Where is the paint code on a 2013 BMW?

The paint code can be located underneath the hood near the front strut tower, on the firewall, or the passenger side wheel housing. Click here for BMW paint code location chart and paint code label examples.

Where is the paint code on a 2014 BMW?

Select Your BMW’s Color (Step One) The paint code can be located underneath the hood near the front strut tower, on the firewall, or the passenger side wheel housing.

What colour paint is my BMW?

Look for your BMW paint code sticker under the hood of your car or in the driver’s door jam. The most likely spots are: On the drivers side under the hood. By the strut towers.

What colors are offered by BMW?

  • Phytonic Blue Metallic.
  • Manhattan Green Metallic.
  • Sparkling Brown Metallic.
  • Mineral White Metallic.
  • Alpine White.
  • Arctic Grey Metallic.
  • Dark Graphite Metallic.
  • Carbon Black Metallic.

What is my BMW VIN paint code?

The most common location to find your paint code is on the vehicle identification number (VIN) sticker on the driver’s side door jamb. If you can’t find it there, check under the hood near the strut tower. The code will usually be a three-digit number, but sometimes will have four/five digits and may be alphanumeric.

Where is the paint code on a 2014 BMW 328i?

Select Your BMW’s Color (Step One) The paint code can be located underneath the hood near the front strut tower, on the firewall, or the passenger side wheel housing.

Can I get paint code from registration?

Unfortunately, there is currently no online tool that identifies the car’s paint code from the registration (REG) number. That being said, if you contact your local dealership, they should be able to provide the colour code from your registration and car details.

How can I find the exact colour of my car?

Location: The paint colour code tag is usually located inside the glove box or in the wheel well, but it can also be found on the driver’s side door jamb, under the driver’s seat or in the passenger sun visor.

What color is my car paint?

So, where can you go to find automotive paint color? Most vehicles have paint codes listed inside the driver’s door jamb. Typically, you’ll find a sticker there with information about the vehicle, including paint color.

How do I find the color code?

  1. Instant Eyedropper (Windows) Instant Eyedropper is an app that pinpoints an on-screen color’s exact hex value.
  2. SIP (Mac)
  3. Digital Color Meter (Mac)
  4. ColorZilla (Chrome and Firefox)
  5. Markup Tool (iPhone and iPad)
  6. Color Picker (Android)

What are the 3 BMW colors?

The symbolic logo of the BMW Motorsport, more commonly referred to as the BMW M, consists of the three colors blue, purple, and red.

What are the most popular BMW colors?

  • #1 IMOLA RED. Red cars have always been an eye-catcher.
  • #2 ESTORIL BLUE. Back in 1992, a paint finish captured the hearts of many M enthusiasts; today it represents BMW M perhaps more than any other: BMW Estoril Blue metallic.
  • #4 MACAO BLUE.

What paint does BMW use?

“We are confident that our comprehensive paint and color expertise will meet the expectations of BMW’s loyal car customers.” Glasurit waterborne solutions are the perfect solution for every vehicle and every color offering outstanding hiding power, easy application and optimal process times.

How do I decode my BMW VIN number?

  1. Digit one: This is where the car was assembled.
  2. Digit two: This character indicates the manufacturer.
  3. Digit three: This is the vehicle type.
  4. Digits four to eight: This section of the VIN describes the particular vehicle, such as the model, body style, engine type, and transmission.

Where is the paint code on a BMW f30?

Where is the Colour code on a BMW 3 Series?

The code is usually to the mid left of the information plate and the paint code will often be before a “/”. There may be another number after the”/” but this is not required for your exterior paint colour. If you can’t find an information plate in the door shut, your colour code may be located under the bonnet.

What is the color code for BMW blue?

BMW Automotive: Estoril Blue – Paint Code 335.

What color is BMW A96?

BMW OEM Touch-up Paint Mineral White Metallic Color Code A96.

How do I know what touch up paint to get for my car?

How do you read a paint color code?

The number represents where that color falls within the hue. Snow Shadow Blue’s 50 means that it is in the middle of the Blue Green hue. A 00 would mean that the color is closest to the Green hue, and a 99 would mean that it is closest to the Blue hue. The numbers fall between 0 and 99.

What colour is my car UK?

Most often though, the paint code will be found on a plate/sticker inside the driver’s door or inside the glovebox. See our diagram below for the most common places to check!

How do you apply touch up paint on a car?

  1. Clean the Surface of the Car.
  2. Identify the Damage.
  3. Sand the Damaged Area.
  4. Clean with Paint Thinner.
  5. Apply the Touch-Up Paint.
  6. Ensure the Surface Is Smooth.
  7. Apply the Clear Coat.
  8. Let the Touch-Up Paint Cure.

How do I get rid of scratches on my car?

Does Halfords mix paint?

Paint Mixing If you need to touch up your car’s paint, we can help! Whatever colour you’re looking for, we’ll be able to help you out thanks to our car paint mixing service. With over 50,000 shades to choose from, we’ll get the perfect match for you and your car.

What is a paint color code?

Paint codes are used as a way to certify the color of your vehicle. Vehicles with differing color descriptions may still have the same color code, so keeping track is easier. When searching for the color of your car online, you may also see it referred to as a color code.

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