What’s the song on the new iPhone commercial?

What song is playing on the new iPhone 14 commercial? The song featured in the new iPhone 14 commercial released in 2022 is Biggest by Idris Elba.

What song is playing on the new BMW commercial?

BMW TV Spot, ‘There’s an X for That’ Song by NOISY [T2]

What is the song in the new BMW X3 commercial?

2022 BMW X3 TV Spot, ‘Unparalleled Connection’ Song by Calvin Harris, Sam Smith [T2]

Who is in the new BMW commercial?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault star as Greek gods in a 60-second Super Bowl ad for BMW’s new iX electric vehicle. The ad features Schwarzenegger as king of the Greek gods, Zeus, and Hayek as Hera, goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth.

Who is the woman in the BMW ad?

Schwarzenegger had already teased his casting in BMW’s new ad campaign in a short sketch where a barista struggles to pronounce his name right, and now you can see the full commercial, which c0-stars Salma Hayek as Zeus’ wife, the goddess Hera.

Where was the latest BMW advert filmed?

BMW has finally released the ad of its new and very first front-wheel drive 1 Series. The film was shot in Cape Town around most well-known landmarks from the Civic Centre in the CBD, highway bridges and mountain backgrounds. The 1 Series is bolder, more sportier and will arrive in South Africa later this year.

Where is the BMW advert filmed?

Twentyfour Seven’s latest commercial for BMW’s M4 series of cars has been shot on location in Lisbon.

Who sings the BMW commercial song 2019?

BMW 3 Series Advert – Nevermind – Song by Dennis Lloyd This new BMW 3 Series advert showcases some of the cars futuristic technology, such as its Intelligent Personal Assistant and Gesture Control which, apart from other things, can…

What song is in the new Alexa commercial?

Amazon Alexa’s latest TV spot conveys a simple product message in a touching story that says a lot about nostalgia and the power of music. The commercial starts off at a typical ’50s high school prom, where a boy walks up to a girl and asks her to dance. The music playing is “I only have eyes for you” by the Flamingos.

What is the song on the car advert?

The Heycar advert music revealed The song is called “Good Feeling” and it’s by Flo Rida.

Who’s in the new BMW commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

BMW has some major star power for its commercial airing during the 2022 Super Bowl! The car company hired Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek to play Zeus and Hera in the funny new ad, which sees the gods come down to live on Earth.

Who is in the BMW ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

With a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as his wife, Hera, BMW reimagined the Greek god in a hilarious new Super Bowl 2022 ad for their all-electric vehicle, the BMW iX. Throughout the minute-long spot, Zeus is navigating life during his transition from Mount Olympus to Palm Springs.

Who sings in the BMW commercial?

The music playing in the 2022 iX & i4 BMW advert is a song called ‘Higher Power’ which has just been released by the British pop-rock band Coldplay.

Who plays Poseidon in BMW ad?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Greek God Zeus In the BMW iX Commercial for Super Bowl LVI.

What is BMW Zeus?

BMW has picked Arnold Schwarzenegger for its latest Super Bowl commercial for electric iX, where the former governor/terminator plays the role of Zeus – the Greek god of lightning. He is accompanied by Salma Hayek, who plays the role of his wife Hera and surprises him with the BMW iX to uplift his mood.

Where is the AA advert filmed 2022?

Thank you for subscribing! Now breakdown giant AA has come to Ynys Mon (Anglesey) for its latest TV advert. Backdrops included South Stack and the Menai Strait. North Wales Live spoke to the AA about the reasons the island was chosen.

Where is the lighthouse in the new AA advert?

Jersey’s Corbiere Lighthouse is at the centre of a new advert starring comedian Jack Whitehall.

Where was the AA advert made?

The commercial, directed by Andy Saunders, was filmed and produced last month by TV production company Velvet TV featuring a voiceover from Lauren Laverne. The post production and visual effects for The AA campaign was developed by post production service company The Farm, in Manchester.

What song is playing in the new McDonald’s commercial?

The music in this MyMcDonald’s Rewards advert is actually a song called ‘Coming Home’ that’s performed by the American soul singer Leon Bridges.

Who is singing on the pass it on commercial?

Chosen as the soundtrack for this ad is Bruno Mars with “Count On Me.” Touching, the perfect song to highlight a dog’s loyalty. For another ad featuring the music of Bruno Mars, check out this one from Apple. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the song on the new Amazon commercial 2022?

The song featured in 2022 Amazon Prime Day commercial is a new song written by Jon Batiste, titled Get Into My Cart.

Who is the singer on the prime Day commercial 2022?

Who Is The Singer In The Prime Day Commercial? The singer is five-time Grammy winner Jon Batiste. The song was created for this commercial. The Amazon commercial tagline is “Get your carts ready, coz Prime Day’s coming.

Who is on the new Alexa commercial?

This year’s spot features Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost at home as they put their Alexa game-day routine into action and imagine a world in which Alexa could read their minds.

What’s that song in that car commercial 2020?

The song for this commercial is “Travelin’ Man” performed by Ricky Nelson.

How much did BMW pay Arnold Schwarzenegger?

BMW. The German luxury brand is so serious about it’s all-new iX electric SUV that not only did they pay at least $13 million for their 60 second commercial, they hired Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek to do it.

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