buckle up, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of next-generation parking technology!

The Basic Functionality of BMW Parking Assistance Package

Parking Made Easy

BMW’s Parking Assistance Package is an innovative system that helps drivers park in even the tightest spaces with ease. The system uses sensors and cameras to assist the driver when maneuvering in or out of parking spots. With this system, drivers can focus on steering while the car does most of the hard work.

“The revolutionary BMW Parking Assistant makes it easy for you to find a suitable parking space as well as detect obstacles when driving into these spaces, providing support up to a speed of 22mph.” – BMW

Advanced Parking Technology

The Parking Assistance Package includes several advanced technologies that make parking easier than ever before. It features sensors that determine the size and shape of parking spaces, allowing the system to guide the vehicle accurately into the perfect spot. Additionally, rearview cameras provide assistance during reverse parking maneuvers, ensuring maximum safety and accuracy.

“With Working in conjunction with ultrasonic sensors, BMW’s automated parallel-parking system controls acceleration and braking; all the driver has to do is work the transmission and keep an eye on surroundings.” – Car and Driver

Increased Safety and Convenience

Not only does the Parking Assistance Package make parking easier, but it also increases safety by reducing the risk of collisions. The advanced technology detects any surrounding obstacles and notifies the driver if they get too close. This feature ensures that there are no unexpected surprises during the parking process.

“Automatic emergency braking adds further peace of mind. If the optional front radar senses an obstruction behind or ahead, the car will not move forward under certain circumstances, enhancing your safety.” – Forbes

Driver Assistance Features

The Parking Assistance Package is just one of many driver assistance features that come standard with BMW vehicles. It helps to take the guesswork out of parking and replaces it with an effortless experience. The package also comes with many other technologies, such as lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and forward-collision warnings.

“The 2019 BMW X7’s 360-degree camera system gives you a bird’s-eye view of your vehicle — or even better, a drone’s perspective. That coupled with backup assist software means doing things like parallel parking your SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) are now trivial affairs.” – CNET

BMW’s Parking Assistance Package takes the hassle and stress out of parking. With its advanced technology and driver assistance features, drivers can park with ease and confidence. So why not make parking a breeze? Sign up for this innovative technology today!

How Does BMW Parking Assistance Package Work?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package is an innovative technology that helps drivers park their vehicles with ease and precision. This package employs advanced camera and sensor integration, automated parking assistance, and real-time parking information to provide highly effective parking solutions.

Camera and Sensor Integration

The BMW Parking Assistance Package comes equipped with intelligent cameras and sensors. The system uses the rearview camera and front bumper-mounted sensors to scan for nearby obstacles or objects. Visual and audio cues are then provided via the in-dash display screen and speaker notifications when you get too close to other cars or immovable objects.

“The BMW Parking Assistance Package utilizes state-of-the-art tech to detect potential hazards while simultaneously providing an intuitive visual feedback mechanism” -TechJury

The cameras enable you to use an array of views such as top-down, side-view, and wide-angle display which gives you a clear view of your surrounding environment helping you position your car correctly before reversing or pulling into the parking bay.

Automated Parking Assistance

The BMW Parking Assistance Package also includes fully-automated parking assistance functions. An automated system offers intuitive performance from start to finish. After pushing the button, the vehicle will take over full control and do all the necessary maneuvers to park perfectly in a tight spot or any parallel street park and exit smoothly as well. The driver can increase or decrease the speed at any time during the automatic driving process.

The system not only provides lateral guidance but also supports vertical guidance by raising and lowering brake pedals and shifting gears automatically according to the detected objects around the car’s perimeter making it surprisingly simple for anyone even new drivers to successfully navigate in narrow spaces where manual controls would come up short.

“The BMW Parking Assistant makes parking a breeze with its hallmark combination of automated steering and driver-assist features” -AutoWise

Real-Time Parking Information

Real-time parking information is another impressive feature of the BMW Parking Assistance Package. Drivers can access real-time data for available parking spots in their vicinity by utilizing the GPS or ConnectedDrive mobility service built into their vehicle’s infotainment system. With this technology you can quickly locate empty parking bays, and even identify them according to size, charging stations, cost-effective options, payment methods and location area, and reserve them beforehand avoiding any delay on your side.

“BMW drivers can now obtain real-time traffic information directly from their own personal car through dynamic connected driving solutions” -PRNewswire

The deployment of BMW Parking Assistant ensures an optimal mix between reliable performance and driver assistance making sure drivers can maneuver confidently both forward as well as backward thus reducing their stress levels when it comes to parking in most conditions.

Hence, the BMW Parking Assistance Package provides drivers with an ideal way to reduce safety risks associated with parking while improving efficiency, confidence, accuracy, and convenience – all thanks to advanced technology that offers multiple benefits at once. It’s no doubt that every savvy driver should consider getting hold of this innovative modeling package!

The Types of BMW Parking Assistance Package Available

As one of the leading car brands in the world, BMW never fails to impress its customers with innovative features. One such innovation is the parking assistance package designed to help drivers get into tight spots without any hassle. The parking assistant feature uses sensors and cameras installed around the vehicle to detect objects around it while parking.

Standard Parking Assistance Package

The standard parking assistance package includes front and rear park distance control that gives visual and audio alerts when the vehicle approaches an obstacle while parking. It also has automatic parallel parking which uses sensors to guide the car into a suitable space and steer itself while the driver controls the acceleration and brakes. In addition, the standard package comes equipped with a rearview camera which provides advanced safety by allowing you to see what’s behind your vehicle on the infotainment screen before reversing. Furthermore, the system can automatically brake if the driver does not react quickly enough.

“BMW’s Standard Parking Assistant is accurate, easy to use, and functional for many scenarios.”-Tom Voelk from The New York Times

Enhanced Parking Assistance Package

The enhanced parking assistance package offers all the features present in the standard version along with several additional ones. This package handles perpendicular parking assist which helps the driver to maneuver the vehicle into a tight spot perpendicularly. It also offers a surround-view feature that takes imagery from four different cameras around the car and stitches them together to give a bird’s eye view of the immediate surroundings of the car. Moreover, this package boasts remote-controlled parking which is controlled via the BMW Connected app on your smartphone or smartwatch. You can access it from outside the car as long as the engine is running.

“The automated parking aid system works brilliantly, although part of me still hasn’t quite come to terms with letting a car park itself.”-Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar UK

The enhanced parking assistance package makes use of data and information generated by several sensors around the vehicle, ranging from radar to cameras. These sensors ensure that your BMW is safely parked while you take a step back from the driver’s seat. Additionally, the system also gives access to graphical instructions on the dashboard display or the infotainment screen showing the ideal path leading up to a tight spot.

BMW’s Parking Assistance Package allows its drivers to confidently maneuver their vehicles into tricky spots using advanced technology. Whether it is parallel or perpendicular parking, this package ensures accurate, stress-free, and safe parking every time. The standard version is sufficient for most people, but if you’re after extra features such as remote-controlled parking or surround-view camera, we recommend going for the Enhanced version.

Benefits of the BMW Parking Assistance Package

Reduced Risk of Accidents and Damage

The BMW Parking Assistance Package is a system designed to help drivers park their vehicles more safely and efficiently. With sensors installed in different parts of the vehicle, the car can detect obstacles, pedestrians, or other cars in its proximity while parking. As a result, this advanced technology helps reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the vehicle.

In fact, according to BMW Group’s official website, the brand’sParking Assistant even adds steering assistance, which allows for automatic parallel and permit parking helping to avoid front side collisions with objects.“Intelligent technology from BMW ConnectedDrive provided previous generation 7 Series drivers with less stressful and time-consuming manoeuvres, taking away some of the stresses associated with city driving.” said BMW managing director, Frank Keane.

“The driver must be able to operate all functions without being distracted or losing concentration,” -Frank Keane.

Increased Parking Efficiency

The BMW Parking Assistance Package not only reduces accidents but also increases parking efficiency. The package enables drivers to park the car in tighter spaces they might have otherwise overlooked as too small, thus using maximum space available due to precise guidance while reversing. It means that there will be no more failed attempts and sweat rolling down your forehead trying to squeeze into tight spots in crowded areas. Instead, you will comfortably take just enough room, needed to get out of the vehicle when opening the doors wide.

Thanks to the Rear View Camera technology used in the Parking Assistance Package, parking is now much easier than ever before. The concept feature displays a refined view of what’s behind your BMW on the Control Display, which is important when parking or reversing. The system provides a live image of what’s behind you while guidelines visibly guide your manoeuvre.

“The Rear View Camera makes parking easy for 360 degree visibility,” -BMW USA

Improved Driving Experience

The new Parking Assistance Package was created not just to make life easier and safer for drivers but to enhance the driving experience too. Having this package installed in the vehicle means giving one less distraction for the driver, and thanks to that, he can focus his full attention on enjoying the ride instead of calculating maneuvers or stressing out during frequent stops, urban trips or traffic jams could bring.

This leading-edge technology gives a sense of sophistication by making the job of parallel and perpendicular park an effortless task from tight spaces. Therefore it won’t affect luxury exploration with simplicity in performance and ease to handle extended travel plans.

“Advanced technologies such as Surround View and Park Assist keep drivers of all levels more aware of their surroundings,”-BMW Group UK Director Jacob Harb.

Enhanced Vehicle Value

Finally, the BMW Parking Assistance Package also enhances the resale valueof your car. Some motorists perceive a fully equipped parked assistant aid as premium add-ons to any pre-owned category requirement added safety features.

“Safety features are becoming increasingly important not only to new-car buyers but also to those looking to purchase used vehicles,” according to ThoughtCo, because people spending money want to know they’re investing in something that will serve them safely. That’s why having this function adds significant advantages over other models when estimating a vehicle’s worth in a private sale context or consideration for trading purposes in the future. Another factor that could matter while verifying your car’s value is boosting its insurance, which can drop if safety equipment such as parking sensors includes upgraded perils prevention.

The BMW Parking Assistance Package has become a necessary asset to enhance the driving experience for drivers and passengers alike. The package reduces risk factors on the road when it comes to maneuvering one’s BMW vehicle by providing ample space during tight parking conditions with increased efficiency and resale value and making life stress-free, more comfortable while sitting behind the wheels.

What is BMW Parking Assistance Package?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package is a feature designed to help drivers maneuver their vehicles into tight parking spaces more easily. With this advanced technology, the car can park itself with little or no input from the driver.

This package comes standard on many newer BMW models, but it can also be added as an optional upgrade for those who do not already have it on their vehicle.

Activate the System

To use the BMW Parking Assistance Package, first activate the system by pressing the “Park Assist” button on your dashboard. This will bring up a menu of available options related to parking.

Next, select the type of parking assistance you require: perpendicular or parallel. Then, depending on the type of parking assistance desired, there are some key differences in the operation and execution of the two types:

  • Parallel Parking: ensure that your turn signal is activated on the side of the street where space is available to parallel park. At that point, simply follow the prompts that appear on the infotainment screen. The system guides you through acceleration, braking and steering movements required to fit snuggly between other parked cars without tapping them.
  • Perpendicular Parking: when looking for a spot pull forward slowly until you see a green P icon illuminating in the cluster. Tap on P icon and letting go of the steering-wheel allows BMW’s guidance to take over while accelerating and applying brakes independently. In both scenarios the electronic systems monitor surrounding environment with ultrasonic sensors or surround-view camera (depending on specifications), and alert if obstacles might impact safety during parking.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

Once you select your preference, follow the on-screen instructions. The car will use its advanced technology to scan the surrounding environment and find an appropriate parking space that can be safely navigated into.

You will then be prompted by the system to engage reverse gear, take your hands off of the steering wheel, monitor surroundings, and let go of the brake pedal while releasing accelerator pedal. Once the guidance starts taking over, it’s required to keep at around 5 mph (8 km/h) movement until visual / audio prompt asking to shift in drive mode after finishing process of automatically perform exact same movements.

The BMW Parking Assistance Package is a valuable tool for drivers who often have difficulty maneuvering their vehicles into tight parking spaces. With this feature, parking becomes easier, quicker and safer than ever before. Whether you’re new to driving or simply looking for a more convenient way to park your vehicle, the BMW Parking Assistance Package is a worthwhile investment that many people appreciate. As long as driver remain vigilant about safety no unexpected accidents should occur.

Is BMW Parking Assistance Package Worth the Investment?

BMW Parking Assistance Package is an add-on feature that offers convenience and ease to drivers while parking their cars. The system employs various sensors, cameras, and intelligent software to help you park your car effortlessly. Let’s look at whether this package is worth investing in or not.

Depends on Your Parking Needs

The first factor to consider before opting for the BMW Parking Assistance Package is your parking needs. If you live in a metropolitan area with limited parking space, tight parking spots, and parallel parking, then getting this package installed can be very useful. On the other hand, if you have ample parking spaces and do not face difficulty while parking, then this package might not be necessary for you.

The BMW Parking Assistance Package comes with three different features – rearview camera, front view camera, and all-around camera systems. Depending on which model of the car you drive and which features suit your driving style, you can install any of these systems.

Cost vs. Benefits Analysis

The second factor to focus on is whether the cost justifies the benefits offered by the package. Depending on the dealership location and installation costs, the BMW Parking Assistance Package can range from $1000-$2000. However, keeping in mind the safety and convenience it offers, many buyers find it worthwhile.

Besides comfortable parking, the package also comes with advanced safety features such as collision avoidance and automatic braking, which can prevent accidents. Therefore, if you’re someone who prioritizes safe driving practices, this package can prove valuable.

Long-term Savings

In the long run, having the BMW Parking Assistance Package can save you money. With the collision avoidance system, your car may detect potential hazards before you do and warn you to avoid them. This system can help prevent expensive damages, repairs, or any unforeseen costs caused by accidents while driving.

Resale Value Enhancement

If you’re someone who plans to flip cars every few years, then installing the BMW Parking Assistance Package can improve your car’s resale value. According to a report by Kelley Blue Book, advanced safety features like collision avoidance, automatic braking systems, cameras, and lane change assistance add value to used cars.

“Advanced driver-assist systems remain one of the fastest-growing subsets in the automotive market, along with electric vehicles,” stated Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for Cox Automotive, owner of Kelley Blue Book.
  • Better resale value – Cars with advanced parking options have better resale value than those without it. Therefore, if you plan on selling your car soon, investing in this package may prove wise.
  • Tech-savvy image – With more and more technological advancements in the automobile industry, many buyers see high-tech features as an essential aspect while purchasing cars.

Deciding whether the BMW Parking Assistance Package is worth the investment depends on individual preferences, circumstances, budget restrictions, and other factors. While the cost might seem steep at first glance, considering its long-term benefits, comfort, safety measures, and future resale value can make it a valuable addition to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of BMW Parking Assistance Package?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package includes a range of features such as front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and Park Distance Control. It also offers automated parking which can parallel park your car automatically. Additionally, it has a Surround View Camera system, which provides a 360-degree view of your car to help you park in tight spaces.

How does BMW Parking Assistance Package work?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package uses advanced sensors and cameras to help you park your car. The front and rear parking sensors detect objects in your path, while the rearview camera provides a clear view of what’s behind you. The automated parking feature uses sensors to detect the size of a parking space and then guides the car into the space. The Surround View Camera system provides a bird’s eye view of your car, making it easier to park in tight spaces.

What are the benefits of using BMW Parking Assistance Package?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package offers numerous benefits such as reducing the stress and anxiety associated with parking. It also helps reduce the risk of accidents and damage to your car. Additionally, it saves time and energy by making parking easier and faster. It also adds value to your car and makes it more attractive to potential buyers when you decide to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

Is BMW Parking Assistance Package worth the investment?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package is definitely worth the investment, especially if you live in a busy city or frequently park in tight spaces. It can help reduce the risk of accidents and damage to your car, save time and energy, and provide peace of mind. The automated parking feature alone can be a game-changer for many drivers, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to make parking easier and less stressful.

Can BMW Parking Assistance Package be installed on any BMW model?

The BMW Parking Assistance Package can be installed on most BMW models, but it’s always best to check with your dealership to ensure compatibility. Some models may require additional modifications or upgrades to accommodate the Parking Assistance Package, but most BMW models are equipped to handle this feature. It’s always best to consult with a dealership or certified BMW mechanic to determine the best options for your specific vehicle.

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