Where is M240i built?

With the second-generation 2 Series (codenamed G42), BMW is peeling off the sports coupe’s “Made in Germany” label as the assembly is now being done at the Plant San Luis Potosi in Mexico where the 3 Series Sedan also comes to life.

How much is a M240i 2018?

M240i Coupe: $46,445. M240i xDrive Coupe: $48,445. M240i Convertible: $51,045.

Is the BMW M240i fast?

How Fast Is The BMW M240i? The BMW M240i is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine that produces 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet. That propels the coupe to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155 miles per hour.

How much does a M240i cost?

$23,620 Starting Price It has all-wheel drive as standard and offers a plug-in hybrid variant.

Is the M240i faster than the M2?

The BMW M240i, thanks to its brilliant B58 engine, is every bit as fast as the M2, or even faster. Its all-wheel drive grip means it’s more consistent off the line and that it’s faster in wet weather situations. Its softer suspension and lighter steering are easier to use and its cabin is quieter.

What is the difference between m240 and M240i?

While the M2 has more grunt (405 hp vs. the M240i’s 382 horses), the lesser M has a very important advantage: all-wheel drive. That means it doesn’t have to worry about struggling for traction off the line. As a result, it’s able to walk away from the more aggressive, more powerful M2 in a drag race.

Is the BMW M240i expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a BMW M240i ranges from $95 to $1988, with an average of $300.

Is the M240i an M car?

The BMW M240i isn’t a real M car, and that’s ok. If there is a real need for the true M version, wait for the M2. But you’d be depriving yourself of a car that has the same performance as last year’s M in a much more complete package. It’s one of the best M Performance models yet.

Is M240i a sports car?

Further, the M240i can do the zero to 60 mph sprint in just 3.5 seconds flat and quickly attains a top speed of 155 mph. This is one of the most affordable sports cars and can undoubtedly conquer the daily driver segment. The M240i can deliver a fuel economy of 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

How much HP does a M240i have?

Engine, Transmission, and Performance The 230i features a 255-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and the M240i has a 382-hp turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. The 230i and M240i are both offered with rear- and all-wheel drive. An eight-speed automatic is the only transmission choice.

Is BMW M240i good?

Is the BMW M240i a good car? The BMW M240i looks sporty but is also reasonably usable for a small coupe. Thankfully, boring stuff like practicality hasn’t come at the expense of making the M240i great fun to drive, and its brilliant turbocharged 3.0-litre engine always feels at the centre of the action.

Is M240i Twin Turbo?

Welcome to the heaven of driving pleasure: with its 3.0 litre displacement, the M Twin Power Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine of the BMW M240i is the top athlete in the convertible segment.

Which BMW 2 Series is the fastest?

The basic model, the BMW 218i, now comes with BMW’s TwinPower Turbo engine, which achieves a 0-62mph time of 8.8 seconds. The quickest 2 Series model by far is the M240i, which is priced competitively to take on the likes of the Porsche 718 Cayman.

What is the difference between M240i and M235i?

Perhaps the most significant difference between these cars is that they are built on two completely separate platforms. The M240i is a small rear-wheel-drive chassis. The M235i is built on a small front-wheel-drive chassis from the 1-Series, with roots back to Mini.

What engine does M240i have?

Engine – The 2022 BMW M240i is powered by the B58 3.0L turbocharged inline-6 cylinder engine. In this M240i guise, it produces 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque (285 kW & 500 Nm).

Is a BMW M240i an F22?

But here perhaps, is a BMW that can, the M Performance versions of the brand’s ‘F22’-series first generation 2 Series Coupe and Convertible models, badged ‘M235i’ from 2014 to 2017 and ‘M240i’ from 2017 to the end of production in 2021.

Does the M2 and M240i have the same engine?

1. Engine. If we were talking about the old M235i this would be much easier, because the M240i’s predecessor and the M2 share the same N55 turbocharged straight-six.

Does M240i have launch control?

Does the 2018 M240i have a B58?

The B58 engine was named World’s 10 Best Engines in 2016 (installed in the 340i and 440i), 2016, 2018, and 2022 (M240i), X3 and X4 M40i, Z4 M40i, 2019 (X5) and 2019(M340i). The S58 engine, which was released in early 2019, is the high performance version of the B58.

What engine is in a 2018 BMW M240i?

The B58 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six gasoline engine takes the M240i perilously close to M2 territory, at least as far as the numbers are concerned. It delivers 340 metric hp (335 bhp) at 5,500 rpm and a hefty 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque all the way from 1,520 rpm to 4,500 rpm.

Do BMW 2 Series hold value?

The BMW 2 Series fares pretty well when it comes to depreciation, holding on to as much as 52 per cent of its value after three years or 30,000 miles. The 220d M Sport is the most desirable model on the second-hand market, while 220i buyers will lose the most money when the time comes to sell.

How many miles can a BMW 2 Series last?

Almost any BMW has the potential to run for up to 200,000 or even 250,000 miles with proper maintenance–and there are always going to be outliers that go further. Since every new BMW includes complimentary factory-recommended maintenance through BMW Ultimate Care, it’s easy to start off on the right foot.

Is M240i 4 wheel drive?

With its breathtaking performance and compact three-box design, the BMW M240i xDrive Coupé is all about putting the fun back into driving. The combination of the BMW M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine with the intelligent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive makes every drive memorable.

Is the M240i a B58?

One of the Best BMW Engines — B58 In the BMW M240i, it makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, which helps it get from 0-60 mph in around four seconds.

Is BMW 2 or 3 series better?

The Bottom Line. Making a choice between BMW 2 Series vs 3 Series is tough. But 2 Series is sportier and focuses on comfort features while 3 series is perfect if you want a luxury sedan or wagon equipped with advanced features.

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