What is CS package BMW?

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It stands for “Coupé Sport” (just say it with a German accent and you got it) and it started on the iconic E9-generation of cars, such as the BMW 2800 CS and 3.0 CS, back in the ’70s.

How fast is a BMW M3 CS?

State-of-the-art M TwinPower Turbo technology propels the M3 CS from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds. The top speed of the new special edition, which comes as standard with the M Driver’s Package, is electronically limited to 280 km/h (174 mph).

How many BMW M3 CS are there in the world?

Production of the M3 CS will be limited to 1,200 units worldwide, with estimates that range from 500 to 550 of those set aside for the U.S. market. Customers have been able to place advance orders for the M3 CS since January, while manufacturing began in March.

How many BMW M3 CS were made for the US?

BMW capped CS production at 1,200 units; approximately 550 of those were sent to the United States. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-6, which produces 453 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque when left stock.

How many BMW CS are there?

After the second half of 2019, the chassis numbers unfortunately do not go in sequence. 182 M4 CS models were produced in this range of chassis numbers.

What is the difference between M2 and M2 CS?

The M2 CS (Club Sport) was introduced in 2019 as a track version of the M2 Comp. The M2 CS uses the same engine as the F82 M4 with Competition Package; a more powerful version of the S55 rated at 444 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque.

What is the difference between a M3 and a M3 CS?

The M3 CS has a more powerful engine thanks to software recalibration and sport exhaust. It now produces 453 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, which is a 28 hp and 37 lb-ft increase over the standard M3.

What is the fastest BMW?

The BMW M5 Competition model is currently the fastest production car in the BMW lineup, going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. From coupes all the way up to SUV Sport Activity Vehicles®, BMW even offers a wide range of some of the fastest cars under $100k.

Which BMW M3 has a V8?

The M3 CS will have its inline-six, 3.0-liter engine dialed to a meaty 540 horsepower. Interestingly, the twin-turbo mill that goes by the “S58” codename will be the same installed in the forthcoming M4 CSL. The Coupe Sport Lightweight will be officially revealed in May with a rear-wheel-drive-only layout.

What does CS mean in M3 CS?

Back then, the abbreviation stood for “Coupé Sport”. In the meantime, CS is the symbol for “Competition Sport”, the designation for exclusive BMW M GmbH models with absolute racetrack suitability. The BMW M2 CS, the M3 CS and M4 CS are a part of this tradition.

How many M4 is CS?

The original M3 used a four-cylinder engine, while the E36 and E46 generations used naturally aspirated inline-sixes. But among all the M3 generations, the E90 is our favorite because it was the first (and only) one to use a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8 (and eventually a 4.4-liter in the limited GTS model).

What does BMW M3 stand for?

The “M” in the BMW M Series stands for “Motorsport”, and the M Series was originally created to facilitate BMW’s racing program. Over time, the BMW M program began to supplement their vehicle lineup with modified vehicle models, which are now available to the general public.

Is BMW M5 CS limited?

M4 CS. In early 2017, BMW announced M4 CS in limited run of 3,000 units globally with 1,000 units being delivered to the United States. The M4 CS sits between the M4 Competition Package and the M4 GTS.

What is the difference between BMW M5 CS and M5 competition?

Bros FOURR Speed YouTube channel is reporting on a very special vehicle in their latest video. The BMW M5 CS is a limited edition powerhouse, of which only 250 will ever go into production.

How many BMW M5 Cs are made?

BMW says the M5 CS receives additional “spring and Dynamic Damper Control tuning” compared to the M5 Competition “to take advantage of the lower vehicle weight and of the optionally available (no-cost) Pirelli P Zero Corsa ultra-high-performance tires.” Take note of the point about the rubber, as we’ll circle back to …

How many M2 Cs are made?

The M2 CS is the range-topping, over-the-top version, priced from $84,595. With a single-year production run, limited to roughly 2,200 copies worldwide, it’s a fitting send-off for a 2-Series lineup that will be redesigned for 2022.

How fast is the M2 CS?

With production limited to around 1000 units, the car is fairly exclusive, especially as production is limited to the 2022 model year. The car will likely become a popular model with enthusiasts, both now and in the future, given that 4.4-liter V8s will not be around for much longer.

How many M2 Cs are there?

It’s only available for 2020, and only 2200 M2 CSs will be made; BMW hasn’t finalized how many are coming stateside, but it’ll likely be 500 or so. There are only four options: a dual-clutch automatic, carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and matte-gold colored wheels.

Why did BMW stop making M3?

The M2 CS Is A Pocket Rocket You can tell the M2 CS has a top speed limiter as the RWD coupe effortlessly hits 168 mph (270 km/h) with speed to spare.

Did the M3 CS come in manual?

The M3 sedan wasn’t stopped because of bad sales numbers, but because the 3 series sedan was due for a new model (F30). Once the E90 sedan stopped production and the F30 3 series sedan started production, there is no way BMW is going to continue producing an M3 sedan based on the old 3 series.

Is the BMW M3 fast?

The CS models will only be available with an automatic transmission. Those wanting a more-potent M model with a manual might get lucky with the upcoming M4 CSL.

How fast is a BMW M4 CS?

From the factory, BMW electronically limits the top speed of its M3 sedan to 155 mph, or 180 mph if you option the M Driver’s Package.

Will there be a G80 M3 CS?

With 460 hp and 600 Nm torque, the high-performance engine accelerates the extreme sports car from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 280 km/h.

Which is faster M5 Competition or M5 CS?

The BMW M3 CS G80 is rumored to be available only with the xDrive all-wheel system and will only use automatic gearboxes. BMW M3 CS spotted! Same grill as M4 CSL, 540hp Xdrive, more carbon, less weight. Start production: March 2023.

Which car is faster than BMW M5 CS?

Instead, it’s the 230-pound weight savings that allows the M5 CS to sprint to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds (though that’s only 0.2 seconds quicker than the not-a-slowpoke M5 Competition).

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